Creative and Functional Kitchen Table Designs for Your Condo


In every DMCI Homes condo unit, the dining table can be considered the most important piece of furniture. For one, it is the place where family members and friends get together. The dining table is not only a place to eat—people have conversations at it; children sometimes even use the dining table when doing their homework and when celebrating birthdays.

The dining table can also serve as a piece of ornament that beautifies your condo. But it is important to know that designing your dining table and making sure that its design and color coordinate with your kitchen is very important.

To give you an idea how you could design your kitchen and dining table, we give you below 11 creative kitchen table designs you could adopt in your own DMCI Homes condo space.


  1. Country Dining Table

Life in a farm is very peaceful—the cold and breezy wind, the rustling of the leaves that has a calming effect, and even the mooing of the cows and clacking of the chickens that exude a sense of peacefulness. However, going to one is not always feasible because of the busy life in the city.

Nonetheless, you still could design your own dining table and make it look like you are indeed in a farm. Adopt this farm-inspired dining table theme so that you will experience that same serene feeling of living in a farm without even leaving your condo unit.

Plus, this dining table can sit a large number of people so you don’t have to worry about not having space for all your friends and family members.


  1. Colorful Dining Table

If you are the type who wants to add vibrant colors to your surroundings or if you are tired of monochromatic dining sets, then you would surely love this colorful dining table theme.

Complete with colorful chairs and a colorful table, this dining centerpiece will show your guests how sunny your disposition is. Also, don’t forget to use matching curtains in your kitchen window to complete your condo’s vibrant look.


  1. Formal Traditional Dining Table

Some people prefer to stick to the traditional instead of choosing to adapt to change. If you are one of those people, then you can stick to the basics and use this formal traditional dining table theme to adorn your condo unit.

Traditional dining table themes usually use black chairs and a large wooden table for its ensemble. Don’t worry about not pleasing your guests with this scheme because this is a tried and tested design that will leave your guests adorning your sense of style.


  1. Casual Dining Table

Being in a formal setting may be tiring at times—you always have to be mindful of your table manners, observe straight posture, and eat and chew your food as slowly as possible. Eating at formal dining tables is okay, if done in moderation. But some people wanted to at least relax from time to time.

Having a casual dining table in your own condo unit will let you enjoy your food the way you wanted it to be. Because of its simple design, this casual dining theme will definitely make you and your guests feel at home. You may even add cushions to your seats for that total laidback feeling.


  1. Coastal-Inspired Dining Table

Who doesn’t love to go to beach? Of course, everyone does. And if you can’t get enough of that wonderful feeling whenever you are near the sea, you can use this coastal-inspired dining table design to fulfill that insatiable longing.

This coastal design will add a relaxed feel to your home—the same feeling that you have whenever you are at the beach. You can add seashells or corals to your table for that wonderful beach style.


  1. Retro Dining Table

If you really love the ’50s or the ’60s or just adore retro-inspired furniture, then the retro-styled dining table is for you. Retro-inspired tables are usually small-sized, almost always square or rectangular in shape, and can sit only a small number of people.

Nonetheless, almost everyone will forgive this small drawback because of this dining table’s wonderful retro coolness.


  1. Traditional Japanese Dining Table

If you think sitting in a high chair is not for you, then you can try adopting a traditional Japanese dining table as the center of your kitchen-dining room. You just need to purchase a low table, install a tatami floor, and add cushions to the floor, and you are on your way to enjoying eating all your dishes the traditional Japanese way.


  1. Sporty Dining Table

Playing sports is one way people relax, and if you are really enthusiastic about your game, then you can install this sporty dining table in your kitchen-dining room. These dining tables can be used as a regular dining table, where you get to eat your meals, and as a ping-pong table, a pool table, etc., where you can relax and play your favorite sports.


  1. Contemporary Dining Table

Contemporary dining tables are tables inspired by different time periods, but were somewhat made more suitable for the tastes of the modern man.

You can choose a contemporary dining table patterned to the Victorian era, the Mid Century, or any other era or period of time you prefer. Installing this dining table to your condo space will make you appreciate the designs of the past while eating.


  1. Modern Dining Table

The good thing about the 21st century is the wide array of designs made available for the modern man. If you don’t like retro designs, sporty tables, or contemporary tables, then you can stick to what the new century can offer you.

These modern dining tables are fit for the new generation so you don’t have to worry about being out of style.


  1. Corner Table with Bench Seats

A great way to minimize the space used by your dining table and to maximize your condo space is to use bench seats instead of regular seats. You can position the bench seats against one wall of your condo unit, add a square table, and you now have your very own functional corner dining table with bench seats.

This dining table can seat up to six people and offers an intimate seating arrangement, so you are sure that you can enjoy those precious conversations with your friends and loved ones. You can also add storage space to the bench, thus truly maximizing your condo’s space.

Although just a small piece of furniture, the dining table is very important for it is a place where most relationships at home are forged. These functional condo kitchen table design ideas will help you and your loved ones find a dining table that will make you feel comfortable and feel at home.


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