14 Activities to Keep Your Kids Productive this Summer


To the young ones, summer is that fun season when they don’t have to go to school, and the only items in their to-do list are “take a rest” and “have fun.” There’s nothing innately wrong with those two agendas, but when take a rest means “lie in the couch and watch TV all day,” and have fun means “play video games from morning ‘till bedtime,” you know something’s not right.

Time ticks away when kids are unengaged. Before you know it, summer break is over and your kids are no better than they were when it began. You know you need to keep them productive especially during a time when the temptation to be idle is strong. Outdoor activities are great to keep them energetic, but sometimes, they’re just not feasible. When you can’t take your kids for a summer adventure outside, don’t worry because there are lots of other fun indoor activities that you can use to engage them.

Are you ready to give your kids an awesome and meaningful summer experience? Better grab a pen and paper to take notes from these fun ideas.


1.Potted mint puddings for the young cook

Potted mint puddings

Photo courtesy of kerdkanno via Pixabay


There is only one thing that kids love more than fun: FOOD. This summer, you can teach your kids to bake potted mint pudding, a tasty treat designed to look like a plant. It’s an easy-to-make dessert that consists of ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen.

Your kids can even get creative and use it as a safe joke. They can claim to be eating plant leaves and dirt when they’re in fact savoring chocolate pudding with ground cookie and mint as toppings. It’s a great baking experience and a genius prank.


2.DIY toys for the inventive

DIY toys for the inventive

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay


Kids need to play during summer break, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy them a new set of toys. Why not encourage them to make their own toys? With yarns and ribbons, they can make a doll. With rocks and paint, they can make cool figurines. Let them exercise their creativity.


3.Customized tees for the creative

ustomized tees for the creative

Photo courtesy of weinstock via Pixabay


Painting on typical everyday items like tees and sneakers is one of the most timeless summer activities for kids. It’s a trend that still remains relevant today. Kids love customizing their stuff. They enjoying bringing life to old shoes and shirts that would otherwise just be discarded. Besides, creativity is a priority that you should incorporate in your kids’ daily activities since research suggests that it helps in their holistic development.


4.Cork stamps for the A-lister

the A-lister

Photo courtesy of Mr Cup via Unsplash


Carving stamps on corks is an activity that requires adult supervision because it involves the use of a cutter. You can teach your kids how to cut various shapes like heart, star, flower, and even Mickey Mouse when you’re that good. When done right, this activity can be as fulfilling as it is fun.


5.Souvenir desk for the master collector

Souvenir desk

Photo courtesy of ellepacca via Pixabay


Summer is not the season to be dormant. You can get your kids to move around by giving them a souvenir desk or jar that they can fill with rare finds. If you present this idea in an interesting enough way, your kids will be scrambling about the condo in no time.


6.Musical toys for the balladeer

Musical toys for the balladeer

Photo courtesy of Logga Wiggler via Pixabay


Kids are kids no matter what. They will appreciate music if it’s catchy, fun, and relatable. This may not top the list as one of the most popular summer activities for kids, but it will surely keep them occupied and entertained. Besides, research has shown time and again that music is good for children’s cognitive development. Why not give it a try?


7.Art galleries for the budding artist

art galleries

Photo courtesy of Ben_Kerckx via Pixabay


If there’s a best time to help your kids develop their taste for art, it’s during their summer vacation. You can encourage them to create an art piece by instilling in them some self-confidence and determination. Let them know that their output matters by setting aside a little space where they can display their masterpieces. After all, an art wall is a good condo design if you think about it.


8.Play groups for the friendly tot

Play groups

Photo courtesy of Floridanana via Pixabay


If you’re still not sure about how to keep children active during the summer, why not host a party for your kids and their playmates so they get to decide on their own what’s fun and what’s not? You can leave art kits, musical instruments, books, and other resources in their play area so they can have lots of choices. You can even ask the children’s parents if they’d be fine with their kids spending the night at your house for a slumber party. The possibilities here are endless.


9.Paper mâché for the artsy-fartsy

paper mache

Photo courtesy of Ben_Kerckx via Pixabay


Paper mâché is undoubtedly one of the best summer activities for kids. It’s fun and challenging, plus it fosters collaboration. It can be an interactive activity between you and your kids since you’d have to guide them every step of the way to create a great masterpiece that will hold memories for a long time.


10.Make-believe games for the imaginative

make-believe games

Photo courtesy of facethebook via Pixabay


The power of imagination is what makes children very special. Since you and your kids are spending a lot of time together this summer, you might as well hop in and join their little imaginative worlds by playing make-believe games with them. That way, you can help enrich their imagination and cultivate their social and emotional intelligence while keeping the spirit of fun alive.


11.Paper crafts for the hands-on learner

paper crafts

Photo courtesy of myowneviltwin via Pixabay


The art of paper folding or origami is an exciting activity that teaches your kids to listen, follow instructions, and exhaust their creativity. By learning the art of origami, they will not only gain new toys in the form of paper stars, swans, flowers, and cranes, but they’ll also acquire new skills. Make sure to validate your kids’ artistic efforts by putting their works on display.


12.Children’s books for the prolific reader

Children books

Photo courtesy of Krewr Studio via Pexels


One of the perks of condo living is the peaceful environment that it affords. With a quiet atmosphere, your kids can explore books and comics that are especially written for readers their age. Your kids can be acquainted with Dr. Seuss and his popular characters over the summer.


13.Play-Doh for the young ones


Photo courtesy of just-bee.com via Pixabay


If you have very young ones in your condominium, perhaps the best way to entertain them is by giving them the classic Play-Doh. They can be creative by molding the clay into different shapes and sizes. The sky’s the limit to what they can do with these timeless toys.


14.Ice pops for everyone

Ice pops for everyone

Photo courtesy of deborahmiller56 via Pixabay


Summer in the Philippines can be really hot. That’s why ice pops at the end of a tiring day can bring relief from summer heat. Making ice pops is simple. You can easily teach your kids to make their own delicious treats while also spending precious moments with them.

Remember, your kids need to enjoy the season while it lasts. You can be the one to give them a memorable summer filled with fun activities that will enrich them in every way.


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