6 Workout Videos to Combat Holiday Bulge

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Starting to feel the holiday bulge? First of all, you don’t have to give up any Christmas eating and partying. All you need to do is add fitness to your lifestyle. Try these 6 easy and effective workout routines in the comfort of your condo.


1. Full body workout in just 7 minutes

Video courtesy of BeFiT via Youtube

Who says you need to have lots of time or space to have a productive workout? Reach your fitness goals during the holidays with a fun and easy exercise routine. With this 7-minute full body workout, you can have a healthier holiday in the comfort of your condo. The high-octane body-toning workout is effective in removing the holiday bulge and in building strength.

A vital feature of the workout is core engagement. The fast-paced circuit engages your core as it sculpts your arms, legs, back, chest, shoulders, and obliques. The routine includes jumping jacks, air squats, one-legged squats, planks, lunges, push-ups, and hollow rocks. Though only 7 minutes, the workout delivers all the muscle-building benefits of longer routines. The rapid succession will boost metabolism, burn fat, and build muscle. It’s perfect for those who are always on the go.


2. Perfectly round butt and toned legs with The Body Coach

Video courtesy of The Body Coach TV via Youtube

Many people wish to have a perfectly round butt and toned legs. But they think that these are impossible to achieve, reserved only for models and celebrities. Enviable bums and legs are very much achievable if you add more squats into your routine. Squats work more muscles than any other exercise, and you can do them conveniently in your condo.

This exercise by The Body Coach is a great routine because it has squat pulses and plank-to-squat moves. Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, has created an effective workout that targets the legs, butt, and abs. It’s perfect for those in search for a satisfying high-intensity interval training they can do in their condo. Because the workout combines squats and lunges, it’s one of the most time-efficient ways to burn more calories while maintaining mobility and balance. It’s phenomenal for increasing leg strength and giving you a beach-ready body all year round.


3. Ripped body made in your condo

Video courtesy of Bodybuilding.com via Youtube

Can you build a ripped body in the comfort of your condo? Yes, you can! Feel free to exercise at home or head to your condo’s gym if you feel like you need more equipment. This series of bodybuilding workout is great for those you want to lose weight, tone their body or build muscle. The result will depend on your objective and routine. Lifting weights will not necessarily cause you to bulk up, so ladies need not worry. For the guys, bodybuilding can be the perfect routine to make you look strong and muscular.

The key is with the weight of the equipment you use. You don’t need complicated machines to build muscle. Usually, you would only need a pair of dumbbells and adjustable weights. Start with a weight that allows you to comfortably accomplish a set with a bit of a challenge. For the guys, consider starting at 10 lbs for each dumbbell and increase as your routine progresses. For the ladies who want to lose weight and tone their body, consider starting at 3 lbs to 5 lbs for each dumbbell.


4. More energy and cheer with condo-friendly yoga routine

Video courtesy of PsycheTruth via Youtube

Do you feel lethargic after eating all those Filipino Christmas food? No one has to deprive themselves during the holidays, but overeating can affect your energy. If you’re feeling sleepy and weak during the day, try incorporating an exercise routine into your holiday schedule. The exercise doesn’t always have to be intense. Light but effective yoga exercises can give you a boost of energy for the holidays.

The downward dog pose is one move that stretches your body and helps you regain balance. In yoga, breathing is very important. When doing downward dog, hold the position for 3 full breaths to enjoy the maximum benefits. Another pose is called the triangle. It’s a position that improves the flexibility of your spine and helps with shoulder alignment. You can experience back pain and stiffness in the neck area during the holidays. Doing the triangle pose can help relieve your body of stress.


5. Total-body sculpting workout with resistance band

Video courtesy of jessicasmithtv via Youtube

People value condo living because of the comfort, convenience, and mobility. Often on the go, people who live in a condo need workout routines that they can take with them anywhere. If there’s one travel-friendly workout tool that you should have, it’s the resistance band. A resistance band is lightweight and takes up little room in your bag. Its versatility means that you can have a total-body workout in your condo, gym or even at the office.

This workout video makes great use of the resistance band to give a full-body sculpting workout. The strength movements like rear lunges with rotation will challenge your entire body. Around Christmas time especially, your body is in need of an extra workout because of the added food that you consume. With a resistance band workout, you’ll have no excuse to miss any fitness session. The tool is very easy to use and its portability allows you to take it anywhere with you.


6. Shake your booty for fitness and health

Video courtesy of GROOV3Dance via Youtube

A lot of people complain that they find working out boring. Well, maybe they just haven’t found the routine that combines fun and fitness? Healthy living should be enjoyable. This Beyoncé dance workout is amazing because it allows you to shake your booty while working up a sweat. While it would be very hard to mimic Queen Bey’s excellent vocals, you definitely could pick up her dance moves. The routine doesn’t take a lot out of your day but it’s extremely effective at getting your heart rate up and making you feel fabulous the rest of the day.

The awesome choreography of Benjamin Allen is easy to follow while approximating the groove of Beyonce’s dancing. Remember that for any dance workout, the goal is to keep moving, so don’t worry if you miss a few steps. Throw your self-consciousness out of the window and just have fun.

With these exercises and tips to beat the holiday bulge, you can enjoy Christmas with a healthy lifestyle. Your condo is the perfect place for a workout, leaving you with no excuse but to embrace fitness while enjoying the holidays.


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