12 Ways to Celebrate Togetherness in your Condo and on a Budget

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There are a lot of things that we take for granted — the fact that we woke up, for example, and the fact that we woke up beside someone we love. What it is about today, you ask. Is it your anniversary as a couple, your first year since moving in, or just another weekend together? Whatever it may be, the fact that you are together gives you enough reason to celebrate. You don’t need to leave the house and spend a month’s worth salary for an out-of-town trip because there are many ways on how to celebrate anniversary at home or any special occasion for that matter. It takes nothing but passion and creativity to pull off the sweetest to the most unique ideas to celebrate your anniversary on a budget.

Never mind if your space is no bigger than 30 Sqm. Condo living has a lot to offer to couples and families. From modern and comfortable dwellings to function halls and amenities, communities in condominiums will never run out of ways to make sure your anniversary ideas are pulled off. So, before take a chunk out of your  travel fund or swipe that credit card to book accommodations, we present to you the ultimate couples’ guide to celebrating their special day at home and on a shoestring budget.


Recreate your wedding menu

Recreate your wedding menu

Photo courtesy of splitshire.com via Pexels

Maybe you’re one of the many couples who didn’t even get to eat on your wedding day. Well, there’s no reason to starve now. One romantic way on how to celebrate a marriage anniversary is by recreating your wedding day menu to bring you back to that exact moment. Serve the same appetizer, main dish, and dessert. Have a sip of the same wine that you had on the day you became Mr. and Mrs. If you are not yet married, try to cook the menu on your first official date. In general, cooking is still one of the most romantic and most affordable ways to celebrate togetherness.


Eating buddies? Do something about your dining area.

If food is the one thing that glues you together, make the bond stronger by redesigning your condo dining room as a couple. Agree on a  theme that you both want. Are you a couple who adores a 70s bistro diner? Do you like modern bar stools or prefer benches and loveseats? Do you dig the romantic cafés portrayed in the movies? Bring out all those couple dining room ideas and create the perfect date at home.


How do you keep the music playing? Create a playlist.

Create a playlist

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com via Pexels

There was a time when people were so fond of mix tapes. Now, there are several music apps that let you create your own playlist. Recreate the ones that were played during your wedding. And to make the moment more special, dance to the song that played during your first dance as a married couple.


Watch your wedding video

A DVD marathon of your favorite movies or catching up on your kind of TV series is always a good idea. However, it would be nice to squeeze in your own wedding video in your movie lineup. It’s one of those “movies” that feel differently every time you watch it. Then, you just appreciate how far you’ve come. This is the most honest romantic movie you will ever get to see. It would also be nice to watch it with the kids.


Share it with friends

Share it with friends

Photo courtesy of vivienviv0 via Pixabay

They say that the best moments are meant to be shared. For couples celebrating a milestone in their marriage like 10th or 25th anniversaries or renewal of vows, make your grandest wedding anniversary celebration ideas come true by sharing it with family and friends. Those living in condo communities are lucky because they don’t have to look far in finding the perfect venue. For example, you can make anniversaries meaningful at The Tent at Acacia Estates in Taguig where you can renew your vows and hold a reception with as many as 600 guests.


Learn each other’s games

You probably always wonder what’s the big deal with what your partner is playing on his or her phone. Understand and appreciate the game by trying it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll also like attacking clans or shooting bubbles? It’s important to know and understand why your partner likes something. The least you can do is try it.


Have a picnic in your balcony

People do not mind paying extra for a balcony. Yet, they almost never use it. But if you want a picnic with a view, then the balcony is the way to go. With the help of your kids, set up the balcony with comfortable chairs or bean bags. Set up a table. Bring out the grill for barbecue and kebabs. You may also set up a mini-bar there or a milkshake corner for the kids.


High school throwback

High school throwback

Photo courtesy of gratisography.com via Pixabay

It’s amazing how love can make people feel young, alive, and full of energy. Bring back the excitement (not that you’ve already lost it) by acting like teens again. Play a game of spin the bottle. This will give you a chance to learn more about your partner. Make fun of yourselves by daring each other to perform naughty consequences. How about strip poker? The idea is to loosen up and have fun.


Hunt for gifts

It’s not enough to buy or make the most thoughtful anniversary gifts. Bring out the Indiana Jones and Lara Croft in you by “hunting” for them. Dress in costume, scatter clues around the house, and find that perfect spot to hide your gift. That will make giving or receiving gifts truly an unforgettable experience.


Make your own photo book

Chances are most of your photos are saved in your phones or computer. Why not print them out and create your own couple photo book? It’s always nice to have your photos in print. While you’re at it, try to recall what happened when those photos were taken. That would really bring back good memories.


Get excited and plan

One of the most meaningful ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary is by planning some activities you can both do in a time to come. Plan your next trip. Try a new adventure together like hiking or diving, enrolling in a baking or yoga class, opening a business, etc. Mark your calendars. It’s okay if you don’t get to achieve all of these. The most important thing is that you did something together.


Just be together

Turn off your cell phones and stop checking emails. Block off the rest of the world. This is your moment. Talk, dine, cuddle, and dance. Whatever. Just be together.

You don’t have to go broke to have that perfect anniversary date. It doesn’t matter where you go or how many miles you traveled. What matters is that you are together.




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