The Surprising Value Of Stairs Rather Than The Condo Elevator


Condo living brings about a lot of comfort and immeasurable convenience. While more and more condos in the Philippines are thinning out around the vicinity of different big cities, trends in design aesthetics are also been altered in the fullness of time. The structures, amenities and different condo equipments vary from time to time. Even your condominium elevator has been urbanized for a more extensive purpose and important exploit. Admit it or not, elevators have been a huge part of our everyday course and will ever be in the future because of the modern convenience they offer.

Most of the people these days are being slaves by the habit of just punching the elevator button up and down. We are entirely fascinated of how an elevator can push and move us to the floor we wanted to get into in just a second or a minute, and then overlook that there are some better alternatives such as your condo stairs that is more impeccably sustainable. Despite the fast-moving expediency of using elevator as a means of your everyday condo transport, it is still important to put into consideration that choosing stairs, more often than not, can provide significant benefits in terms of your health, lifestyle, and even to your condo environment.

Stairs Get You There Faster

Yes, you’ve read it precise and defined. In an instance, it can be faster to climb stairs than taking the elevator in reality. A research at one Canadian hospital found out that taking elevators can save an average of 15 minutes out of the workday. Stairs are more efficient in a way that there is no wait-time for a lift. Though, there are still indifferences when taking an elevator in diverse setting. Still, taking stairs is a good move to chase on. Wait no more and step a lot more.

More Than Just A Free Workout

We all know that there is an immense benefit in a condo walk, so why not upgrade your exercise using just the stairs? Stair climbing gives a good 30-minute to your total everyday physical workout. Taking stairs is one of the best alternatives for your exercise. Take note that it’s free and fancy. You can do it anywhere there are stairs—some may even come in different forms and heights. You don’t need to join the overcrowding gym, or even buy expensive equipments. Nothing else, just stairs.

Build Endurance and Confidence

If you’re just looking for a more convenient way of exercise that will surely build your stamina, taking stairs is a competitive preference you can have. Walking stairs is a cardiovascular calisthenics that will improve your oxygen flow, strengthen your heart, and even develop your cholesterol. You can take some simple, little steps as you go along with your initial trials. And over time, when you finally overcome some slightly out-of-breath and heart-speeding-up phase, you can move to a higher level. You will never notice that you’ll be able to walk multiple flights of stairs with nominal tension on your body plus confidence for your next stair-gazing.

Burn Calories Than Just Simply Jogging

According to Cedric Bryant, the Chief Science Officer for the American Council on Exercise, taking the stairs burn more calories than by just simply jogging or cycling in the same amount of time. The reason behind it is because this kind of workout is more physically challenging. So if you’re still thinking of going to the elevator than just stairs, think of it this way—taking stairs burns ten times more calories than taking the elevator. In fact, even two flights of stair climbs per day can lead to a 5.94 lb. weight loss over one year. Another figure that will push you closer to step in to your stairs is this: in reality, you burn 0.17 calories for every step you climb, so you burn approximately a calorie and a half for every 10 upward steps. Also, don’t disregard that for every time that you are going down, you also burn some 0.05 calories making it a calorie for every 20 steps down. The chief variable in taking stairs is your weight—the heavier you are, the more calories you burn. And these records will not be achieved by just standing and pressing the elevator’s button up and down. And oh, actually you burn more calories climbing stairs in high heels, a good outrageous news for all the women out there.

Perk Up Your Heart Health

The benefit of stairs is not just restricted as a medium for exercise and fun but also valuable to your health. Taking stairs doesn’t only affect your knees and toes but also every speck of your heart. Seven minutes of stair climbing a day has been estimated to reduce risk of heart disease by about 60 percent—more than half the risk of a heart attack over 10 years. Subsequently, if you want to take care of your heart and be healthy, why not unbox it from the elevator and find ways to beat it with every step by then.

Saves Energy And The Environment

Taking stairs instead of an elevator doesn’t save much energy by its figures in the short-term spectrum. In fact, for every two flights of stairs every day at work, you’re just saving about 72 kilowatts of energy for each of those days which are equivalent to about 90 cents a year in costs. A little figure to not hurt your back pocket, but you must learn by heart that any energy saved is always good for the environment. Simple and diminutive as it may seem, but it will offer a great payback later on. And don’t forget that taking stairs is a green move to do. Elevators run on electricity; this requires mining of uranium or fossil fuels as well as the emission of greenhouse gases. Stair walking cuts carbon emissions and to give you some hinge for its gist, by only ditching a lift in a typical office or workplace, you will save between 0.3 and 0.6 Kg of Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) a day. Imagine how grand this will affect the entirety of the environment.

Extend Your Living

Choosing to step out of the mainstream elevator is choosing to live longer in so many ways. Walking on the stairs doesn’t only increase leg power and reduce the risk of injury but also pulls you off to the risk of Osteoporosis and even mortality threat. Studies show that there is significantly lower risk of mortality on those individuals who climbed more than 55 flights per week. The drift of taking stairs also guards you against diabetes, stroke, and some cancers because it releases endorphins that produce the feeling of well-being.

Offers Up-worthy Solidarity

The advantage of choosing stairs rather than elevator doesn’t end in all the mentioned things above. Another great surprising edge that most of us overlook is that there are interesting things in the stairwell setting that will boost the art of self-solidarity. Vigorous walks on your stairs release hormones that improve your emotional state. It refreshes your mind and revives you from any stress and anxiety. It gives you time to think and to hear the insensible sounds of your footsteps and your breathing.

The Value of Every Steps Than Each Press is Grand

Before, stairs are just a big option when a thing like elevator doesn’t work. As far as green sustainability is concerned, more and more people are now aware of how turning back to this preference improves not only the value of energy, but can also conform into one’s lifestyle. Climbing stairs is a classic, short burst exercise that will give you more than just a boxed-of-shoe benefits and pay off. So the next time you decide to press that button again, think of the alternative badge that will make you healthier and more competent. Don’t be boxed to the four-sided cliché elevator ride. Instead, take another course of route that will put forward you to a sustainable condo living. Step out, take some walk!


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