Liven Up Your Condo with These 7 Lighting Design Ideas

Condo Design.

The condo community in the Philippines is growing. As the country becomes more industrialized, condo living is also becoming a common choice for all age groups. Because the Philippines is an attractive spot for tourists and expatriates, the real estate industry in the country is enticing more people to experience resort-style living. To experience this luxurious lifestyle in full, the right elements must come together. This includes the interior design of every condo space—the only element that tenants have full control over. As you can guess, this is where lighting plays a crucial part.

In photography, light is everything. It’s an element vital to setting the appropriate tone, mood, and atmosphere. In fact, proper lighting can be the difference between a breathtaking photo and a mediocre one. When it comes to interior design, lighting can also create a dramatic effect to the ambiance of your home. With proper lighting, you can make your condominium look wider and feel cozier. It’s a good way to maximize a small condo space. To make your condo look picture perfect, here are some lighting design ideas to liven up your home.


1. Optimize with Architectural Lights

architectural lights

Photo courtesy of bluesboyrules via Pixabay

If you need more condo design ideas to improve the general looks and feel of your home, you should consider installing trendy light fixtures in different parts of your condo. A stylish form of light fixture is architectural light, which is called so because it is incorporated into the design structure of the unit. This type of light fixture comes in three forms: cove, valance, and soffit.

Cove lamps are typically placed on a shelf or ledge high up on the wall so the light bounces towards the ceiling. This is good for a condo since vertical space is given emphasis with this type of lighting. Valance lamps, on the other hand, are mounted on a horizontal shield so that light is reflected both upward and downward. Valance lamps are perfect for condos with minimal designs. The third type of architectural lighting, soffit lamp, is placed in a cornice near the ceiling so the light radiates downward. It gives a dramatic feel to the area it illuminates. Architectural lights are commonly found in bedrooms since they provide a romantic vibe.


2. Go High with Ceiling Lights

ceiling lights

Photo courtesy Tappancs via Pixaba

If you want more lighting fixtures to buy for condo spaces, you shouldn’t miss the most common of them all: ceiling lights. Chandeliers, pendants, and fan lights—these types of fixtures are the definition of fancy. You know how chandeliers work. More than giving light, they assume an aesthetic role, and that is to overpower the room and leave everyone impressed. Composed of multiple bulbs, a chandelier is hard to miss, that’s why it’s best placed in the living room. Unlike the chandelier, a pendant light is composed only of one bulb. It is suspended from the ceiling so the light it produces is projected downward. Pendants are commonly found in kitchen islands and isolated tables. The third type of ceiling light, the fan light, is popular among practical condo owners because they serve a dual purpose. While the bulbs provide general lighting, the fans keep the area cool and regulate room temperature. Fan lights are best installed in the living room.


3. Bring Life to Boring Walls with Sconces

wall sconces

Photo courtesy of Flickr via Photopin

Wall sconces are one of the most versatile types of lighting because they can be used as an ambient or a task light. They are often installed at eye level, so they can be placed above a desk or on a shelf. They can also be installed on a wall with minimal design since they maximize space. Wall sconces go best with ceiling lights like chandeliers and fan lights. They add a stylish touch to an otherwise lifeless wall design.


4. Personalize with Lamps

personalized lamps

Photo courtesy of Tookapic via Pixabay

Lamps always come up when brainstorming about condo lighting ideas—they’re just that popular. Lamps, particularly those mounted on a desk, are perfect for reading. What’s great about desk lamps is that they are portable, so you can use them in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or even in the bathroom. Although they are mainly used for utility, lamps can also add character to a room. They are ambient lights as much as they are task lights.


5. Soften the Ambience with Recessed Lights

recessed lights

Photo courtesy of MikeBirdy via Pixabay

If you’re not a big fan of fancy condo designs, you can always opt for a simple lighting by using recessed lights. This type of lighting requires small recesses in the ceiling at least six inches deep. Since this type of fixture is typically small, it’s best suited as an accent light that provides good overhead lighting and sets the mood in a room. When using recessed lights, make sure that your condo unit is properly insulated so that condensation will not damage the fixture.


6. Go Industrial with Track Lights

track lights

Photo courtesy of Lowe’s via Pinterest

Track lighting is a type of fixture that uses a linear bar where independent units of light are attached. These units or light heads are adjustable, so they can be conveniently directed in dark nooks and other small spaces that need lighting. Track lights are best used in the living room or the kitchen since they light up many places at once. This type of lighting is versatile because it can be used as a task, accent or ambient light, depending on the type of bulb used.


7. Level Up Your Kitchen with Under-Cabinet Lights

under cabinet lights

Photo courtesy of ginsburgconstruction via Pixabay

This type of light is specific to kitchen cabinets. It can be a singular fixture or a linear structure like a track or rail light. Under-cabinet lights are a good choice if you’re looking for ways on how to maximize lighting in a condo. They leave no dark spaces especially in the kitchen. With under-cabinet lights, your kitchen will have a cleaner and more modern feel.

Condo living in the Philippines is more comfortable when all the elements of design fall into place. Undoubtedly, lighting technology plays a crucial part. It’s something that is often overlooked by amateurs. Be wiser in decorating your home by using the right lighting fixtures.

One final tip before you go: Choose the right type of bulb

Fixture is just one aspect of lighting. Another important decision you have to make when setting up the lighting in your home is the type of bulb that you’re going to use. There are generally four different kinds of light bulbs: LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent.

Compact fluorescent light bulb or CFL is an efficient choice because it has a relatively long life. Halogen bulb is also good because it improves the focus of the light. Incandescent light, although the most common of all, is the least recommended because it can spike up your electricity bill especially when the weather is hot. Lastly, a light-emitting diode or LED light is highly efficient because it lasts long and performs well. Out of these four types of bulbs, LEDs are the most recommended since they are the most versatile, coming with different shapes and color temperatures.

Hopefully, this article gave you an idea about what kinds of light are best suited to your home interior design. Use these insights to make your condo look more enchanting and feel more homey.


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