Weekend Condo Project: Crafty Ideas To Rescue Old Pillows

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There are many things around the house that we find hard to let go. An old teddy bear, worn out jeans, wilted roses from a lover, books that begin to yellow, set of plates from mom, or a pillow we can’t sleep without as kids are just some of the things that make us sentimental and nostalgic. We keep them for as long as we can. Let’s say for example, those old and tired pillows that you used to squeeze and hug. They have the unique power of making you feel better, right? For your weekend project, do something about them. Rescuing your old pillows is a perfect weekend activity for every condo dweller especially during rainy afternoons when you feel like cuddling your old pillow while sipping tea or reading a book.

Start making your weekends creative and productive. Find out ways to help you set up your condo space with easy and simple do-it-yourself tricks. Look around and figure out what you can do to the things that are just lying around. Give them a new look and a new role inside the house. For this weekend, let us give you 14 DIY ideas for your old pillows. Here’s how you can make them cuddly and huggable again.


Dress them up

So you have an old pillow in a tired case and an old t-shirt. That’s just the perfect combination. If you have a shirt that does not fit anymore but means so much to you or a shirt that your child has outgrown, turn them into a pillow case instead. All you need are scissors, thread and needle. If you can’t sew to save your life, you can just cut off the neck and sleeves to make two squares of fabric. Make slits around the edges then put the pillow in the pillow. Knot the slits together and voila, you have a brand new pillow using the same old sentimental shirt. An old cashmere or sweater is also a warm, soft, and fluffy alternative.


Can’t go wrong with denim

An old pair of jeans has many uses. You can upcycle them into a bag, an ottoman, or a decorative throw pillow. Here’s how you do it: cut off both legs then snip down the seam and open it up. Trim them to make two rectangles. Place one on top of the edges using a pin to hold them together while sewing the edges. Flip the case inside out and stuff your pillow inside. Accent them with buttons, lace, or belts to make the perfect decorative condo pillows.


Make floor cushions

Fluffy floor cushions are perfect for impromptu movie nights and indoor games. All you need to do is round-up at least five old pillowcases and sew them together at the seams. Remember to leave the openings for the stuffing. Insert the pillows and add snap buttons so the pillows stay in place.


Turn them into pet beds

What better way to show how much you love your pet than making him his own room made from something very personal and maybe even smells like you? A lot of condos in the Philippines now allow pets in the condo community so it is but fitting to build them their own space.  Making a pet bed is a good way to repurpose your old pillows. Stuff them inside a fabric with crazy and colorful patterns. One yard of fabric is enough, but it really depends on how big your stuffing is.


Turn towel into a neck roll

Next to worn-out pillows, most households also have old and stained towels that they don’t use anymore. Why not join them together to make a comfy neck roll pillow? Fold a hand towel half lengthwise and sew one inch from each corner. Sew a circle-shaped fabric into each end. Turn the towel right side out and insert your old pillow stuffing into the horizontal opening. This neck roll pillow is perfect to rest our heads on after a long day.


Make a (pillow) statement

Make a (pillow) statement

Photo courtesy of kaboompics via Pixabay

A throw pillow with a good quote written on it is a designer’s dream. It looks classy and it literally says a lot. All you need is a linen pillow cover where you can write your favorite quote using a fabric marker and a letter stencil. Remember to wrap your fabric over a cardboard to keep the marker from bleeding through. It is also advised to try using a pencil first before making it permanent with a marker. And then finally, stuff your old pillow inside.


Paint and pillows

If you’re tired of the usual pillowcases available at the mall, you can try spray painting your own design instead. Choose a beige or off-white linen. Open a seam and lay it on a flat surface. Using a contact paper, create a large foliage stencil. Attach it to the fabric using tape or pins. Make sure to also tape the edges for smooth and tidy lines. Spray paint over the stencil, let it dry, and then stuff your old pillow. This decorative pillow is sure to make condo living even more stylish.


Recycled bolster pillows

Are you a family of huggers? Do you sleep with bolster pillows in between your legs? Then turning your old pillows into bolster bed pillows is the perfect DIY old pillows idea. You just need to make two long fabrics (old shirts with sleeves cut off are okay) and sew them together. Turn them inside out then insert pillow stuffing. Make sure the fabric is long enough so you can just tie it like a candy wrapper.


From table to bed

Table cloths are a thing of the past now. But are you just going to leave your grandma’s table cloth in the closet? Why not turn them into a nice pillowcase for your bed or sofa? Cut out two pieces of squares but be careful to keep the beautiful details. Fold over an inch on all sides and iron down, hold with a pin, and stitch. With the hand-stitched details, this pillow is perfect for the cozy and chic condo bedroom.


Seal up those drafty doors

Care for better insulation? To keep your place colder or warmer, turn your worn-out pillowcases into draft door stoppers. Turn your pillowcase inside out and cut it into four strips. Sew a straight stitch up both sides and leave the top for stuffing. Pour six cups of rice or more for added weight then stuff it with polyester fill. Sew it closed and shake.


Make baby a sleeping bag

If you have a baby that you like traveling with, a nap mat is your ultimate lifesaver. This needs basic skills in sewing though. Get a really colorful and comfy fabric. Make two sets that are around 36 inches in length (or depending on how long your baby is) and then stitch them on the ends. Remember to leave an opening for stuffing. Fold the end part halfway through then sew it. You can put zippers for easy washing (because babies make messes).


Pillow toy pouches

Attention, mommies! Make pouches out of old pillowcases and hang them in your kids’ playroom. Teach your kid how to organize their toys and also save yourself from tripping with all the playthings lying around. Decorate them with beads and ribbons to make them more colorful.


A tote-ful idea

Turn an old pillowcase into a fashionable tote bag or a grocery bag. This weekend project is totally for keeps. The first step is just to fold the case vertically then make a curvy cut on the side big enough for your arms. When you open it, a handle is left at the center. Or you may also cut through the center. Stitch the sides so it is not messy. You can put a zipper or just sew a ribbon that you can use to close the bag.


Pillow for your laundry

You will need a long pillowcase for this. Turn them inside out then stitch an embroidery hoop on one end to make it sturdier. Then just hang and say goodbye to bulky hampers.


A lot of us really have a thing for pillows. We like looking at them, hugging and squeezing them. But once they begin to get flat, we lose interest. Bring back their charm by doing some DIY ideas for your old pillows. Cheers to a creative weekend ahead! Pillow fight, anyone?




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