5 Amenities That Make Infina Towers Perfect for Fitness Fiends

Infina Towers.

Health is something you should never take for granted. It’s a good thing that living in Quezon City gives you access to health essentials like hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and even gyms, offering you all the opportunities to live a healthier life.

Infina Towers, a newly risen condominium in Quezon City, is every fitness junkie’s dream home. This modern home can help you in making the metro life a whole lot easier, and at the same time, offers amenities that make exercising a lot easier in condo living.

How can condo living in Infina Towers help achieve your fitness goals? Here’s how!

5 ways condo living in Infina Towers is the perfect fit for the fitness fiend

When choosing a condo unit to live in, it’s important to go beyond the four walls of the unit. You also have to take a look within the vicinity if all your needs are near and if the amenities are fit to your needs.

Living in Infina Towers makes all the family essentials accessible. Not only that, it offers amenities where you can exercise or workout in without having to leave the property.

Here are just some of the amenities every fitness junkie would definitely enjoy

1. Get competitive with Infina Towers’ multipurpose court

Get competitive with Infina Towers’ multipurpose courtPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

If you’re a fan of famous competitive sports like basketball, tennis, and even volleyball, Infina Towers offers a multipurpose court where you can enjoy a good game with your family and even your neighbors in the condo! And since it’s multipurpose, you can play whatever sport you want (as long as you share!). What makes it even better is that the multipurpose court is surrounded by beautiful greeneries, providing fresh air while you play.

2. Start ‘em young at the children’s playground

Start ‘em young at the children’s playgroundPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Who says living inside a condo is bad for children’s development? Not here at Infina Towers. The property is equipped with a large children’s playground where kids can play soccer with their friends and build their agility and sportsmanship. Swings and slides are also made available for a classic afternoon in the park.

The children’s playground is a good start for your kids to become active with outdoor activities they can enjoy instead of staying inside the condo in front of their tablets or television all day.

3. A dip in the kiddie pool

A dip in the kiddie poolPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

There’s no doubt that kids love summer. The idea of having a swimming pool in their backyard is every child’s dream come true. Even while living in the condo, you can teach your kids how to swim with Infina Towers’ kiddie pool. Studies have shown that swimming can help build endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Swimming is also a necessary survival skill you can teach your children.

But more than training and exercise, having a swimming pool near your home provides a place where the entire family can bond during the weekend. Do remember to keep an eye on your kids!

4. Dive into the lap pool

Dive into the lap pool Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Of course, the adults cannot be left behind. The Infina Towers is equipped with a lap pool where adult residents can enjoy a dip in the pool. If you dream of becoming a professional swimmer in the future, then the lap pool can be your training ground. Apart from the physical benefits swimming could offer, an hour or two in the pool can help reduce anxiety and improve your overall mood.

Although the lap pool was created so Infina Towers residents could stay active and exercise, you can also enjoy recreational swimming with your friends to help you relax after a long day of work.

5. Enjoy peace and quiet while working out

If you’re the type of fitness junkie who enjoys low or moderate levels of workouts, DMCI offers amenities where you can freely work out while basking in the sunlight and the fresh breeze.

a. Hula hoop at the open lawn and picnic grove

Hula hoop at the open lawn and picnic grovePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Next to the children’s playground is the open lawn and picnic grove. While your kids are playing with their friends and neighbors, you and your other parent friends can jog around the area while keeping an eye on the kids.

You can also do a round (or two) of hula hooping, a classic DMCI Home hobby. A 30-minute hula hoop session can help burn 200 calories for men and 165 calories for women. It can also help strengthen your core muscles and help improve your balance.

b. Enjoy jump roping in the roof deck

If you like working out on your own, DMCI Homes Infina Towers has a roof deck where you can be away from all the chaos of the city while working out. A DMCI Home hobby you can do in the roof deck is jump roping. Jump roping every day helps burn off the unwanted belly fat, and at the same time, increases your bone strength and mobility in your joints, especially your ankle, wrist, and elbow.

If you’re not into jump roping, you can enjoy jogging around the rooftop, too, and enjoy the fresh breeze in your face.

c. Peaceful yoga and pilates in the sky lounge

If you don’t want to get the sun in your face while you work out, that’s okay, too! Infina Towers’ sky lounge is an indoor amenity where you can do your yoga and pilates set while being sheltered from the nasty UV rays. Pilates and yoga offer many benefits to one’s body and minds, like improved flexibility, physical coordination and balance, increased lung capacity and circulation, and a lot more.

Looking for yoga and pilates buddies? Don’t fret. Since Infina Towers is the perfect home for fitness junkies like yourself, you’ll surely find enthusiasts you can work out and exercise with.


Benefits of exercising in your condo

If you want to live a healthier life, you no longer need to subscribe to a gym membership or get out of the vicinity to jog. In fact, staying in your condominium building is now the better option. Here’s why:

1. It’s safer!

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Exercising in the vicinity of your home, like in the Infina Towers, is a lot safer than spending time with strangers in the gym. If your condo unit offers amenities where you can exercise whether alone or with a friend, then take advantage of that.

2. No need for a commute

Many lose the motivation to work out because they are tired from work or they don’t want to go through the struggle of commuting back and forth to the gym. Infina Towers offers a convenient way to exercise at home. Exercising in the condo building saves your energy and gives you more time to rest after a long day of work and mentally prepare yourself for your workout routine.

3. You’re in your personal space

There are days when you don’t want to interact with people whether you’ll be working out or just taking a walk, or even just watching the manila skyline from the roof deck. Working out in your condo unit and even in the amenities of the property can give you privacy and a safe space for the betterment of your physical and mental health.


Key takeaways

It’s no doubt that Infina Towers is the perfect condo living space for every fitness enthusiast and junkie out there. And if you’re still not convinced, well, here are some key points about this new and modern DMCI property.

  • Enjoy all of its fitness amenities. And we’re not talking about a gym, but flexible amenities like a multi-purpose court and an open lawn where you can exercise and spend some leisure time with your friends and families as well.
  • Workout alone or with a friend. Whether you like working out by yourself or with a group of friends, you have a variety of amenities to choose from at Infina Homes. You no longer have to force yourself to interact with other people and lose your motivation to workout because your social battery is low, you can fully focus on exercising. Say goodbye to awkward moments in the gym!
  • Safely exercise here. Staying in the property while working out is a safer choice versus going to fitness centers. It minimizes your exposure to COVID-19 and at the same time, you no longer have to commute just to work out. Talk about convenience.

Take it easy and enjoy a healthy life by moving into Infina Homes in Quezon City.


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