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2024 is just around the corner, which means it’s time for you to refresh your knowledge of the latest condo interior design trends ASAP.

Interior design trends from 2023 were fun while they lasted. As memorable as they were, however, these looks and style choices probably aren’t going to be as relevant or as helpful for condo-dwellers in the coming year. Styles like minimalist interiors or mid-century modern furnishings probably don’t spark as much interest or joy as they used to, which is why now is the perfect time to explore new looks and sources of inspiration for your own unit.

Want to ring in the new year with a fresh look and an up-to-date living space? You can gain more practical knowledge about emerging styles when you keep up with the latest decor trends for the coming year. Take a look at this guide by DMCI Homes and discover everything you need to know about modern interior design for 2024 right now.

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The role of interior design trends in 2024

Interior design trends are a reflection of one’s personal style, and of modern condo living in general. From the post-pandemic small kitchen and home decor trends, to the surge of practical and multipurpose furniture in 2023, trends constantly reflect a condo dweller’s wants and needs for style and convenience in their own homes.

Staying in the know with the trends for 2024 can therefore contribute to your improved comfort, while also providing you with a more gorgeous condo design. By evolving your own unit’s look with the times, you can benefit from relevant trends and discover new technologies – thus making your personal home life better than ever before.

So if you’re looking for modern ideas to decorate your unit for the new year, then you’ve come to the right place. Dive straight into the latest styles for your condo unit with this guide to the top interior design trends for 2024 today.

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7 best interior design trends for 2024

From classic do-it-yourself (DIY) designs to high-tech smart home integrations, there are tons of styles to look forward to in the coming year. Take a look at this guide to the top seven trends that are all the rage for your condo home this 2024.

1. Classic colors making a comeback

There’s a reason why certain colors always stay in style, regardless of the year. These timeless shades are reliable and rarely disappoint unit owners – hence the return of classic colors like warm whites, dark greens, and brown tones as top colors in 2024.

Warm whites like cream, vanilla, and off-white bring a sense of sophistication to any space, while still providing a bright and neutral feel. Dark green shades like olive or forest green, on the other hand, are finding favor among real estate enthusiasts due to the subtle depth they bring to small spaces.

Dark greens and browns paired with warm whites are set to be the next big color palette for 2024. With the natural feel that these colors bring, this palette will revitalize any small space and inspire a sense of life at home today.

2. Sustainable style practices

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword that people throw around in interior design anymore. As a trend in 2024, sustainable and eco-friendly practices are essential to the creation and selection of decor and furnishings that’ll actually last for unit owners in the long run.

Being environmentally conscious at home is one way to make the most of this trend. By making sustainable condo choices such as switching to LED lights and incorporating more greenery in your unit, you’ll be able to sustain a better and longer-lasting look for your living space overall.

For more inspiration on how to bring more greenery to your living space, check out the next entry on this list.

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3. “Biophilic” design

Another exciting trend that highly encourages eco-friendliness at home is “biophilic” design. Don’t be scared off by the unfamiliar term; simply put, this look encourages you to emphasize the use of ecologically conscious decor, with elements that bring the outdoors right into your condo home.

Potted plants, furniture made from natural materials, and big windows with lots of natural light are just a few of the examples of biophilic design for a smaller-sized unit. You can also explore ideas such as DIY decor, since these perfectly fit the idea of eco-conscious living.

With these nature-inspired choices, you can rejuvenate any living space and bring life to an otherwise cramped concrete unit this 2024.

4. Multiple materials and textures

Say goodbye to extreme minimalism, and say hello to a trend that’s reminiscent of the “shabby chic” style of decor. By utilizing and incorporating multiple materials and textures into your condo unit, you can showcase several different moods and styles to build tons of character within a small space today.

Some popular choices for the coming year include natural materials like wood or stone, along with metallic elements like stainless steel or chrome on things like cabinets or doors. Another way to mix things up is to incorporate textural variety in your decor, like velvet, silk, or woven fabrics for sofas, pillows, curtains, and more.

These combinations add a unique sense of depth and interest to your unit. Whatever materials you choose, just make sure to select a mix that is pleasing for you and aligns with your own style sensibilities.

4. Versatile and multi-functional spaces

Sustainable, green, and nature-inspired spaces are not the only styles that will be in vogue for 2024. Another set of fads that’ll probably make it to the forefront of interior decor will be versatility and functionality, in light of the recent post-pandemic work-from-home (WFH) revolution.

Making your condo unit versatile and multi-functional is essential these days. Since many people shifted to a WFH setup amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become relevant for all types of houses to function as workspaces as well as living spaces. This 2024 design trend pushes for the use of movable furniture, open spaces, and more to make units more flexible and functional today.

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6. Integrating smart home technology

The second to the last entry on the list, this idea highlights the fact that smart home technology is more useful now than ever before. As it continues to revolutionize the way people live, you can choose to integrate smart home technology into your condo unit to enhance your sense of comfort and convenience within your own space today.

Some ways you can bring these tech advancements into your life include smart lighting and home automation. Smart lighting systems allow you to remotely control your lights to create a better ambiance and make your energy use more efficient. Home automation, on the other hand, allows you to automate functions such as controlling your thermostat, turning on appliances, locking doors, and more.

7. Playing with furniture styles

One last way to impeccably decorate your property for the new year is to explore stylish furniture trends such as modular furnishings, “mix and match” styles, and extravagant statement pieces for smaller spaces.

Modular furniture was a popular living room interior design trend in 2023 because of its adaptable and space-efficient nature. It allowed for a versatile living space in smaller units, providing a more spacious experience for condo dwellers. “Mix and match” styles, on the other hand, allowed unit owners to curate their own personalized looks at home while still maximizing space.

With these looks making their way onto this list for 2024, you can easily adopt a flexible style that’s suited to your own unique personality. Mix and match efficient condo furniture with eclectic statement pieces to save on space and showcase your style, all in one go.

light room with big windowsPhoto courtesy of Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels

Key takeaways

Take inspiration from the latest trends and furnish your own stylish space for the new year. Don’t forget to take these final tips with you as you embark on a new interior design journey in 2024:

  • Refresh your style know-how regularly. By keeping up with new trends and styles, you can refresh your knowledge of interior design and make more useful lifestyle changes as you please at home.
  • Go green. More than bringing green back as a color choice for your condo, you should also make the shift to sustainable, eco-friendly, and biophilic decor to improve your quality of life and make your unit more pleasant to live in too.
  • Have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to go for eclectic choices based on your own preferences. It’s your condo unit – make sure it’s suited to your personality today.

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