10 Condo Improvement Ideas You Should Not Do


You may have heard quite a number of stories about the joys and pains of being a working mom. Even with their expertise in juggling tasks from work to home, they still find themselves wondering when will they have that extra time to do what they really wanted.

Well at least, if there is one thing they can advise you best, it is the appalling condo improvements one should never dare try:

1. Host to injuries

Each year, children (even adults) are injured because of the hazards overlooked in and around the condo unit. Thus, when improving your home space, never sacrifice safety for the sake of style. Take extra step in targeting areas where injuries are most likely to occur. Good news is, most condominium units now have safety and privacy devices and are structured to ensure family safety.

2. Extreme Color Schemes

 There is nothing wrong expressing yourself in designing your own home space, but you have to consider that you are not the only one living in it, not to mention the fact that you might plan to sell it in the future. Suggestions from condo interior design magazines might come handy in choosing vibrant but acceptable colors.

3.     Being Too Trendy

Trends should be fun, don’t you think? Unfortunately, what’s hot today, more often than not, becomes a problem in the future. But do not fret! You can still play with trends and try to personalize your living space using accessories, which you can update easily when necessary.

4. Style goes with Function

Admit it, you are willing to risk your life wearing those stilettos for the sake of fashion. Same thing with home renovation, it’s so tempting to neglect functionality just to be stylish. Unfortunately, you can remove your stilettos anytime you need to, unlike home improvement, which takes a lot of your time, effort and budget.

5. Replace an ‘Antique ’appliance.

Who wouldn’t want to own antiques – but definitely not antique appliances. Swapping to newer, energy efficient models can add value to you interior, not to mention help you save on electricity bills.

6. Stop Inconsistencies

Have you been a witness to several homeowners who saved up and spent thousands of dollars redesigning a part of their home space, say kitchen?  To your dismay, the rest of the house remains untouched.

Simply put, avoid a room that seems to pop-out from the rest of the house, even “theme rooms” should require a lot of thinking.

7. Overdoing DIY

With all those “DIY” shows you see on TV, plus all the available materials and tools everywhere, you are tempted to do the whole project all by yourself. Well, why not? As much as you want to save money and save energy while at the same time keeping your home in style, you end up spending less for more mess. Problem arises though when you realize that what you thought was easy has started to get complicated. Proper planning will help you identify activities that you can do and those that require professional help.

8. Having an indoor clothes line

Installing an indoor clothesline is  a niche less likeable for space savers.  Mounting it on the wall or be it a freestand clothesline, this will ruin the design and space of your room. It can also be an eye sore to your visitors for it takes up a reasonably large amount of space – space which you can use on a more beneficial home improvement project. Besides, you don’t want your newly-laundried clothes to smell like your old socks, do you?

9. Turning Your Room into a Jungle

We hardly know what toxins are present in the city air and it is definitely advisable to place indoor plans and greeneries inside your living place. It helps maintain the humidity of the room and increase oxygen levels. Unfortunately, some people get overwhelmed and placed long grassy leaves and pompous plants inside the house and made the room a little less than a jungle. You can even hear the crickets every night and insects have been housing all your plants. Further, these can cause you and your kids skin itchiness and more so, might develop allergies.

10. Too idealistic

Let’s face it, you would want to achieve that elegant, stylish interior look that you see on Lifestyle shows or magazines. You are trying to avoid having a heavy room with all those fixtures and design pieces. You’ve been controlling yourself from buying the whole living room set that you’ve seen in the showroom.  But before you give in, did you ever ask yourself what you really want for yourself and family? Have you ever thought what kind of furniture would suit the type of house (and lifestyle) you have? Have you considered bespoke designs? Remember, don’t be too idealistic because life is not a fairy tale after all.

Remember not to overdo. Home Improvement has never been an easy task, but with proper planning and tips like this, doing it with the least hassle is not a mission impossible.




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