Crafts from Household Items You Can Do with Your Kids

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Raising kids in a condo may seem different because of diversity and varying challenges within the community. But that is one of the many things that we should debunk in everyone’s stereotype because certainly, condo living with kids gives every family – from starting up to those big ones – a type of trouble-free yet fulfilling child’s raising scheme.

But again, raising kids will always depend on how you, as condo owners and parents at the same time, perceive alterations through time. Parenting today is faced with a bunch of how’s and what’s. For you to be able to help your kids transform to an ideal individual just like what you wanted them to be, you need to guide them along the way.

Simple activities like doing some creative crafts may help and affect your kids naturally to develop better cognitive and social skills. Don’t be too dissatisfied when in some days, weather keeps your family indoors especially during this cold season. Activities like doing fun arts is always there to save your family day. Remember, your kids gain many important benefits from the opportunity of working with arts and crafts projects. Make creative activities worthwhile right in your condo unit. You’d be surprised because even your everyday household items can be one of the many means for you to connect with your kid’s sentiments.


There Is Something in Masking Tape Bracelets

If you think your mainstream masking tape is just there when you need them, you’re probably being off beam because you can have them right in your kid’s hand. Let your child create their own mini accessories with this activity. Cut the tape appropriate to your kid’s hands and let your kids create designs on it. Offer them some beads, buttons, small leaves, feathers, flowers and etc. You’ll be amazed how they can maximize those materials and create something that will make them fashionable in their age and style.


Old Book No More

Kids naturally love and are fascinated in doing a variety of arts and crafts. It is their outlet to be creative and to have some fun. Turn those old books into art books by creating something they can use in their daily school scheme. Why not make that old book a storage for their art materials. It’s easy because you only need to cut the insides out of an old book. This will serves as the basement for your mini storage paraphernalia. Glue some old bag hand along side of the old book and create a tiny pocket for your pens and other materials. Help your kids boost creativity by letting them design the outer part of the book.

If book covers are the one that is old enough, why not use those existing pages by creating mini envelopes. Just practice the art of folding in making paper envelopes. By this activity, your kids learn to think creatively, with an open mind on how to save old stuff and turn it into grand art projects.


Bright Lights on Bottle Caps

Another idea to turn old junk into something is by producing bottlecaps tea light. In some point of kid’s life, it’s not unusual for them to be curious about lights and experiments. They always want to discover things and as a parent, you should be the first one to guide them with this activity. It is simple, fun and science-filled art and craft task. You just have to look for some old bottle caps. Clean them carefully before using it. Add some wick and then pour in some wax. Surprisingly, the wax can actually be from melted old crayons. Be just extra careful while doing this activity because kids naturally love snooping.  Let the lights shine through this unique art byproduct. You can use them in your family dinner gatherings or in some condo party events.


From Sports into Sounding Arts

If you wanted to really surprise your kids with another unique craft. One thing you should do is to turn his favorite sport gear into an art – a sporty kind of mirror. Old tennis rackets can’t become useless anymore. You simply have to remove the net part from inside and add mirror that will fit the shape and space. Glue the mirror strongly to the tennis racket handle and put some handle on its back for you to be able to place it on your condo wall.

If you don’t have any mirror to put, you can also do alternatives like putting collage of family photos that will fit the space of tennis racket. This will serve as a family memorabilia you can put in your room’s door or even along with your condo foyer.


Go For Upcycled Tin Cans

It is really important to teach your kids on how to save money early on. Giving them the opportunity to learn on how to be financially literate is something that you, as loving parents, can contribute along with their growing years. Educating them on this matter may seem uneasy that’s why holding some kid’s craft activity is an additional craze you can do to help them save in a subtle way. All you need are old tin cans, art papers and other art accessories. Help your kids construct some creative piggy banks or coin banks with it. Let them design the entire cans. This activity will help your kids in the two important things in their life, saving old things and money, and being creative to express their feelings, imaginations and ideas.

Encourage your child to love learning things in different way. Those learnings are crucial to their intellectual and social growth. Help them open up to the world of ideas. It is always imperative to know that the success of your kids will always be right in your caring hands. Discover and connect with your kids with these unexpected everyday condo household items!



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