15 Clever Condo Projects That Can Be Completed Over The Weekend

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Trying to start renovating our condo is hard probably because of so many condo home improvement do’s and don’ts, we have no idea where or how to begin. But one of the reasons why we tend to put off doing condo home improvements is the time involved in doing them. But there are things that you can accomplish in just one weekend that can make a lot of difference.

Here are 15 clever condo home upgrades that are smart, practical and so easy to do:

1. Create a warm welcome

The entrance to your condo should be as inviting as the rest of it. Create a lasting impression on your visitors by putting your door a bright color design aesthetics and adding a few details like a metal door number. Put a few pots of container plants and install a pair of sconces to make it warm and provide ample light at night.

2. Illuminate your kitchen

Replace your dated lighting fixture with a more modern and sleek one (of course, considering the current theme of your house). It’s an easy and affordable way to update your living space.

3. Dim a little

For added atmosphere, install dimmer switches for your lights. This allows you to recreate the great ambiance in one of your favorite restaurants.

4. Make way for front storage

If you don’t have a closet or built-in shelves by your door, just buy a small table for that much-needed storage space that will fit right beside your front door. Pick one that has multiple drawers.

5. Be open to moldings

Adding a chair rail, crown molding or baseboard to your living area and bedrooms are great architectural details that add visual interest to your home. Moldings give a room an elegant feel that can be achieved with ease by asking the home improvement store to pre-cut the pieces for you.

6. Stairway savvy

Dress up your plain staircase by adding embellishments and railings.

 7. Mirror, mirror

The most practical way of making a space feel larger is by adding a mirror (or two). Choose one that will complement the theme of your home. For a simple yet still feminine touch, try hanging frameless mirrors of different sizes.

 8. Shine with a new faucet

Replace your old and dull bathroom faucet with a shiny and sleek one that will make you feel like you just stepped into a hotel bathroom. Make sure it matches your existing sink’s set up or you might have to replace it, too.

 9. Mount a medicine cabinet

De-clutter your bathroom by installing a medicine cabinet that can be mounted directly on the wall just above the sink using a handy drill and a stud finder. Nowadays, you can find trendy medicines cabinets and you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.

 10. Surround yourself with color

The sight of flowering trees and plants has a positive effect to our mental health. Plant perennials and fast growing crops that are low maintenance but give your garden color and life.

11. Replace an Appliance

Replace old appliances (such as your air-conditioner or fridge) with newer models that can help lower your electrical bill. Look up models or brands that are energy efficient.

12. Install a fool-proof home alarm system

Beef up your condo home security by installing a burglar alarm system. There are a lot of available sensor types for alarms that are connected to wired, wireless or hybrid systems. Consider a reliable and upgradeable system like DSC alarms.

13. Tear out the old. Wallpaper, that is.

A possible culprit to making your home look dreary is old wallpaper. Tear down your outdated wallpaper by prying the edge with a utility knife and peel gently. If it doesn’t come off easily, apply fabric softener mixed with water and leave it on for 20 minutes before scraping the paper off.

14. Install pull-out kitchen shelves

Extra kitchen storage is always a good thing and you can maximize the space with pull-out shelves. Organizing your kitchen tools and gadgets will be a breeze with these things as with installing them. Just ask for a kit from your home improvement store.

15. Organize your closet

Need some space in your closet? Throw out anything you haven’t used in a year and buy a few storage bins to segregate little items and accessories. You can also use the closet door by hanging storage pockets for shoes and belts.



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