Where to Go in Quezon City: 14 Best Hidden Gems

Quezon City.

When you’re looking at where to go in Quezon City for fun and memorable experiences, you might be tempted to visit big and crowded malls for a good time with loved ones. But if you spend more time on this side of the metro, you might find yourself gravitating towards the more vibrant side of Quezon City, with its unique hidden gems scattered all over town.

This massive section of the country’s capital has so many one-of-a-kind spots to discover for the interested condo investor. From intimate coffee shops to sprawling urban green spaces, Quezon City has some of the best attractions that you can enjoy with family and friends at any time of the year.

So whether you already live in a condo in Quezon City, or are just passing through, there are so many wonderful places that you can explore to have the most memorable time today. Keep on reading to learn about 14 of the best things you can discover in this sprawling urban getaway today.

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As you live the condo life in Quezon City, you’ll find that there are so many great places to visit in this vast part of the metro. Here’s a curated list of the town’s under-the-radar gems, perfect for you to visit with your loved ones:

  1. MA+D Manila
  2. Pan De Amerikana
  3. Earth Kitchen
  4. Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center
  5. La Mesa Ecopark
  6. PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center
  7. Quezon Memorial Circle
  8. Tahanan Pottery
  9. KatHa Lifestyle Store
  10. Ateneo Art Gallery
  11. Vargas Museum
  12. Fred’s Revolución
  13. The Hummingbird Rooftop Bar
  14. The Pop Up

Ready to know more about where to go in Quezon City with family or friends this year? Check out these 14 spots to explore off the beaten track this year.

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1. MA+D Manila

One reason to live in Quezon City lies in its thriving indie coffee shop scene. With a myriad of small business options in its 62 square mile radius, this city has so much to offer for every coffee lover in the Metro Manila area.

Take MA+D Manila, for example; this coffee bar and gallery space opened in 2017 and has been flourishing ever since. The cafe’s creative menu options range from their Korean Dalgona Latte to their Kini-ing Carbonara, with several other tea, snack, and hot meal options to boot.

This unique little gem is located on Matahimik Street in Teacher’s Village West, a stone’s throw away from its famous neighbor, Maginhawa Street. Make sure to visit their Facebook or Instagram to find out more about this cafe today.

2. Pan de Amerikana

Wondering where to go in Quezon City for a date like no other? Then Pan de Amerikana is the perfect place for you and your beau.

This whimsical Quezon City getaway boasts a unique facade that resembles an upside-down house – car, windows, roof and all. Beyond their fun architecture, Pan de Amerikana offers a delicious range of bakery treats and Filipino eats that’ll satisfy any appetite and pique any person’s interest too.

Visit Pan De Amerikana on their Facebook or Instagram, or contact them at 0917-855-4275 for more information on their delicious menu.

3. Earth Kitchen

Earth Kitchen is another great place to go to for a date, a family meal, a barkada reunion – any occasion, really. Why? Because this neighborhood restaurant boasts a farm-to-table organic menu that thoughtfully supports local farmers and indigenous communities all over the Philippines.

With its meaningful meals and gorgeous event spaces, Earth Kitchen has so much to offer you for your next date, family reunion, or barkada bash this year.

Two People Standing Near Body Of WaterPhoto courtesy of Min An via Pexels

4. Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

Let’s continue this trip from the kitchen to the earth by checking out this beloved urban green space right in the middle of Metro Manila.

The Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center is a sprawling garden, park, and zoological hub situated right in the heart of the bustling Quezon City. This quiet and humble spot is a nature getaway, with its serene surroundings spanning 22.7 hectares across one of the busiest streets in the metro today.

This wildlife sanctuary is easily accessible for residents of the numerous DMCI Homes condominiums within the city, making it the perfect place for you to relax and breathe in the fresh air with loved ones today.

5. La Mesa Ecopark

Now if you really want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the upscale city life without leaving the confines of Quezon City, then the La Mesa Ecopark is the place for you.

The La Mesa Ecopark is a gorgeous biodiversity conservation park and a lush center for environmental education. It serves as a “living classroom” for guests who want to enjoy the great outdoors while learning more about how to save Mother Earth at the same time.

6. PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center

Looking for something unique and meaningful to do while you’re outdoors? Try volunteering for a great cause and visit the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Animal Rehabilitation Center.

Located along Aurora Boulevard, the PAWS center is open to volunteers who are interested in giving rescue animals a forever home. By adopting a rescue animal, you also free up space for the PAWS center to rehabilitate more animals in the metro.

7. Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC)

If you’re looking for an urban green space that’s accessible to any condo community, then you should consider checking out the Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC) next.

Aside from being a national park and patriotic monument, QMC is a great outdoor space for any condo-dweller. This park has a museum, a shrine, and several recreational spaces that are perfect for anyone needing a respite while reveling in the cityscape.

Table in Vintage RestaurantPhoto courtesy of Kaboompics .com via Pexels

8. Tahanan Pottery

Now that you’ve made the most out of the various outdoor spaces in town, it’s time for you to catch up on some one-of-a-kind condo hobbies.

One fun activity you can explore is pottery, and there’s no better place to try it out in the city than at Tahanan Pottery. This local ceramic arts hub offers workshops for anyone interested in pursuing the craft, regardless of their skill level or expertise.

Enjoy a warm welcome and a fun-filled afternoon of pottery when you drop by their shop on Scout Tobias Street.

9. KatHa Lifestyle Store

If you’re looking for other crafty hobbies to pursue, then you should check out the workshops that KatHa Lifestyle Store has to offer. This store offers a wide range of learning experiences, from candle-making to terrarium-building and many more in between.

Aside from hosting workshops, KatHa Lifestyle Store doubles as a coffee shop and craft store too. Enjoy a myriad of fun and eclectic activities when you visit them at Cubao Expo.

10. Ateneo Art Gallery (AAG)

If you’d rather take in some art instead of making art for an afternoon, then you should consider visiting the various art galleries in this part of the metro. One gallery that you can check out is the Ateneo Art Gallery (AAG), located along the busy Katipunan Avenue within the Ateneo de Manila campus.

This beautiful art gallery is widely considered the first museum of Philippine modern art. They’re currently accepting a limited number of guests by reservation only, so make sure to message them on Facebook or call them at 8426-6488 to book a slot today.

11. Vargas Museum

The Vargas Museum is another gorgeous art gallery located within a prestigious university campus – this time, the campus of the University of the Philippines. With a focus on research, curation, and education, the Vargas Museum plays host to various art, coin, book, and archive collections put together by Jorge B. Vargas.

Vargas Museum also regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and more. All of these help to forward the institution’s vision of making art education available all over the country.

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12. Fred’s Revolución

Once the sun goes down, Quezon City comes alive in another thrilling way – through its bustling, electric nightlife and bar scene.

Looking for where to go in Quezon City at night? Look no further than Fred’s Revolución in Cubao Expo. With a storied legacy at their Escolta location, Fred’s Revolución encourages patrons to drop by, have a drink, and go home happy after having spent a fun night at their historic bar in the metro.

13. The Hummingbird Rooftop Bar

For a bar with a fantastic view, you should check out The Hummingbird Rooftop Bar, located atop the Stone House Hotel on E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue.

This rooftop bar isn’t just for looks; aside from offering a perfect view of the Quezon City skyline, The Hummingbird Rooftop Bar is also a stone’s throw away from the busy nightlife in Tomas Morato and South Triangle. Revel in the excitement of a bar hop, or enjoy a relaxed night with a view when you check out this delightful rooftop bar.

The last entry on this list offers the perfect way to cap off your adventure off the beaten path. Enjoy a wide range of restaurants, activities, bars, and more when you check out The Pop Up on Katipunan Avenue today.

The Pop Up is an exciting food park in Quezon City that doubles as an open-air events space and nighttime bar. This one-of-a-kind establishment makes use of mobile container vans to house its various tenants, giving guests a myriad of options when enjoying a unique night out on the town with friends and family.

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With so many hidden gems to uncover around the metro, it’s no wonder that condo-dwellers are interested in investing in a home in Quezon City today.

If you’re a curious investor looking to discover what your town has to offer, then tune in to the DMCI Communities blog for great updates and fun lifestyle insights this year.


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