Small Condo Space? Maximize It With Proper Lighting!


Lighting can make a huge difference in the interiors of your DMCI Homes’ condo. If you have good condo lighting, you are able to see things better, and perform tasks more efficiently. The American Lighting Association details that lighting also gives a sense of comfort, and you have the ability to adjust it anytime you want to adapt to your space’s overall mood, design, and feel. They also emphasize that having a light fixture does not only illuminate a space, since it also serves as a decor in your living area.

Aside from making your fixtures look better, also think of lighting as an important investment, together with your usual appliances and furnitures. If you don’t have enough lighting, it doesn’t make sense to have these items kept in the dark.

Proper lighting that works in your condo should always be included in your priorities, since it has always produced benefits such as making space bigger. But if you have a limited condo space, you might be wondering how to make your small condo space seem bigger without having to overhaul your limited space. You don’t need to worry, since all you need are the right methods to achieve the lighting that you’ve always wanted for your small space. Here are 10 tips to maximize your condo space through proper lighting.

1. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Photo courtesy of Modern Country Style via Pinterest

Mirrors have the capability of reflecting light to make the room bigger, and it also adds dimensions and depth. Since mirrors are one of the common ways to make your condo space even bigger, you need to place your mirrors strategically in areas such as your living room wall, or behind your bedroom table. This will help you to have the illusion of more space once light is reflected by your mirrors. Remember that placing your mirrors in the right locations can amplify light and make your space look more spacious by breaking visual clutter.

2. Natural Lighting Is Still In

Natural Lighting Is Still In

Photo courtesy of Chic Coastal Living via Pinterest

Everyone knows that natural light has its own uniqueness and beauty; it interacts with its environment and is constantly changing. Open your curtains to let natural light in, and open your doors as well since light coming from the sun can open up your space and make it seem bigger.

3. Lighting For The Bathroom, Too

Lighting For The Bathroom, Too

Photo courtesy of HowStuffWorks via Pinterest

Your bathroom also needs the lighting that it deserves. People love having extra space in their bathroom. But if you don’t have the option of renovating it, you can simply use lighting as your ally in making your small space look bigger. You can use recessed lighting if your bathroom can’t accommodate natural light. Recessed lights can be simply placed and focused anywhere you want.

4. Add Ceiling Lights

Add Ceiling Lights

Photo courtesy of How To Decorate via Pinterest

Having a light fixture in your ceiling can draw eyes up, and can help visually expand a small space once it is located properly. You can choose to have it installed in key areas of your condo, such as your living room or your dining area. Add a unique touch to your condo design by choosing an artsy ceiling light that will match your overall condo look. For your ambient light, do combine it with other lighting fixtures and light DIY’s for your condo, since you need to have a well-lighted space to have a bigger feel of the entire space.

For those living with elders, one of the importance of lighting in your condo is helping them avoid trips and falls especially when walking at night. A study authorized by Thomas Pocklington Trust, a charity for blind and people with partial sight, found out that bright lights improve the quality of life of elders, and it also raised their standard of living. Therefore, ceiling lights should be bright enough for every person in your condo.

5.  Lamps Will Do The Trick

Lamps Will Do The Trick

Photo courtesy of The Heal Thy Self Method via Pinterest

If you’re uncomfortable installing a bigger ceiling light, you can opt to have fewer lamps that are spread across the area where you want it installed in order to maximize space in your condo through proper lighting. This will help the light to be spread around, and it will also help draw the eye across the entire space that you have, giving you a sense of a bigger space in your condo.

6. Emphasize Your Kitchen’s Best

Emphasize Your Kitchen’s Best

Photo courtesy of Design You Trust via Pinterest

Create an illusion of bigger space for your kitchen while emphasizing your kitchen’s best attributes by installing backlights into your cabinets or a trendy light fixture above the countertop. You can also have some pot lights together with your back lights to illuminate a kitchen backsplash.

7. Feel Cozy With Bedroom Lights

Feel Cozy With Bedroom Lights

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

Have a cramped space in your bedroom? Ever felt that you already did everything to make your bedroom space even bigger? Achieve your space goals through the help of lighting. Have a wall-mounted nightstand matched with a unique light fixture. At night, you’ll be able to see that the light can indeed maximize every inch of your bedroom floor space. This will also enable you to see some of your bedroom stuff that eats up space.

8. Save Space With Wall Sconces

Save Space With Wall Sconces

Photo courtesy of onefortythree via Pinterest

Installing a floor lamp, especially the tall ones can take up too much floor space in your condo. Having a small space and the need to utilize every inch of it is one of the things that will help you out on how to choose lighting for your condo. If you’re looking for an alternative, you can go with wall sconces since they are practically small but they can still produce diffused and strong lighting. These are indeed great choices for lighting up small spaces.

9. Task Lighting Is The Way To Go

Task Lighting Is The Way To Go

Photo courtesy of West Elm via Pinterest

Condo spaces can also include a study area or a small space dedicated for work. These spaces also require a good amount of light, no matter how small it may be. The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) states that there are studies that show how work satisfaction and productivity are positively affected by proper lighting. In order to boost your productivity while maximizing your condo space, have at least one task lighting fixture in your desk which will also enable you to have directed light focused on your paperworks or your laptop. Dr. Mark Hogrebe, in his article, “Putting Light Where It’s Needed: The Benefits of Task Lighting,” people are given enough control by using the “adjustable-arm” of task lighting so you are ensured that you can have the right level of light for your optimal comfort whether you are studying or working.

10. Bounce Reflected Light To Open Spaces

Bounce Reflected Light To Open Spaces

Photo courtesy of hdb interiors via Pinterest

Lucy Martin, in an interview for freshome’s website, says that in order for you to open out a space in your living area, you need to have directional recessed spot light. This should be used the proper way so it can bounce reflected light off the walls to have a bigger space. Since our eyes are always drawn to bright spaces, reflected light from the spotlight will make the small area appear bigger than its usual size.

Small spaces for your condo living will not be a problem if you take note of these lighting techniques that will help you to maximize the available condo space that you have. As you go along with these steps, do have fun and enjoy finding the right light fixture that will match your overall condo design.



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