Festive Condo Interior Design Ideas for the Holiday Season

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Hoping to celebrate the Christmas season from the comfort of your own condo home? Then this comprehensive guide to the best holiday condo interior design ideas is perfect for you!

It’s finally that time of the year when you need to start thinking about new Christmas interior design ideas for your small condo. From the arrangement of your space to the selection of your tree, it’s up to you to think of modern condo interior design ideas that’ll create the best possible atmosphere for yourself this holiday season.

This guide by DMCI Homes is here to help. Want to discover how you can design your home in festive, space-efficient, and practical ways this year? Then read on to come up with exciting small condo interior design ideas for decorating your unit right now.

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Space-efficient condo decorating ideas for Christmas

Make the most of a smaller unit with space-saving interior designs for your condominium instead. Here are some tips to maximize your property’s size for the upcoming season.

Choose the right tree size for your unit

Need a smaller-sized tree for your condo home? Choose a tree that is perfect for your space when you explore these decorative options:

  • Try miniature trees. Rather than going for a huge tree that takes up tons of space, compromise with a miniature tree that you can place on any visible surface, like the dining room or living room table.
  • Explore wall-mounted trees. With the wall-mounted version of this classic Christmas ornament, you can save on floor space while enjoying a bigger tree in your condo home.

Use space-saving decorations

Whether you’re going for a more minimalist look this season, or just looking to save on space, try these tips to decorate your home a little more judiciously today:

  • Hang thin garlands on your front door. Save space on your front door by going the simpler route with thinner garlands instead. With a thin hanging piece, you can spruce up your doors without weighing them down with heavy designs.
  • Avoid the floors, and decorate your windows. By keeping ornaments on windows and off the ground, you get to save on floor space while ensuring your festive designs are visible to all too.

Maximize vertical space with wall decor

Effectively display your festive designs when you creatively utilize your vertical spaces in the following ways:

  • Go for festive wall art and decals. Flat, Christmas-themed art and stickers can easily brighten up your walls without taking up too much space in your condo.
  • Invest in floating shelves for holiday displays. This space-saving shelf layout will easily allow you to put festive trinkets on display without taking up floor space – and when the season’s done, you can use it as a bookshelf instead.

person holding beige bauble near christmas treePhoto courtesy of Element5 Digital via Pexels


Festive furniture for your condo interior design

Think you can accommodate larger-sized holiday embellishments in your condo home? Celebrate like a Filipino when you go big this Christmas with these festive furniture ideas.

Transform existing furnishings

Avoid spending on entirely new furniture pieces by updating your existing furnishings for the year’s festivities in the following ways:

  • Accent a room with throw pillows and blankets. Place holiday-themed pillows, blankets, and sheets in choice rooms in your condo to transform your unit into a colorful Christmas space.
  • Use themed slipcovers and temporary upholstery. You can easily replace these temporary slipcovers and upholstery options to reflect the season so that you don’t replace entire pieces of furniture.

Versatile furniture for festive gatherings

Want to host a grand holiday party at home? Make the most of your smaller space with versatile furniture pieces for your next festive gathering:

  • Try expandable dining tables and folding chairs. You can easily bring these pieces of furniture out during your next holiday party, and then tuck them away when the festive season is over.
  • Experiment with multipurpose furniture pieces. With multifunctional essentials like lift-top center tables or under-bed storage, you can efficiently make use of the smaller size in your unit for a more enjoyable party experience.

Incorporate themed furniture

You can also add a festive touch to your condo’s interiors by incorporating unique holiday-themed furniture options:

  • Bring out the Christmas-themed coffee tables. Lay out the table runners and bring out the themed coasters to add a festive flair to coffee breaks at home.
  • Have fun with festive bar carts. Style your bar cart to reflect the season with short lengths of tinsel, jars of Christmas candies, and your favorite ingredients for eggnog and cider.

small christmas tree near fireplace inside well lit roomPhoto courtesy of Element5 Digital via Pexels


Christmas condo living room ideas utilizing indoor plants

Don’t want to do a plastic tree this year? Spruce up your space for the season when you consider these next few indoor plant ideas for the incoming festivities.

Choose season-specific indoor plants

Here are some examples of season-specific indoor plants that you can put all around your house to signal the coming of Christmas:

  • Poinsettia flowers. These perennial shrubs boast bright red and green flowers that perfectly represent the colors of the holiday. Take care of your poinsettia by keeping them under diffused sunlight and watering them regularly.
  • Christmas cacti. Aptly named, you can take care of this pink and green cactus species by giving it direct sunlight and a thin mist of water when it blooms.

