Eye-catching Color Guide to Spice Up Your Condo Kitchen


The kitchen is among the most sacred places in any home. It is where the family dines, talks while preparing meals, and the kitchen table always doubles as office for some paper work. Generation X adults, according to a study conducted by the researchers from the University of Michigan, are spending more time in the kitchen. Generation X men are also more involved in meal preparation than their fathers were, cooking about eight meals a week.

Kitchen space does not seem to be an issue. This is good news to millions of families living in an apartment or condo. A survey by home design company Houzz found that only a third of those renovating their kitchen are planning to increase square footage as most go for look and feel instead. There are frugal ways to set up your condo space and among them is choosing a nice color scheme for your kitchen that will make the space look bigger, brighter, really neat, and refreshing.

Classic and Timeless White

The conservative color scheme is still a winner. In the same survey, 75% of respondents are still going for “soft and neutral.” If you want your kitchen walls to serve as backdrop rather than a focal point, you can go for a wide array of white shades. The good thing about beige, cream, light grays, and browns is that they always go together very well. Color combinations like these look clean and exude a sanitary feel. Best of all, neutral colors are a classic.

White is the perfect background color for any other color. If you have more eclectic paint color ideas for your condo, they are sure to blend with white very well. It is also perfect for small kitchen spaces like the ones in a condo because it makes the space look light and bright and therefore appear larger. White is also easier to clean because dirt is more visible.

Going white and classic does not mean you are bound to get all old and traditional. Shades of white also work for contemporary kitchens because they help create shadows and contrasts. White does not in any way mean dull and boring. The answer is lighting and since white is reflective, just good lighting can give a kitchen character. It can look warm or cold depending on your mood for lighting source.

Bold, Bright, and Sunny

A smaller but growing group is going bright and colourful (14%). A few are even going bold and dramatic (11%).

Red is among the most popular intense hues for contemporary design. It goes well with metal, glass, and black furniture. Another amazing paint color for your condo is a blue kitchen that exudes a water and beach feel perfect for travel nerds. Blue goes well with wooden furniture and some light purple accents. Crisp white cabinets will balance the adventurous look.

A sunny yellow backdrop also goes well with white cabinets and lime accessories. This sure looks light and bright.

Mosaic tiles, colored porcelain tiles, and a printed backsplash are also preferred by adventurous condo dwellers.

Paint for Cabinet

Dingy and stained cabinets make a kitchen look drab and filthy. Try painting and adding color to kitchen cabinets to give some vibrancy to your space. It transforms your kitchen from “blah” to “wow” in a few easy strokes.

If your background comes in white, any other color would more or less do the trick. You can play up contrast of white walls by painting cabinets black. It is advised to take the doors off and go for open cabinets to create not only a sophisticated kitchen but a versatile and functional one.

Another popular paint color idea for a kitchen is warm beige as background. Keep it charming by adding gray countertops. Cabinets that allow a hint of natural wood grain to peek through are also perfect for gray backgrounds. Give some sheen to the cabinets to achieve that sophisticated look.

Dark stained wood cabinets are also very flexible and can give you a modern feel in an instant. Striking and hot-colored cabinets, on the other hand, can be easily paired with soft and peaceful backgrounds. You can’t go wrong with red cabinets on a white background. Orange cabinets on a darker shade will also be divine and will help stimulate a cheery and warm environment in your kitchen.

Vibrant Furniture and Accessories Go a Long Way

If you want a colourful kitchen but too afraid to go all out with an orange or red backdrop, you can still achieve a balanced look by choosing kicky colors for kitchen accessories, furniture, and artwork. For example, a soft gray or white background can go with light and sunny colors. If your kitchen looks a little dark, copper and metal will help give some shine. If you have a black marble table top, you can try spicing it up with red chairs. If your kitchen island is granite or a light marble, think of it as an artwork and make it come to life with dark and solid furniture.

Frosted glass cabinets and metallic furniture are reflective and give the illusion of a bigger space. Stainless appliances also look good in modern designs whether neutral or dramatic. It is good to know that metal and stainless blend with the softest and the most dramatic backdrops very well especially dark brown, gray, and white.

Put up colourful frames and artwork in one side of the kitchen that looks rather dark. Adding greens to your kitchen also adds life and a refreshing vibe. You will also be surprised at what a sunflower could do to a white kitchen or a white tulip on a dark background.

Painting and adding color to your kitchen is an inexpensive way of making things look new. Color is a personal expression of your own personal style so go crazy with your imagination. Whether you choose to go neutral or bold, remember that your kitchen is your personal space and as long as you feel good about it, nothing else should matter.


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