7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Bonifacio Day in Your Condo

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Why do we celebrate Bonifacio Day?

Andres Bonifacio is one of the most compelling revolutionary heroes Philippines ever had. He co-founded the Katipunan and spearheaded the revolution against the country’s long-time tormentor, Spain. Bonifacio is the embodiment of the Filipinos’ desire for freedom. His dedication to our country served as a catalyst to fight for our freedom. That is why National Heroes Day was initially celebrated on Andres Bonifacio’s birthday as a tribute.

These inspiring facts make it hard for Filipinos to resist celebrating Bonifacio Day. After all the things he did for our country, celebrating the day is the least we can do to show our gratitude to the Father of the Philippine Revolution. Here are several ways to celebrate Bonifacio Day in the comfort of your condo.


Go on a Bonifacio Marathon

Go on a Bonifacio Marathon

Photo courtesy of Little Visuals via Pexels

Watching movies about Andres Bonifacio will definitely rekindle the desire to help fellow Filipinos and uplift the country through random acts of kindness. Visit the nearest video store and buy all the biopic movies about Andres Bonifacio that you can possibly lay your hands on, then prepare the snacks and the DVD player before you prop yourself up in the couch with your friends or loved ones. Now you can enjoy a day off and binge-watch movies about the life of Bonifacio to your heart’s content!

If you’re not keen on movie marathons, you can go try a real marathon hosted by Run Mania Philippines. Make sure you’re physically and mentally prepared as this event is a 120k marathon. Sweating it out is a great way to celebrate Bonifacio Day, too.


Poetry Slam For Freedom

The Father of Katipunan has a penchant for writing poems—poems brimming with professed love of country, that is. That’s also the same reason why it’s a good idea to invite friends and loved ones for a Bonifacio Day poetry slam: it’s fitting for the taste of this particular Filipino hero. The themes may focus on freedom, love of country, or about Andres Bonifacio himself. Make sure to decorate your condo that fosters a poetry slam atmosphere so that every performance is intimate and captivating. Don’t forget that as long as the poems are delivered with candid passion, everyone’s a winner.


Bonifacio Question and Answer Games

Bonifacio Question and Answer Games

Photo courtesy of Kaboompics via Pexels

Andres Bonifacio’s life and death is shrouded in mystery and myths, making it a joy whenever you stumble upon new facts or discoveries that debunk commonly-held perception about the Filipino hero.

As a DMCI Homes owner, get to share the ecstatic feeling by hosting Andres Bonifacio trivia games with family and friends in your condo. Question-and-answer games like Pinoy Henyo will be a sure hit. Playing charades is a great idea as well. By the end of the day, everyone learned more about the great revolutionary hero while having fun.


Redecorate Your Condo, Katipunan Style

Redecorate Your Condo

Photo courtesy of Jay Mantri via Pexels

One way to get Bonifacio’s approval on his special day, and get to celebrate in a condo as well, is to show your support for Katipunan by redecorating your condo with a Katipunan color-scheme. The changes don’t have to be drastic, you can change the sheets of the couch with red and white patterns, or changing the pillowcases in alternating colors of red and white. Plus points if you’re taking it up a notch by buying local furniture for a more authentic vibe; you’re helping the local industry as well. Redecorating your home like this is a great way to spend your holidays  while Andres Bonifacio nods in approval.


Dress up as a Katipunero and a Katipunera

Dress up

Photo courtesy of Tookapic via Pexels

One of the best things about living in a condo in the Philippines is how fellow Filipino condo owners are eager to jump in and share the warmth and spirit of festivities. Celebrate the Bonifacio Day  in your condo by hosting a costume party dedicated to the Katipunan. Get to live out the life of Katipuneros and Katipuneras through costumes even for a short while. If you have already decorated your condo with the Katipunan theme and looking to spice things up a little, starting a costume competition is definitely a good idea. Have fun taking photos after photos of everybody having a grand time with costumes while celebrating Bonifacio Day!


Prepare Bonifacio’s Favorite Dish

Prepare Bonifacio’s Favorite Dish

Photo courtesy of Kaboompics via Pexels

Make Bonifacio proud by whipping up some of his favorite dishes like nilitsong manok sa saha ng saging and tinapa served with tomato, onions, and salted eggs. One look at these recipes and you’ll see how grounded in Filipino culture Bonifacio’s tastes are—a true-blue Filipino even on the dining table. Make this a staple part of your holiday activities whenever you’re celebrating Bonifacio Day in the Philippines or anywhere in the world.

Of course, this can be turned into a cooking contest in your condo as well, where friends and loved ones prepare their own take at Bonifacio’s favorite dishes. Don’t forget to share the delicious results to your neighbors. You can also share your food to the local social welfare institution so that you can make other people happy while raising awareness and respect for Andres Bonifacio.


Donate Your Books

Donate Your Books

Photo courtesy of Life of Pix via Pexels

One of the things most Filipinos know about Andres Bonifacio is that he taught himself a lot of things by reading books during work breaks. Did you know that Bonifacio loves books so much that he has his own library back then? You can bet that Bonifacio will be overjoyed if you spread the value of reading and love of books by donating your books to schools and public libraries. After all, our nation’s future banks on the youth and education.

However you intend to celebrate Bonifacio Day, strive your best to celebrate with activities that will allow you to pass on his legacy and burning desire to help his country. Let’s do our very best to make sure that these actions will continue to live on, not only on this particular day and within the confines of your condo, but in every moment of our daily lives as well. Let’s live out Bonifacio’s ideals from your DMCI Community to every corner corner of the world!



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