12 Work-From-Home Pros and Cons That You Should Know

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What could be more convenient than living in a condo close to your work? You get to cut down on commute time, save on fare money, and achieve a healthy work-life balance. It is no wonder then, that professionals are choosing condos near their workplace. Smart entrepreneurs have also taken a hint from this trend and started investing in rental condo office spaces in the Philippines.

However, just when you thought that condo living near your work is already convenient, working right in the comfort of your home is now on the rise. According to the Department of Science and Technology – Information and Communication Technology Office, the number of Filipino home-based freelancers reached nearly a million last year.

You are now probably thinking of jumping on the bandwagon. Or, you could have already dipped your toes in this freelancing trend. In any case, know the advantages and disadvantages of working from your home and how to make these work for you.


PRO: Zero Commuting Woes

Zero Commuting Woes

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Imagine prepping for work and putting on your corporate attire, only to emerge from cramped buses and trains with sweat sticking all over your body. Having a car does not seem to help either, as the mile-long traffic moves at a painfully glacial pace.

Working from home allows you to avoid rush-hour madness. You start your day right and you also have more time to be productive.


CON: Your Frustration Shoots Through The Roof Each Time Your Internet Fails You

Your internet is the lifeblood of your work so a slow or a non-working connection can easily drive you insane. How else are you going to access your emails or work on the output that you need to submit on time?

Aside from learning basic troubleshooting such as refreshing your modem, choose the best internet package for your needs. Also, have a reliable back-up plan in mind like mobile data service from another company.


PRO: No More Shelling Out Money For Fare Or Fuel

Even if you live very near your work, the costs do add up when you take a public utility vehicle or refuel your car. So not only does working from home spares you the stress of commuting, it also saves you money that you can use on other needs and wants.


CON: You Need Serious Budgeting For The Internet And Equipment Maintenance

Need Serious Budgeting

Photo Courtesy of TheAngryTeddy via Pixabay

An internet package that can keep up with your online work can set you back thousands of pesos each month. You also need to make sure that your computer and gadgets are in optimal working conditions. After all, you don’t have an IT department to resolve the issues for you.

Allocate a percentage of your income based on the nature of your work and on the compensation. For instance, switch to the best possible package if you always have projects that require heavy internet usage and if the pay can cover your expenses.


PRO: Work With Utmost Freedom And Flexibility

Work With Freedom & Flexibility

Photo Courtesy of CQuadratNet via Pixabay

You are your own boss in your own home. You can even work in your pajamas — unless you have a video call to make. And you don’t have to be limited at home. You can work anywhere as long as there is decent internet connection.


CON: Motivation, Where Art Thou?

Freedom is one of the benefits of working from your condo that can quickly turn into a challenge. With your bed being oh-so-inviting and with no supervisor watching over your shoulder, you need to find ways to be motivated.

Make your workstation conducive for productivity. Pick furniture in dark colors. Use filing containers to organize your documents. Spice things up with an interesting piece or two. These condo office design tips are sure to give you the motivation that you need.


PRO: You Get To Tend To Your Other Responsibilities

One major reason for people to work home-based jobs is the opportunity for them to balance their responsibilities. A great example is parents who need to be hands-on with their young kids. Some people also have other priorities like travelling and so they need the mobility that online freelancing gives.


CON: Dealing With Blurred Lines

Even if they don’t mean it, family and friends can interact with you as if your urgent deadlines do not exist. John Meyer, CEO of Arise Virtual Solutions, an online call center company, suggests putting colored paper of different colors on your door: red for “Do Not Disturb,” green for “You can come in,” and yellow for “Check first.”


PRO: Save On Your Meals

Enjoy your lunch without eating out at restaurants, which can eat up a large part of your income, pun intended. You can also choose what to eat, instead of just settling for whatever food the office pantry has. What’s more, you’ll get to snack as frequently as you want!


CON: Finding Yourself In An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Eating unhealthy meals during lunch? Snacking on your nth bag of chips while working? You’ve got to snap yourself out of unhealthy eating patterns. Working from home can also mean less physical activity since you no longer have to commute.

Boost your mind and body by exerting conscious efforts to live well. Prepare healthy meals and snacks and watch your portions. Make time for exercise and it’s better if you do it outdoors so you can get some Vitamin D.


PRO: Enjoying Your Work With Minimal Office Drama

Let’s admit it: no one likes working with colleagues who spread bad vibes with their pessimism. They make unhelpful comments, see you as their mortal competitor, and so on. Working from your condo gives you peace of mind so you can simply focus on your job.


CON: Missing Out On Social Interactions

Unfortunately, you also miss out on having good times with great co-workers. You have no co-worker to have lunch with or to share drinks with after a long day. But more than the pleasure of social interactions, you lose opportunities for expanding your network.

Make the most of your social media. Better yet, exert more effort to be an extrovert. Attend their events in the office. Meet up your colleagues and bosses over lunch or coffee.

Convenient home-based jobs are now more feasible with ideal condo locations for business and work. But then again, working from your condo home has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Weigh the pros and cons carefully so you can maximize your productivity while enjoying condo living in the DMCI Communities.


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