Give Yourself the Gift of Yoga This Holiday Season: Lose Weight!

Health and Wellness.

Practicing yoga can make the ber months especially jolly for you, and not just because it is a great stress buster. You may not be aware of this, but yoga is one of the most effective workouts for weight management. Studies have shown that yoga increases insulin sensitivity and decreases stress hormones. With your hormones and chemical processes sending signals to your body to burn the food you eat to serve as fuel instead of being stored as fat, you can avoid the excess weight you often gain in the holidays, all while getting warm in the cold season! Here is a short yoga course to help you get started.

pleasant pose

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Begin with stillness

To get started, you must first feel the quiet around you and the stillness of your body. Before you jump right into a sun salutation or any specific pose, you must first get into a comfortable seated position. You may even go for a corpse pose. Beginning with stillness lets you see how your mind and body feel. This then lets you better decide what to do next or which poses to take.

easy crescent yoga pose

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Choose a direction

Pick a direction that best suits how you feel. If you feel tired or are pressed for time, go for a short restorative practice. If you are eager to do something rigorous, then opt for a more vigorous routine. If you feel you could use some grounding and stability, the standing poses are just the thing for you. If it is energy that you need, then backbends should be your main focus. Keep in mind that the more you use yoga to meet your immediate needs, the more energy and strength you will have in the long run. This will also do wonders for your health and weight.

cobra pose close up

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Set an intention

Your routine will be more effective if you’ve set your intention from the get-go. This will help ensure that you are able to use your time constructively, no matter how very little of it you have. To do this, you must maintain mindfulness and self-awareness. You may work on a specific pose or practice, create a sense of spaciousness in a specific body part, and keep track of any emotions that may arise. Be willing to observe yourself without judgment.

frog cobra yoga pose

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Go for poses you love

The common perception is that you must practice vigorously, working on poses that truly challenge you. You will have to ignore this idea. If you want to build a yoga routine you can follow consistently, you will have to choose poses you actually enjoy. Your yoga practice should involve a carrot, not a stick. You can start by choosing three to five poses that feel great to you. This will help ensure you feel motivated and not obligated to bring out the mat and start stretching those muscles.

mountain pose close up

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Focus on poses for losing weight

Here are great poses to try. They are designed specifically to help you lose weight. Just what you need for the holiday season!


This pose will help you have firmer thighs, hips, and abs. You can do this by standing with your feet together, your arms at your sides, and your toes pointing forward. Inhale as you raise your arms overhead, reaching your fingertips toward the ceiling. Exhale as you bend forward from your hips, bringing your hands to the floor (feel free to bend your knees). Inhale once again, and as you exhale, step your right leg into a lunge. Your left knee should be bent about 90 degrees, with your right leg extended and your knee over your ankle. Inhale with your arms raised overhead while gazing forward. Hold this position, then return to a standing position. Repeat this as you step your left leg back.


This yoga pose will help you firm up the sides of your abs. Start by standing with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Tuck the sole of your left foot into the inside of the right thigh with your knee bent to the side. Count to two breaths while touching your palms at the front of your chest. Upon your third breath, extend your arms up with your fingers pointing to the ceiling. Exhale as you bend your torso to the left. Straighten your body as you inhale. Repeat the process three to five times while pressing your foot into your thigh. Switch sides as you do this step.

Rocking boat

This yoga pose will help you achieve firm abs and back. Simply sit with your knees bent, your hands on your thighs, and your feet on the floor. Lean back about 45 degrees with your torso straight and your head in line with your body. Raise your feet so your calves are parallel to the floor. Keep your toes pointed. Inhale as you extend your legs and arms while sticking your legs together. Exhale, after which you inhale with your lower torso three to four inches from your legs so your body forms a wider V shape. Raise your legs and torso as you exhale. Repeat this three to four times.

child's pose

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Move in all directions

It is best to practice at least one pose for every direction your body moves. Lean forward and backward and side to side, twisting and turning upside down. Incorporating all the directions ensures you have a complete practice. Try many different poses until you find those that make you feel great.

sep leg head to knee pose

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Where to practice yoga

Luckily for residents of DMCI properties, the developer’s condominiums are always designed to provide resort-like condo living, with amenities that encourage a life of leisure and wellness. Well-balanced amenities and facilities address the homeowners’ needs for both invigoration and relaxation, supporting active and passive leisure activities. You are sure to find just the spot you need for your yoga routine. You may head over to the condo gym for a more fitness-centered atmosphere. Or you may find the gazebo near the koi pond more relaxing. The sky lounge and the picnic area are also worth a try. Try different areas until you find just the spot that works for you.

Keep getting better

So how do you get better at yoga? Just keep practicing. This could simply take the form of watching your reactions at work or while waiting in line at the grocery store. It’s all about mindfulness. Whether you are learning gentle pranayama exercises, meditating or just paying attention to your breathing while laid up in bed, you are on the right track. What matters most is your dedication. As with any practice, yoga requires patience, commitment, and a healthy level of generosity for yourself.

Your commitment will eventually take on a life of its own. You may start out just trying to lose weight in the holidays, but the seeds you plant could benefit you for many years to come. Nothing like the gift of wellness and a healthy figure to give yourself this holiday season!


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