Weekend Condo Project: DIY Crafts From Old Newspapers

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Newspapers are only as good as the moment you are holding and reading it. The story that hogged the headline today is history by tomorrow. But the value of the newspaper itself is not lost if you are creative enough to turn it into something else. This weekend, when you and the kids are stuck in your condo, collect old newspapers and magazines that are just collecting dust around the house. Getting creative and finding new uses for old newspapers or just about anything recyclable is one fun and productive way to kill rainy day boredom in your condo.

Weekend condo projects such as making crafts from household items are a good way to keep everyone busy. It is also a good bonding experience and a fun way to teach kids how to recycle and value their belongings. And while you get busy with things you can do in your condo this weekend, you are also helping the environment and saving resources for future generations. So, how’s that for a weekend project? Here are 15 DIY projects using old newspapers:


Weaved mini baskets

You will be surprised at how a basket made out of strips of newspaper can be so sturdy. All you need to do is find an old newspaper and cut them into strips. The length depends on how big you want your paper basket to be. Fold each strip lengthwise as much as you can so the strips become sturdy. Use pins to secure the strips then start folding them in ward, interweaving once. Cut off excess later on. You may paint them or ask your kid to draw on them to make them look more interesting.


Paper placemats

Are you on a mission of finding cute placemats for a party or regular dinner or snacks? Newspapers are just the ones you are looking for. This newspaper DIY you can do with your kids requires folding halves of newspaper spreads several times until you get the thickness and width you desire. Get a scotch tape and stick edges of folded newspaper to make sewing easier. Sew the length of the newspaper about 12 times and seal them with a few coats of matte or gloss. You may also paint them your desired color or use colorful magazine sheets instead.


Stack ‘em up side table

Stack up your old magazines and newspapers until they are as tall as your couch then place a lamp or a potted plant. You may also flip open magazines and leave the cover out to the left. Count some ten pages then fold them in half, tucking the page ends back towards the binding. Repeat until the entire magazine is used. Place them back to back with flat sides together. This side table requires no glue or scissors.


Frame them in

Another new use for old newspaper is turning them into a picture or mirror frame. You can roll small pieces and glue them around in a cardboard shape of your choice. Leave just the right size of space in the middle for a picture or mirror. You may paint them then hang or display in a shelf.


Gift bags

These gift bags are economical, environment-friendly, and perfect for small give-aways. Instead of gluing, sewing the edges will make the bags sturdier. Punch a hole for ribbons or handles. You may also paint the bag for more personalized effect.


Paper coasters

This is another weaving project you can do this weekend. You just need to fold thin strips of newspaper or roll them before weaving. Secure the edges by sewing or glue. If you are not into weaving, you may just attach paper strips on the edges then make them go around like a pinwheel. Coating them with matte is advised to make them more sturdy and water-proof.


Soil pots for seedlings

One inexpensive way to grow your plants is by using newspaper as soil pots. Make pots out of the newspaper , throw in soil, and plant the seedling. Once the seedlings are grown enough, just pop them in the ground, along with the paper pots.


News in your nails

This is a really fun weekend condo project especially if you have little girls. Start by cutting out squares from a newspaper a little bigger than the size of your fingernails. Coat your nails with white nail polish then let it dry completely. When dried, dip each finger in a glass of rubbing alcohol for about 30-40 seconds then press down a square of newspaper cut out. Leave it until you notice the print on your nails. Repeat with each of your nails then apply clear polish for gloss.


Paper beads

Another girly project is turning newspapers into beads for accessories. Rip newspaper into very small pieces and put them in a large stock pot. Pour enough boiling water until all pieces are covered. Allow it to sit for an hour before stirring and draining excess water. Add glue to hold the paper in a ball shape. Roll them into round balls and squeeze out moisture. Let them dry for a few days to let it dry completely. After that, sand each bead to smoothen it and drill a hole for the string. Paint them and leave to dry.


Starburst clock

This retro looking starburst clock made of newspaper or junk mail is perfect for your kid’s room and themed condos. Using a pen or pencil, roll 24 sheets of paper of the same size. Tie them one by one using a yarn needle and a yarn or embroidery floss. Start with two paper rolls with the second one folded in half so it serves as the minute hand. Finally, two clear CDs must be attached to each side with a round round cardstock circle punched in the middle where you are to put the battery-operated clock mechanism with hands.


News in your wall

Are you a news junkie or just someone who loves to read? Why not turn old newspapers into a wallpaper? This weekend condo project will not take more than well, the weekend to finish. Instead of paint, you may glue newspapers to create an accent wall in your room or reading nook. The black and white print of newspapers will give that classic but edgy look.


Decorate a lamp

Aside from your wall, you may also decorate your lamp with newspaper. If you want a new look for your shade, just wrap a newspaper around and give it an instant spunk.


Paper letters

Initials and letter decorations are so popular these days. Make your own just by using old newspapers. All you need to do is have a cardboard cutout of the letters you want or buy plain ones at the store. Roll strips of newspapers then glue them all over. It will look vintage because of the black and white prints.


Paper twirls on canvas

Other than origami, there are many ways to turn newspapers into artwork. One such way is by making a newspaper canvas artwork. The first thing you have to do is tear up strings of newspaper then twist them into thin twirly strings. Wrap them around a pen or pencil all the way around then slide it off. in your canvas, put a very generous amount of glue then stick the newspaper twirls. Use a paintbrush to cover the twirls in glue. Repeat until the canvas is filled with coils then let the glue dry. You run over a brush with paint for color.


Wreath for all seasons

Whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s, Halloween, or just another ordinary day, a wreath is a nice welcome décor. Make condo living more neighbor-friendly by making a newspaper wreath. Just tie or glue pieces of newspaper in a round base. Add a bow, a heart, or whatever season-themed embellishment you can think of.

So, next time you come close to tossing old newspapers and magazines out of your condo, think of all the great and creative things you can do with them. Newspaper projects are definitely going to keep everyone busy and creative during the weekend.


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