Make your own holiday-themed plant decor

You can also create DIY decor with these simple additions and fixes to your indoor plant garden today:

  • Invest in themed pots and planters. Once the “ber” months hit, you can switch from your usual pots and planters to simple red and green ones, to signal the coming of the festive season.
  • Turn plants into holiday centerpieces. You don’t have to let go of your fresh flowers during the season – you can turn them into Christmas centerpieces too. Simply tie ribbons or tinsel around your vases to transform your plants into festive designs.

Care for plants in cooler months

Want your plants to thrive throughout the cooler Ber months of the year? Here are some essential care tips to ensure your condo’s indoor garden continues to thrive:

  • Provide the right amount of sun. If they need a lot of sunlight, place them by your windows or on your balcony. If they don’t need a lot of it, place them in your living areas to brighten your rooms up instead.
  • Don’t overwater them. Look up exactly how much water they need so that you can avoid accidentally overwatering them throughout the cooler Ber months.

gift box under a christmas treePhoto courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pexels


Small condo design ideas for holiday lighting and ambiance

Transform your humble abode into a house full of joy and cheer with the right lighting and atmosphere. Read on for tips to bring out the right ambiance in your unit.

Light things up for a cozy ambiance

While putting up a parol lantern is essential to the Pinoy holiday experience, here are a few other lighting ideas you can try for a festive ambiance at home:

  • Yellow fairy lights. String these lights across your bedroom walls for a cozier feel before you sleep.
  • Candle arrangements. Arrange candles with balls and baubles to reflect the colors of the season under the warm glow of the candlelight.

Engage your sense of smell

Did you know that you can heighten the holiday vibe by making your home smell amazing? Fill your senses with the season’s scents by trying out the following ideas:

  • Themed oil diffusers. Go for essential oils with ingredients like pine, cinnamon, or gingerbread to bring about those precious sense memories surrounding the season.
  • Scented candles. Aside from making any room smell divine, these scented candles can also double as a warm lighting option.

Whip out the holiday playlists

It’s time to bring out your favorite holiday songs and have them on loop 24/7. Here are a few suggestions for types of music to play for that real Christmas feel:

  • Pop music playlists. From Mariah Carey’s iconic “All I Want for Christmas Is You” to Eartha Kitt’s classic “Santa Baby,” make sure to put these popular Christmas songs on repeat to really bring on the festive vibes.
  • Nonstop jazz playlists. Simply look up “Christmas jazz” and discover a myriad of nonstop jazz playlists that you can have on in the background at all times.

christmas bedroom decorPhoto courtesy of Dima Valkov via Pexels


Practical tips for a memorable Christmas

Want to create a happy and memorable experience for yourself and your loved ones this year? Then take a look at these last few practical tips to ensure a happy holiday today.

Consider condo safety precautions

Remember to impose these important safety precautions for your condo, to ensure nothing untoward happens with all these new seasonal decorations:

  • Never leave a candle unattended. Always put out any open flames before you leave any room, and make sure your lit candles are far away from other flammable ornaments too. You can also use a candle warmer to bring out their scents instead of lighting a candle outright.
  • Make pet-friendly design choices. If you have a pet, make sure your decorations can’t be knocked over or eaten by them accidentally. This will keep you and your furry friends safe as well.

Solve your storage for post-holiday cleanup

As you plan out your decorations for the next few months, make sure to think ahead for your post-holiday pack-up and storage with these tips:

  • Use hangers to store wreaths and garlands in your closet. These will preserve their shape and ensure that they’re still usable for the following year.
  • Label items for easy inventory. Before putting your decor away, make sure to label the boxes you’re placing them in so that they’re easy to find next time.

Practice sustainability in your decor

Make sustainable and eco-friendly decor choices by enacting these final practices for every upcoming season:

  • Repurpose old ornaments. Reuse decorations you used on the Christmas tree, like plastic acorns, apples, tinsel, and garlands, to brighten up dull spaces like bathrooms or shelves.
  • Use festive lights throughout the year. You can easily use fairy lights as a night light for your bedroom or any room to cozy up the vibe. You can line them up along the corners of your ceiling or floor for mood lighting too.

person holding rocking horse christmas ornamentPhoto courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Key takeaways

By getting creative with your decorations, you can enjoy a happy and memorable holiday season right from the comfort of your condo home. Here are some final reminders for you to remember as you get started on your home design journey this year:

  • Maximize every space. If your unit is already relatively small, go for decorations that can go on top of what you already have, or take up little to no floor space.
  • Reuse and repurpose old decorations. Avoid adding to your list of ornaments that you’ll inevitably put away by reusing the decorations you already own in storage.
  • Be practical. Take your daily needs into consideration when planning your designs for the season, so that you and your loved ones can continue to enjoy a cozy condo home life today.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below, or to engage with us on our Facebook. Remember to download the DMCI Communities app on Google Play or the App Store to stay up to date with the latest news and offers too.


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