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Health and Wellness.

Condo living provides us not only convenience to different main spots around the metro but also expediency to live with our loved ones safely and grandly. Condo living also has been popular to starting families and even big families who want to have a blend of modern yet culture-driven lifestyle. As of the moment, more and more families are taking a leap in condo living with kids.

Along with the advent of modernization and changing technology, kids, nowadays are experiencing new normal scheme. Kids prefer to play and engage on the online “playstore” rather than the real playing arena. This is alarming in a way that the modern kids are being in close proximity to different non-normal health predicaments. We can’t also deny that this alteration alone is, in addition, affecting the entire eccentricity of your kids – from cognitive thinking up to the way they interact and socialize with other kids.

Kids this age need physical activity to help them build strength, coordination, balance, and confidence in their everyday verve. Most of the parents living in a condominium think that an organized sport is the way to go to help their kids be active and become healthier than ever. Though, this will accurately help, parents like you should also know that alternatives are right in front of your sight. You don’t have to grab papers and sign up to those things because right in your condo, you can provide enough yet fun physical activity for your kids.


The Value of Kid’s Fitness Is Moving

This needs no further explanation. We all know from our human mind that the benefits of play and exercise for our kids are endless. Play and exercise activities do not only help your kids to be physically fit, it also drives them to gain stronger self-esteem and confidence. It also allows your kids to fortify brain memory. Indeed, a new study suggests that kids who took part in regular physical activity enhanced their cognitive performance and brain function effectively. There is also this finding from WebMD that kids who participated in after-school exercise shows greater development in several areas of so-called “executive functions”. The implication is obvious. Right after they’re done with school stuff and homework, encourage your kids to engage in simple exercises you can do inside and outside your condo unit.


Fitness begins at home

Let your kids turn off their gadgets once in a while and be real-time exercise activities. Here are some ideas you can consider into.


Walk the Talk

Of course, the simplest yet effective exercise you can offer your kids is to take some walk-time within your condo. Condominium providers nowadays such as DMCI Homes offer bunch of amenity areas that you can use in your parents-kids exercise bonding. There is this condo jogging path you can maximize. You can do some pre or post dinner walks with your kids or maybe during Saturdays and Sundays before starting your weekend days. The health benefits of condo walk even in a short period of time are more than a few. But the most essential thing here is the time you will spend with your kids.


Bike or Hike

Give your kids a choice of what exercise or activity they will prefer to do. It is a bike or a hike? Fret no more because whatever they select, you can easily do it right in your condo community. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Take your kids to do some bike activity inside your condo. A condo community has an abundant space for this type of recreation. You may be thinking now that biking is obviously possible and that the other choice above given is quite impossible to do. Let’s set things straight. Hiking is just a general term and you can simply do it by taking condo stairs rather than the elevator. Encourage your kids to experience climbing those stairs once in awhile. You’d be surprise that on the next day perhaps, your kids will be one who will initially invite you to do it over again. Both these activities will help your kids to strengthen muscles, arms, legs and back. It will also aid them to be familiar in their weight management.


Groove and Move

Turn the music on and let the beat swing with your body movements. Teach your kids some basic aero dance moves. This will help them to gain whole-body coordination. With this activity, your kids will also learn to follow simple instructions from single and different steps. Aerobics can be a great and exciting way to have fun, to start your blood pumping, and to get your kids’ body in shape.


Turn Household Chores into Mini Games

Pretend that there is this so-called “Dirty Monster” that will eat all your condo furniture and household items that are unclean. Make your kids believe that they are the chosen rescue heroes and the way to subsist this self-created monster is by cleaning the entire condo unit. This can be a blend of productive and fun activity. As they say, household chores don’t have to be a bore. You can also do some sing-a-long activity while wiping those dirty tables and a team cleaning scheme where the best team who did a great cleaning task will be rewarded. Let your kids move productively.


Turn Idle Time into Fitness Breaks

This is why idle time is so important. You can maximize it by turning it into something prolific like doing some exercise. One good example is while waiting for commercial breaks. Instead of just waiting for the commercial to end, why not invent a game where you can still move even while sitting. Simple moves such as stretching, clapping, 30 second plank, a minute of wall sit and wiggling are there to save the boring waiting-game.


Get Fit Through Dirt

Kids adore digging up dirt and making themselves naturally muddy. Make the most out of it by letting them plant some mini flora right in your condo unit. Prepare some pots and plants that they will use. Let them scramble plants and soil. According to research, gardening can be a great workout and can boost kid’s creativity. This activity is also interactive and engaging. It will excite kids to learn new skills. And oh, don’t forget to let your kids name their plants after!

It is not important how grand your activities are. What’s imperative is that along with these simple activities, you are their ultimate instructor and supporter. As an additional benefit, exercising with your kids not only doubles but triples the family quality time. Take exercising as one central key in your daily family activity. Let these above ideas help you turn everyday into an opportunity to get fit together.



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