Classic DIY Trends in Interior Home Design


Filipinos are known to be thrifty—and when it comes to DIY home design ideas, you can count on home and condo interior design enthusiasts to always be on the lookout for the latest DIY trends. With the rise of vertical living in most cities in Manila, more and more people are able to live solo and design their own spaces.

While some condo dwellers prefer to purchase ready-made and fuss-free furniture and home decorations, a large portion of these individuals is still open to the idea of DIY because it’s economical, unique, and fun to do.

This summer, let’s revisit the classic DIY trends in interior design and condo living. Here is a list of trends you might have heard of before, but have been completely overlooked and taken for granted because of their simplicity.


1. Recycling

Recycling has been around for decades, but it has never gone out of style. It has always been the trend for as long as anyone can remember—and for good reason, as everything we use at home or anywhere else do reach a point wherein they can no longer be used for their original purpose.

Most commonly recycled things are those that are made of plastic, as they are the easiest to transform into something more useful. Take plastic bottles, for example, and give them new life by turning them into pencil holders, garden vases, home decorations, arts and crafts materials, and so much more. With recycling, the possibilities of DIY home designs are endless—all you need is a dose of imagination.


2. Upcycling

If you want to step up your recycling game, upcycling is your best bet. A relatively new concept, upcycling is the process of giving an item a new purpose, without degrading the value of the original materials that it’s made of. This is said to be the more sustainable alternative to recycling, since it allows the objects’ resources to move back up the supply chain.


3. Getting Artsy

Just because art pieces can range from expensive to waaaay out of your budget doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve an artsy vibe for your home or condo. In fact, you don’t need to have a Fine Arts degree to create stunning art to hang on your walls.

If you’re up for it, explore and experiment with different art media to create a piece that will speak tons about your personality. This can be an instant statement piece for your home or condo, and could be an interesting conversation starter for guests who’ll come over. It can be a collage, a painting, a sculpture—it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look like a Picasso, or a Van Gogh—what matters is that it is your masterpiece.


4. Going Back To Nature

What could possibly be more timeless than nature’s gifts such as miniature trees, flowers, and all beautiful types of ornamental plants? To make them unique and more suited to your design taste, you can always add a touch of DIY to your plant ornaments. You can make use of handcrafted ceramic pots, or hand-painted vases that you painted yourself. Line your windows with these creations, along with the plants or flowers of your choice. Not only do plants bring a relaxing, earthy vibe to your home, they also help cool the air and give off a natural, soothing fragrance.


5. Not Following The Trend

Now this may sound weird, but not following the latest trends is the latest trend. When trying to achieve a timeless interior, Anna Taran, Senior Designer for Bo Concept Laval, says that people gravitate towards classic and neutral elements so much that they forget that their home should be a representation of who they are, and not so much something straight from the magazines. Her advice is to shop for furniture using all of your senses: “Touch the fabrics, feel the comfort and choose colours that uplift your spirit.” She also adds that “style is relative but a home that is designed around your personality rather than the latest trends will never be outdated.”


6. Exploring Eco-Friendly

A few years back, people thought that going green was a short-term fad. But with the continuous degradation of our environment, more and more people are advocating the use of eco-friendly materials and products. Which is why we also think that it’s a great idea to keep this in mind when thinking of your next DIY project. Recycling and upcycling are already eco-friendly in principle, but making sure that all materials you use in your DIY projects are non-toxic is another way of helping to save the environment and at the same time decorating your home or condo.

DIY is not always about the latest trends—sometimes what’s more important is the timelessness and uniqueness of your creations. While its always great to search online for new DIY ideas and trends, you must also strive to showcase your individuality in your DIY projects.


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