The Couples’ Guide To Designing Their Condo Dining Room

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Condo living is a major milestone for any couple who’s been dating for quite some time. You’ll finally have the privacy that you need, the freedom to do whatever you want, and an abode to call your home. And oh, you’ll also be eating together in your very own condo dining room! This is definitely different from dining in restaurants or in your parents’ house.

Once you have secured the essential things for first-time condo renters or owners, you can now bring your condo design ideas to life. Savor mealtimes in your DMCI Homes condo unit with this couple’s guide to designing their own dining room.


Remember Your Game Plan

Condos in the Philippines are perfect for any couple at any stage in their relationship. Whether you are still enjoying your time as a couple or are planning to start a family in the near future, there’s a condo unit that will suit you.

But to make condo living adapt to the transitions that you will be going through, you need to stick to your couple goals. For instance, if you are planning to raise kids in this condo community soon, you need to consider things like making room for baby chairs, getting a child-proof dining table, and the like.


Dining Table For Two, Please

A dining table is more than just a furnishing. You’ll use it whenever you eat together, have conversations during mealtime, do your work when the plates are put away, and so on. Also, the dining table is the main furniture of your condo dining room so you might as well make it the center of attention.

Peruse creative and functional kitchen table designs. Do you want a country dining experience, a formal setup or a casual one where you let your hair down? Whatever your taste is, the dining table, along with the chairs, should be comfortable for daily use.


You And Me And The Utensils

Going into the home section of the department store and coming out with brand new utensils can be surreal, especially for couples who are used to take-out food. But before you go ahead and just pick the first plates, spoons and forks that you will see, choose what will go best with your condo dining room and lifestyle.

You’ll never go wrong with traditional plates and silverware, but if you want something colorful, make sure that it complements the vibe that you are trying to project in your condo dining room. Also, invest in quality kitchenware that you’ll need like wine glasses for entertaining guests and china for special celebrations.


Décors For A Unique Dining Experience

Now is your chance to decorate your condo dining room to your heart’s content. Why not take inspiration from your favorite restaurants? You’ll not only be recreating your date nights, you’re also putting a special, personal touch to your condo interior.

You put framed pictures of you together. Your pre-nuptial and wedding photos, perhaps? If you have yet to tie the knot, any photos that best capture your relationship will be great.


Start The Day Right With A Breakfast Nook

If you and your partner are serious lovers of the most important meal of the day, then a breakfast nook as suggested by this Pinterest post is worth looking into. Imagine having your pancakes and eggs in a special spot where the sunlight can come in.

To make your breakfast nook a total haven, stock up on your favorites: mouth-watering bacon, cereals and apples for muesli, good-quality coffee beans, and whatever it is that floats your boat.


Rekindle the Spark With Romantic Dinners

Cohabitation is no excuse to start slacking off in your relationship. Just because you are already comfortable with each other, it doesn’t mean that romantic gestures should start to decline. Keep on making each other fall in love by going on romantic dinners.

Surprise your beau with a special setup with all the works — from the tablecloth to classy silverware to the delectable dishes. You might also want to accentuate with regal-looking curtains. And don’t forget the lighting. If you plan to do romantic dinners regularly, a chandelier that gives off a romantic ambiance is a good investment. Candle-lit dinners are also a popular choice.


Express Corner For Quick Bites

It is common for condo dwellers to have jam-packed schedules. When you have only a few minutes to sit down and eat, an express corner in your condo dining room is a very much needed space. You don’t need to have a big space to do this. You’ll just have to set up a shelf or a rack filled with items like spread and bread to make easy-to-prepare food like sandwiches.


Snack Station

This is the best thing ever for couples who are big on snacking. Again, you don’t need a huge condo dining room for this. You can just devote a shelf (or two!) for the snacks that you love munching on. If you can, why not put a small table in the corner with a lazy Susan?

For couples whose love for snacking goes beyond the dining room and the kitchen, a portable snack rack will be your best friend. With all these suggestions, don’t forget to include some healthy snacks so you can keep healthy eating habits.


Love The Shelves

Shelves are the ultimate space-savers when you need to make the most of your condo space. You can organize your food items, silverware, china collection, and a whole lot more with these nifty storage solutions. Just be sure to ask your landlord or the condo management for the go-signal before you drill any hole on the wall.


Unwind With Wine

Enjoy the finest things in life as you relax after a long day. If you two are wine connoisseurs, you will definitely love having a wine collection displayed in your condo dining room. Aside from rewarding yourselves with this luxury, an array of good wine is a great way to entertain guests.


Condo living in the DMCI Community is a convenient and luxurious option for many couples nowadays. Thanks to these condo dining room ideas for couples, you and your honey will have mealtimes made a hundred times more special. Bon appétit!


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