10 Prime Steps to Conducting Your Condominium Search


Looking for your very first condo is not as easy as choosing your first cellular phones or your first laptops. Condominiums require a specific kind of attention, a huge deal of research. Getting a condominium online may sound easy but it also requires the same amount of initial information before you can make any good decision. In getting that good condo unit, you need a comprehensive condo checklist that will enumerate the things you will need in your new home. Don’t let the perks of condo dwelling overwhelm you into rushing to buy your own condo. With all its perks and benefits, condo living can sure sound enticing. It’s easy to rush into it so consider this condo checklist to try and look for that condo that will suit you best.

Getting Started Condo Buyer

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1. Stick to your budget

The importance of this point in looking for a condo could not be stressed more. At whichever point in your search for your first condo, you need and must come back to your budget. Don’t commit yourself to an investment that you have no capability to sustain. Before looking for that perfect condominium, know how high you can go and be realistic about it. Once you’ve concretely identified your ceiling, never forget it and always stick to it.

2. Plan for a month or a year

The next thing you can do as a first-time condo renter or buyer is to look into the possible yearly fees required by the condominium. Condominiums for sale do not merely require initial payment; yearly fees that go to maintenance and association dues for example, are also required of condo tenants. Get acquainted with what possible expenses the condo may require of you and identify if the amount is something you can accommodate in your yearly or monthly budget.

3. Locate the best location

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Another aspect among the things to consider in searching for your condo is location. Today, real estate usually erects condominiums in prime locations. Real estate in the Philippines and condominiums in the Philippines, for example build their condos in prime spots like in the center of the metro where you can get the best urban feel. One of the many perks of living in a condo is you get to in the city, so make sure that the location of your condo is not only accessible, but also conducive to a good life in the city.

4. Check the look and feel of the condo

An ocular of the condo is not impossible today. Showrooms and actual visits to condo units are done so you can get a first-hand experience of what the condo looks like, or what it feels like. Check the condition of the unit and envision yourself living there. Check and see if you like the look outside your window or if you feel comfortable within the walls of your unit. If everything works well, you will actually live in that condo for a long time, so best imagine how it must be like so you get an idea if the condo fits you.

5. Do a background-check on the Developer

Do research on the reputation and background of the condominium developer. If possible, go for developers who are tried and tested, who have flourished through efficient and active participation in the industry. Choose a developer with a good reputation. These developers are banking on their names and will not let any condominium flaws ruin their name. That way, you get an assurance of the quality of your condo.

6. Be prepared to live by the bylaws

Condominiums have their own sets of laws and bylaw that tenants are expected to live by. It may be best that you have a look at these codified bylaws and see if you can in fact live by them. This way, you don’t get surprised with violations and penalties. Also, you can identify if you are in fact fit to live in that condo, if your lifestyle fits the permissions and restrictions of your unit.

7. Perk up on services & amenities

Probably the biggest perk of living in condominiums is having different amenities so close to where you live. Imagine having pools, gyms and courts floors or doors away from where you live? But before you get excited, make sure that your condo has these amenities first. Unfortunately, not all condominiums have the same set of amenities. So if this factor is an important one for you, you can check on them earlier and go for that condo that has all these available for you.

8. Go for your kind of people

Living in condominiums means that your neighbors are literally doors away from you. This fact may either be exciting or overbearing depending on your personality. To avoid any spitefulness with your neighbors, make sure that the people already occupying the units in your condo are your kind of people. Go for the condo where you won’t fringe at the slightest idea of seeing your next-door neighbor in the elevator or in the hallway.

9. Choose the nicest neighborhood

Since most condos stand within the busiest parts of the city, you may want to opt for the condo that sand on the portion of the city that offers the most homey-feel. When you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, it may be nice to unwind at home where the loud noises of cars are not present. So choose that condo that puts prime in comfort without sacrificing accessibility.

10. Consider your chances at reselling

Permanence and stagnancy are not always the case for condo owners and young professionals. You may be a person who is always on the go or waiting for breaks from different places in the world. In this sense, you don’t want a property that is hard to sell when the time comes that you have to let them go. Consider the chances of reselling your condo in the event that you find greener pastures elsewhere. Go for that condo whose market value will not decrease over short periods of time. This way, you not only make great current investment, but a recyclable one as well.


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