Things To Box And Unboxed When Moving To A Condo


Every year, a great number of people moves, buys a new house or a condo unit, and begin to live their dreams. It is indeed natural for most people to find a new and more expedient place to reside. With these set of particulars that is being in strident, condo in the Philippines has grown ridiculous like a growing mushroom, making a big way of help for every individuals finding their means of haven living. This became a grand opportunity for every mover to encompass a lot of options and find what’s really best and suitable for them.

But moving in general is often daunting and a time consuming process. Moving entails a bundle of efforts and angle to deem to. Meaning, moving into a condo from a house or apartment is no joke and you need to be geared up for it. Conducting your condo search for example requires a lot of things to be done and so is moving as well.

Once you have made up your mind and signed all the papers needed, one more thing to do is to pack your boxes and move. But before you can squander lazy Sundays sitting and chilling on your new condo unit’s balcony, boxing up your things is the next big thing. Believe it or not, as much as you want to bring all of your stuff to your new condo unit, there are things that you should just leave behind. One of the most painstaking parts of moving into a new place is the stuffing of what-to-bring-and-what-is-not fraction.

Personal Documents and Files

One of the very essential things you should bring into your new condo unit should be your personal files and documents including driver license, birth certificate, insurance cards if any, checkbook, debit and credit card, passport or visa and even your condominium contract or any important deal papers you have and you’ll be using for future purposes. These things sum up your identity—one of the most valuable things you have, so securing these in the comfort of your home is imperative. You may also keep a secured box for it when you move to your new residence.

Useful Gadgets And Appliances

You may also convey, as you move to your new pad, your gadgets and appliances that are still functioning. This will include your cellphone, laptop, computer, printer, camera, music player and DVD player, and even your own television. Despite the fact that some of the condominiums nowadays offer built-in TV on each condo unit, it is still breezy to have an extra for the other rooms. Appliances are indispensable to making a condo operate more efficiently, but it is also important that you understand the value of your household appliances whether they are running high energy costs or not. Always keep in mind that household appliances account for up to 30 percent of your home energy. So before boxing up yours, you need first to opt for the most energy efficient electrical devices. This will help you and your new condo home turn greener in nature.

Your Own Clothes Of Course

This is, without a doubt, obvious. Although, packing your clothes might not be as easy as you think it is. Clothing is heavy and it’s vital that you should be exceedingly organized when packing those. You need to consider what clothing you will need immediately, the art of sorting it through season and the entire practice of wadding it. This may sound very critical, but will definitely help you to be more systematic when you need to transfer them to your new cabinet in your new unit.

Your Much-Loved Pets

Gone are the days when you need to say a beautiful goodbye to your much-loved pets because most of the condominiums nowadays, if not all, allow this kind of set-up. If you’re thinking that condo is totally not a good place to raise your adorable pets, think again. By this time, your pets would also love to experience the condo kind of living. Don’t forget to bring your pet’s supplies and their own animal shelters!

Some Cleaning Materials

Think that after the big move, you will also crave to establish a cleaning schedule to keep your home suitably maintained. That would be your next challenge to look at. Boxing out some of your cleaning materials you have in your old home will surely give you and your new unit a dirt-free shelter living. Do not disregard that clean environment purifies the mind and by just cleaning your condo, it can reduce 20% of one’s anxiety and stress. A sustainable condo home is a safe, clean and healthy abode.

Old Dying Furniture

Evidently, one of the things that you should not bring when you move to your new condo unit are those ancient dying gears and stuff you have like your “on-its-last-legs” furniture, vanishing curtains and some fading home design displays. Primarily, not because it is useless in some ways anymore but for the reason that, those things can somehow impinge on your safety and your health. Old things should be disposed as far as the law of home improvement is concerned. Settle for a new one because your new home deserves nothing but new as well.

Previous Sort of Living

One more thing that you should not totally bring in to your new condo home is your previous way of living. Condo living is way different than any other home living. Though you own a unit or some piece of the condominium aesthetics, you are still required to follow some ground rules and make the most out of every condo guidelines. This is not to tell you that you should live differently as against to your previous way of life. But this is a reminder that by moving into a condo-like living, you are entitled to become a part of a more convenient yet responsible community.

Pack Your Box And Move

Moving in offers an opportunity for change and reinvention, and it is very fundamental to be dedicated on how you do the knack of it. Moving may sound a very simple yet complex course of action, but by these set of lists you will never be wrong as you go along. This is just an initial step of your elongated ride of condo living. You’re still in the process and the next step is how you can turn your new home a place worth  living in. So be ready, box it up and move!


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