15 Condo Essentials That Are Worth Your Budget

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Condo living is often associated with luxury and extravagance. Only the good things for condo dwellers. But who doesn’t like good things, right? However, while a condo lifestyle means comfort and convenience, it doesn’t have to be unreasonably lavish.

Condos in the Philippines such as DMCI Communities have everything figured out for condo residents. You can say goodbye to your costly gym membership, no need to worry about security systems or paying for maintenance work, and even paying for weekend swimming parties. Now, all you have to worry about are what to buy for your condo unit—furniture, appliances, and grocery items. It is a good thing that condos are compact and every corner is functional. You don’t have much space so you don’t have (and you can’t) to put in a lot of things (or clutter).

You only need so much to live a comfortable lifestyle in a condo. Here are 15 essentials from move-in to actual condo living:


Space-Saving Storage

You will need those boxes and storage bins that you can swiftly slide under the bed. It’s for clothing items that you don’t wear often like sweaters and jackets as well as extra towels and sheets when guests come over. Stack them on top of a cabinet or slide them under sofas or beds.


A Catch-All for Small Things

Must-Have Condo Items

Photo courtesy of kaboompics via Pixabay

If you are the kick-off-the-shoes and throw-away-the-pants kind of person, you need to have storage for all things that you’d otherwise just leave lying around. Have a bin or a rack for your shoes, bags, jackets, or magazines. Condos are no place for mess. Also, if you are the type who always misplaces remotes, chargers, IDs, pens, etc, have a small storage for those little knick-knacks, too. A catch-all is also useful for small things in the kitchen.


Go for Floating Shelves

Bulky dressers and cabinets can’t fit in a condo. Go for floating shelves that you can easily install. They are among the affordable home items you can purchase or even make yourself. They are very functional, save space, and they even look good. You can paint them in a color that is consistent with the theme of your condo. You can turn them into an open pantry in the kitchen, décor shelves in the living room, and book shelves in the bedroom.


Invest on Good Lighting

Invest in Condo Lighting

Photo courtesy of kloxklox_com via Pixabay

Coming to a well-lit home is priceless. Good lighting sets the mood. Invest on energy-saving pendant lights or lamps that can also be focal points in your condo. Be as creative as you can, such as making your own lighted mason jars. You may also put floor lights under a mirror for some dramatic effect.


Something to Sit On

Comfortable Condo Seating

Photo courtesy of amarjits via Pixabay

Okay, you will need something to sit on. Just be mindful on the size of the sofa or couch. One way on how to choose furniture in your condo is to consider its function. Are you just going to use it to watch TV? Will you often invite friends to come over? Will your parents or friends spend the night? Decide depending on function. If it’s just going to be you, a love seat and an ottoman will do. If you’ll have friends, go for a bigger sofa and invest on a nice rug where everyone can comfortably sit on the floor. If your parents will sleep over, a day bed with a pullout will be very useful.


Furniture You Can Fold and Hide

If you are living in a tight-spaced studio or one-bedroom unit, you may want to consider getting a dining table that you can fold up when not in use, as well as chairs you can stack up. There are also foldable dressers, and study or office tables that are available. Adding a pullout under your bed is also a great idea. If you live in a loft-type unit, you can turn the steps into a hidden storage for shoes.


Go Easy on Appliances

Do you really need a dishwasher? Do you need a washing machine or a tall two-door refrigerator? In buying appliances you need in your condo, decide whether your lifestyle requires them. If you live alone and you have but a single plate to wash, let go of the dishwasher. If you don’t wash your own clothes as laundry shops are everywhere in your condo location, let go of the washing machine, too. Stick to the basics when it comes to appliances and avoid bulky ones.


Toolbox for quick-fixes

A Toolbox for Your Quick Fixes

Photo courtesy of pashmina via Pixabay

A small toolbox is a must-have item when moving in. Bolts, knots, and screwdrivers are necessary for installing furniture such as the TV, air-con, shower heater, shelves, and even the curtain rod. Every now and then, you will need to fix little things in your unit so a toolbox comes in handy.


First Aid for Emergencies

First Aid for Emergencies

Photo courtesy of Hans via Pixabay

 Never underestimate the importance of band-aid, medicine for flu and colds, antiseptic solutions, etc. especially if you have kids or if you are living with elders. This is also important upon move-in as you would be lifting boxes, organizing, and decorating. Always be prepared for emergencies such as cuts, falls, and burns.


Your Own Pantry

Pantry in Your Condo

Photo courtesy of makvar-face0 via Pixabay

Your apartment grocery list need not be very long. Make a list of your weekly menu so you won’t go over budget. It would be nice to stock up on a few things such as canned goods, snacks, and cereals for the “rainy days.” You may also find it useful to stock up on condiments, spices, and sweeteners. You don’t want to be preparing a late dinner then find out you run out of salt.


Convenient Cooking

Condo Kitchen Essentials

Photo courtesy of Foto-Rabe via Pixabay

 Major condo developers such as DMCI Homes capitalize on making the kitchen and dining space functional and stylish. For condo dwellers, it is essential to invest in cooking equipment and durable kitchen wares. Consider using an induction cooker to save on energy and space and install a range hood to make sure your kitchen won’t stink. Also, to save more space, invest on installing pull-outs in your kitchen cabinet.


Install New Locks

Lock Your Condo

Photo courtesy of Ashish_Choudhary via Pixabay

When buying a previously-owned condo unit, it is best to change the locks and keys for security purposes. Old, second-hand keys may pose threats to your safety. Whether you are renting or part of an association, you need to be sure you and your family are the only ones with keys to your home. It would also be nice if you can add eyeholes on the door and other security features for your peace of mind.


Cleaning Supplies

Condo Cleaning Supplies

Photo courtesy of jarmoluk via Pixabay

Cleaning supplies are a must-have for condo dwellers. Among the most important condo living tips is keeping your unit clean, neat, and spotless. From the moment you move in, arm yourself with cloth rugs, all-purpose cleaners, disinfectant, mop, sponges, etc. If you live in a small space, a tiny grime or stain on the floor is easily noticeable.


Closet Organizers

Chances are, you are not going to have a walk-in closet. It is important to keep your closet organized with storage boxes, and shoe or bag racks. Accessories must also be stored in one place.


Some Artwork and Drama

Condo Living Room Art

Photo courtesy of keresi72 via Pixabay

Do not deprive yourself of what you really want. If you have envisioned a condo to have some artwork on the wall, do it. You can do all the DIY projects you want. Just have a clear design in mind so that your condo won’t end up cluttered.

When buying things for your home, keep your lifestyle and your budget in mind. What will you use them for? Can you afford it? You may find everything in the home depot or furniture shop nice and cute, but do you need them? Decide on essentials that are worth investing in.


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