7 Perks to Transit-Oriented Development at The Oriana

The Oriana.

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Transit-oriented development is the most sought-after way to transform urban spaces in the country today. It’s a gift that keeps on giving; by situating homes and condo communities near essential public spaces, you enhance the quality of life and make cities more livable for everyone.

Every commuter still deserves to live in the best transit-oriented developments in the Philippines today. Living within walking distance from essential businesses, groceries, healthcare centers, and schools should be a key factor and consideration for any millennial thinking about getting a condo in Quezon City.

This is why The Oriana is the best place for the working millennial to live at today. This latest available property by DMCI Homes checks all the boxes for a transit-oriented development concept, making it the most comfortable, convenient, and commuter-friendly condominium in all of Quezon City.

Want to learn more about this thriving and accessible condo community? Check out this extensive guide to find out all the reasons why The Oriana is perfect for the Filipino commuter this 2021.

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1. Proximity to two key LRT-2 stations

Construction for The Oriana is neatly tucked between two key LRT-2 stations: Anonas station and Katipunan station. This newest project by DMCI Homes is so easily accessible that it’s within walking distance from two of the busiest transit stations in Quezon City.

Not just that, but this two-tower condominium is also technically located near the highly-anticipated Metro Manila Subway that is set for completion in 2025. The upcoming subway line will have a station at Anonas as well, making The Oriana the perfect home for the future Filipino commuter.

2. The Purple Line can take you everywhere

If you’re a commuter in Metro Manila, then you’re probably familiar with the breadth of the LRT-2 line, also known as the Purple Line. This train line can take you all the way from Antipolo to Manila and back, passing through places like Marikina, Quezon City, and San Juan on the way.

If you’re more of an LRT-1 commuter, then there’s no need to worry either. The LRT-2 line ends at Recto station, so you can just transfer to the LRT-1 line via the elevated walkway leading to Doroteo Jose station.

You’d be a train ride away from all these bustling cities if you invest in The Oriana this year. By renting, buying, or investing in a condo home right beside the Purple Line, you can easily make your way anywhere and everywhere throughout the metro.

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3. The MRT-3 line isn’t far away either…

Not an LRT-2 regular? No problem. The MRT-3 line is just a stop or two away, depending on which LRT-2 station you alight, from this newest condo development by DMCI Homes. Just hop on the LRT-2 station and make your way to the Araneta Center-Cubao station to easily switch to the MRT-3 line.

You can also hitch a ride on a jeep to get to the Araneta Center-Cubao station, and hop on the MRT-3 line there directly. By situating yourself within this transit-oriented condo community, you can connect to all the key transport stops and hubs all over the Metro Manila area.

4. … And it can take you everywhere too

If the LRT-2 line can take you from Antipolo to Manila and back, the MRT-3 can take you even further. With this train route, you can make your way through Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Makati, Pasay, and back, making it a great option for anyone working in the business districts of NCR.

Even if you aren’t required to report to an office, The Oriana is still a great option for you. You can still benefit as a condo telecommuter because of how connected it is to other essential businesses around Metro Manila. This two-tower condominium truly is the best example of transit-oriented development in Quezon City today.

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5. DMCI Communities RideShare

Not comfy with your commute yet? No need to worry – this condominium offers an exclusive transport solution for its homeowners and residents: DMCI Communities RideShare. If you’re living at The Oriana, you can take convenient living to the next level by joining their secure community shuttle service on their new mobile app.

This app-based community shuttle service has pick-up and drop-off points at nearby schools in the Katipunan area, at business districts like Araneta Center and UP TechnoHub, and the nearby MRT and LRT stations. The app also tracks the shuttle in real time, to reduce your own waiting time during your commute.

This community service is one of many being planned by DMCI Homes to help condo-dwellers adapt to a “new normal” of living.

6. Easy access to top Philippine universities

The benefits of condo-living near schools and universities are endless. If you have kids or are planning to have kids in the future, then you should definitely invest in a condo with easy access to top universities for your child’s future benefit.

The Oriana is a great example of a condo home for this situation. It’s located along Aurora Boulevard near Katipunan Avenue, where some of the top universities in the country are. Your kids can make their way to the University of the Philippines, Miriam College, Ateneo de Manila University, and more when you live at this newest condominium development by DMCI Homes.

7. Proximity to the transportation hubs in Cubao

Last but not least on this list of perks is The Oriana’s proximity to Cubao’s public transport hubs. The Cubao area is filled with regional bus lines, train stations, jeep stops, and more. All these transport hubs can take you where you need to go in Metro Manila, and can even get you around Luzon after the ECQ.

Your best life begins at home, with DMCI Homes. Enjoy the exciting benefits of a thriving condo community life when you choose to invest in this transit-oriented development in the Philippines this year.

The Oriana by DMCI Homes is a direct response to the demand for better planning in urban development today. It exemplifies what transit-oriented development is all about: walkable, accessible, and public transport-oriented urban planning, for everyone to enjoy a better quality of life.

Revel in the joys of the convenient and commuter-friendly lifestyle with DMCI Homes today! Take a sneak peek at The Oriana to discover every exciting thing it has to offer you this 2021.


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