8 Tricks To Transform Your Small Condo Into The Best Party Venue

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For Filipinos who love parties and entertainment, size should not matter! Planning a large jamboree? Even if you live in a small condo in Philippines, you can still throw a great house party. Don’t let the size of your apartment or condo hinder you from creating an outstanding social gathering with the available compact space.

With the right home design and space-saving tricks, you can cut the cost of redefining your condo look and aesthetics. Here are 8 tricks to create the best indoor celebration no matter how small the space is!

1. Redefine your living room

Image via flickrfanmk2007 at Flickr

Image via flickrfanmk2007 at Flickr

Rearrange your living room as the center of the party. Don’t be afraid to alter the position of a few tables and chairs to maximize the space of your condo. Living room design ideas depend on the type of party that you will throw. If you plan to throw a birthday party, you have to clear out a large space in the middle of the living room where games could be played. If it’s just an intimate dinner party among your friends, you may switch your living room to become your dining area. By redefining your living room, not only do you create space but you could also set-up the flow of party-goers through the available space.

2. Go buffet style!

Image via rickkw at Flickr

Image via rickkw at Flickr

For Philippine condos or any other apartments that have their kitchen connected to the living room, there’s not much time to prepare extra food while entertaining your guests. In order to avoid this problem, you should prepare the party food ahead of time thus allowing you to spend your time tending to your guest’s needs. Going buffet style works well with a big crowds. It means laying out all the food in a long table where the plates, napkins, cups, spoons, and forks are all available. Take note of all condiments too, and always have a backup for everything.

3. Go for perfect lighting

Perfect lighting is everything. Nobody wants a party with too many bright lights or no lights at all, right? With the right amount of lighting, it will be able to add mood to the party. Depending on the time of the party, proper indoor lighting should be considered especially when throwing a party at a small venue. Candles may provide a cozy and warm feel for the party but are too risky as it may cause fire and eventually turn your party into a disaster. Stick with warm yellow lights to add accent to the meals at the buffet or dining table. This home design would surely get the attention of your guests which would also become a great topic for conversations.

4. Utilize all furniture

Image via homestagingchannel at Flickr

Image via homestagingchannel at Flickr

With the small amount of available space, you have to get creative and practical when it comes to choosing the right piece furniture. All your pieces should have style and functionality interwoven together. In throwing your own house party, you have to utilize your furniture and have them shift their use. For example, boxes may be used as chairs and some chairs may be utilized as tables for those sitting on the carpet. Remember that during parties, there should be plenty of chairs for sitting and tables for eating. Technically, any smooth or flat-surfaced furniture may be transformed into a table with a decent tablecloth. You don’t have to spend money on buying or renting extra chairs, just turn on your creative mode on and you are good to go.

5. Remove the clutter

Don’t be afraid to keep and throw things that are needed for the house party, remember, you need all the space that you can get! But don’t let it compromise your sense of style at the same time. Try moving your favorite vase inside your room or in the utility room with the rest of the unnecessary furniture. Move the chairs against the wall to maximize the space available for moving around. Aside from unnecessary furniture, remove personal items in the party area to avoid losing or misplacing them in the long run.

6. Set the mood

Apart from choosing proper lighting, set the mood with background music to create the party- ready ambience that you prefer. It may be alive or solemn, depending on the type of house party that you are hosting but make sure that it is loud enough for everyone to hear but not too loud to get in the way of conversations. Also, to keep it safe for early party-goers, play the music playlist an hour earlier to get into the festive spirit.

7. Decorate in style

Image via  Aaron in Denver at Flickr

Image via Aaron in Denver at Flickr

Consider style and flexibility when decorating. In creating an illusion of a large space, different factors such as colors and ornaments should be considered. The prominent colors in the room are a self expression of the host. To keep up with the lighting, use cooler shades for your curtains and sheets to reflect light. Studies show that lighter-color walls reduce interior lighting costs and make it easier to spot all your friends in the condo.

To further make your space feel larger, consider the reflection of light through the use of mirrors. Mirrors do not increase or add space to the room but gives an illusion of a larger available space. They are best mounted against the wall to keep them out of guest’s way. Other ornaments include bowls set up in almost every part of the house to make your guests feel at home even in an indoor celebration without having to cramp up the kitchen just to get food.

8.  Safety first!

To cap off an excellent and guest-friendly house party, be sure to keep your first aid kit within reach and establish responsibility for your guests. For the ordinary studio type condo in the Philippines, the small space would surely cause people to bump into furniture or among them. With this, the breakables and other sharp ornaments should be kept during parties. Don’t let your guest drive home drunk, call a cab or ask a friend to drop him or her home. Moreover, safety should also involve you as the host, so keep your valuables in a safe where no one is allowed.

When it comes down to it, size should not matter. You just have to get witty in managing the available space efficiently. You don’t have to be stressed about the available space, with these 8 easy-to-follow tips; you’ll surely have the best condo party!




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