How To Baby-proof Your Condo


Expectant parents are usually hesitant to take the necessary measures to make their home baby-proof thinking they can always buy more time once the baby is finally home.  What parents don’t seem to realize is that a baby only needs 8 months to be able to crawl and explore the world one reach, at a time.

Babies, toddlers, and kids are very prone to getting into accidents because of the lack of safety measures that could otherwise save both parents and kids with having to deal with a bruise, a slip, or worse, a life-threatening fall. With small steps, any starting family with a limited condo space can go all out as you carve a nest that echoes a kid-friendly condo home design.

Scan your condo’s current interior

Before the first baby arrives, couples are usually too attached with their condo’s current interior. After all, condos are commonly the proof of one’s first major investment or a sign of being able to live an independent life.

No need to get a major overhaul though. Now is the time to fuse safety and fun as you make a home for your kids to live comfortably while giving yourself a peace of mind and a strong sense of fulfillment. Start with checking if all your rooms get ample light. Proper lighting lessens the likelihood of children who trip or fall. More importantly, mastering how proper lighting works makes your condo more energy-efficient as you save on electric consumption, too. Little savings like this, could do small yet great wonders on your baby funds that spell a steady stream of diapers and trips to the pedia for checkups.

Smoothen your Furniture’s Sharp Edges

Decide on what items to keep, what furniture must go, and what could get a baby-proof upgrade. For cabinets and tables that have sharp edges, provide edge bumpers that will ensure that your baby won’t have to cry because of a bleed from a playful bump.

Speaking of bumping into things, make sure that all your bookcases, shelves and other heavy furniture do not topple over easily. A good tip to make sure that the weight in your closets are evenly distributed is by lining the bottom of the shelves with the heaviest items. For wine racks and pictures on the wall, fasten them to the wall, at a height that kids won’t reach.

Guard your Doors and Elevators

Condominiums are without elevators, thus, parents must make sure that their kids would not have easy access to these exit points that might put them at risk. In order to lessen the likelihood of looking for  a missing child, use doorknob covers on your doors so that your kid won’t be able to go outside without your consent.

Of course, opening and closing doors are part of your routine. So in order to avoid fingers slams on fingers, put a safety door stop around the edge of your door. For glass doors, on the other hand, use decal stickers to remind your kids that they must not run into them.

Watch your Windows

Condos in the Philippines commonly have blinds so as to allow air to circulate better and let natural light in as well. Then again, several reports that post threat to toddlers and kids who trip or get strangled with blind cords, must be addressed by parents who want to baby-proof their space. Take time to tie up the cords to the blinds and try to keep them out of your children’s reach. More so, avoid placing a furniture near a window that a child can climb on.

For low windows or French windows, it is advisable to install safety glass so your kid won’t fall into them. A safety glass also decreases the chances of getting a shattered window.

Sleep Soundly, Sleep Safely

Tucking baby to sleep may be a challenge to new and even seasoned parents; however, to ensure that your little one is safely sleeping, take away all items on the crib that may lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Common culprits to this silent killer are thick blankets, soft toys, pillows, and comforters. Instead, go for tight-fitting mattress pads and lightweight blankets.

Maintain a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

Holding your baby while doing a kitchen chore is a very common thing that multitasking parents do. Since the kitchen is one of the most accident-prone areas for kids and adults alike, it is best that you use the back burners on top of turning back the hot handles of pots and pans. Kids who may be passing by might grab these hot surfaces as they encounter a burn.

Similarly, do not hang a kitchen towel on the door of your oven. Since kids love to explore, they might mistakenly climb inside an oven if they are able to open it. Keep knives, forks and other dangerous objects in a secured and locked cabinet. Preferably, go for a space that is way beyond the grasp of your child.

Even a refrigerator could spell doom for your kid as it could hold food items that may have choking hazards. A peanut or a hard candy can definitely bring a child to an unlikely trip to the emergency room in a matter of seconds.

Cover the Electric Plugs

Kids always have the tendency to try things out, and another common thing that they are fond of doing is poking a plug with their fingers, or with a metal object. Check wires and appliances that they can and can possibly reach and make sure that you tuck the wires out of their sight. While they merely want to explore, an unattended baby or toddler may experience a traumatic electric shock that may even be fatal. Triple check on the unlikely dangerous things in your home.

Daddy, Think about your TV

More often than not, new parents, especially newbie fathers would rather keep their low-hanging TVs in place, thinking their kids will eventually get why they should not grab it. Small condo living with kids needs to get hitched with a space, where work and play can come together, seamlessly.

Home theater systems, gaming consoles, and other gadgets must be inspected carefully. Since babies and toddlers are lovers of iPads and smartphones, parents must make sure that their kids are swiping on germ-free surfaces. Remember, kids love to put things on their mouths, so better be safe than sorry, daddy.

Encounter with Mommy’s Vanity Counter

New moms on the other hand, sometimes overlook well-stocked bathroom counters, thinking that their kids won’t have the means to get hold of items beyond their toy boxes.  Toxic substances like lotions, creams, body wash, body oils and other personal care products could morph into careless parenting.

Even toothpaste could turn into a foe when swallowed by unknowing kids in large amounts. Take the time and the conscious effort to vacate your counter. Since your condo may have limited space, it’s time to take advantage of forgotten spaces that may safely keep your vanity items that may help you de-stress once baby is already off to dreamland.

Spill the Secret of a Slip-proof Bathroom

The bathroom is another spot that spells accidents to babies. To avoid slips and falls, keep a non-slip mat under a colorful bathroom rug. Install spout covers so as not to hit the baby’s head on the faucet when taking a bath. Also, make sure that your water heater has water that won’t cause scalding to the baby or the toddler who might accidentally open it.

Hold the Hand-me-Down Baby Gears

While some toys and baby gears seem like heirlooms, parents might want to look well into the possibility of safety hazards that come with these hand-me-downs. Chipped paint, strings and straps that are either too long or are missing are signs that point to letting these gears go. Decade-old toys may contain toxic materials like the much dreaded lead.

Don’t Leave your Baby with your Family Dog

Another tip to make your house baby-friendly, is to train your family dog to welcome your newborn. No matter how friendly dogs are, they still hold a certain degree of being untamed especially when faced with new noises and faces. The trick is not to leave your baby unattended during the first weeks. Make your dog feel that a new family member should be welcomed.

For toddlers and babies who know how to crawl, take extra caution to get rid of any dog food  and dog on the floor, for they might swallow it and get choked by it, without meaning to.

Watch Over your Baby Better

On top of saving time on tidying up after a long day with your baby, one of the advantages of a small condo is getting the ease of watching over your child. Checking on your baby or toddler on a limited space that has been under these handy baby-proofing techniques will surely make a happy and safe home for you and your baby.

Indeed, condo living is meant for families that are in need of a space that marries comfort of providing for a family’s nest while enjoying family bonding. With the aid of these simple tips, you’re off to your new chapter—parents that are driven to give only the best to their kids.


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