Experience A Magical Holiday: 10 Christmas Decor Ideas To Bring The Holiday Cheers

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Christmas is truly the season to be jolly at the DMCI Homes communities. It has been a tradition for the DMCI Homes condo dwellers to come together and bedeck their communities with the best decorations. They then battle it out in a competition among DMCI Homes communities. Residents devote a couple of allnighters to the effort. The result is a community bathing in lively Christmas spirit and plenty of opportunities to bond with neighbors. Last year, the Arista Place with its amazing intercultural decors, was the Colors of the Holidays’ Grand Winner.

Your own home should be just as festive. Here are homemade Christmas decoration ideas to help you out. Your community can also gain inspiration from this list.

Go monochromatic with your Christmas tree

christmas decor go monochromatic

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

The Christmas tree is always the focal point of homes during the Christmas season, so make it the star! Whether you go more traditional or edgy, stick to a Christmas theme or palette. This way, you can make sure your tree is actually aesthetically pleasing. Take a cue from Levina Place, last year’s winner of the Most Innovative Decoration award. Their decors featured indigenous materials, creating a largely Filipinized look. The colors were mostly muted shades of green, red, and brown.

Beyond just hanging Christmas decors on the tree, add gifts around its base. They don’t have to be real gifts. Just wrap different sizes of boxes in attractive wrappers and ribbons. Keep the gifts consistent with the aesthetics of your tree. You can’t go wrong with a monochromatic or minimal look. While the traditional red and green palette will always work, shades of pink prove to be a scene stealer. You can also go for a White Christmas look by using shades of white and silver, with little red accents here and there.

Give your foyer an elegant look

christmas decor elegant foyer

Photo courtesy of Monicore via Pixabay

Your foyer is the first part of your home your guests will notice, so make sure it makes an impression. Feel free to play around with your holiday palette, but don’t go overboard. Overly flamboyant decors can give your home a gaudy look. This will not bode well for your sense of style. Aim for elegant aesthetics. You can either use the traditional Christmas colors or mix it up, it’s up to you and your personal preferences.

Here’s a combo that would never go wrong: warm green, silver, and white. They make for such an elegant display, your guests would think highly of you and your home. Put together a vignette made of metallic trees on your entry table, and wrap your banister with garlands adorned with white and silver decors. Complete the look with cozy throw pillows and blankets on an entry chair.

Have a festive Christmas countdown

christmas decor festive countdown

Photo courtesy of Jill111 via Pixabay

Both adults and kids will have fun counting the days until Christmas day, more so if you give it a creative touch with a festive display. Chocolate-filled calendars have become a fun tradition in some homes. Here’s a new stackable idea for you to try. Simply gather and fill containers like boxes, cans, and jars with holiday treats, such as small trinkets, chocolates, and candies. Label each container with numbers 1 to 25. You can use colorful tissues for the labels. Voila! Everyone at home can have fun feasting on the treats until the big day.

Get edgy with an oversized bulb-filled wreath

christmas decor oversized bulb-filled wreath

Photo courtesy of Matej via Pexels

Traditional evergreen wreaths are usually used to decorate the mantel. This year, take a different route by using a colorful Christmas light bulb-filled wreath instead. Make your home more festive by creating an oversized wreath adorned with sparkling hues. Prepare a wire wreath frame and weave oversized bulbs right through it for a hip and edgy holiday vibe. Use traditional evergreens for the rest of the decor, so you can better accentuate the large wreath and not overwhelm your mantel. If you are not into bold colors, you can use white lights instead.

Hang elegant door decors

christmas decor hang elegant decors

Photo courtesy of Larisa-K via Pixabay

Shake things up on your front door by going the simpler route. Don’t go for the usual wreaths this year, and hang ornaments using satin ribbons instead. Hang silver balls and bells tied together by a white ribbon. The understated elegance that will greet your guests will speak volumes about your sense of style. This will also give them a taste of things to come before they even step into your home.

Create an artful wreath

christmas decor artful wreath

Photo courtesy of Marcus Spiske via Unsplash

Don’t neglect your bedrooms. How about hanging a wreath on each bedroom door? Give it a fun and meaningful twist by creating one of your own using the tiny toys or trinkets lying around the house. Create a shimmery wreath using a metal hoop, wire, glue gun, and spray paint. Attach the trinkets to the metal hoop using the wire and glue, then spray paint the whole wreath. Gold spray paint will create a beautiful effect. You’ll have a wreath that is both artistic and endearing.

Delight your guests with edible snowglobes

christmas decor edible snowglobes

Photo courtesy of rawpixel via Unsplash

Both children and adults will find this treat delightful. To create one, simply pour confectioner’s sugar into a cylindrical glass. Add a mini gingerbread, candies, and other edible ornaments to create a charming Christmas vignette. Place these snowglobes all over the dining table along with your votives and other table decors. You can also display them on your coffee table and mantel. Edible snowglobes work great as party favors as well.

Hang luxe Christmas stockings

christmas decor luxe stockings

Photo courtesy of Element5 Digital via Pexels

Make sure your Christmas stockings go well with the other decors in your home. Get rid of your old plaid stockings, and create your own luxe leather Christmas stockings trimmed with faux fur. Personalize each stocking, so everyone at home knows which one is theirs. These stockings are easy to make. Cut faux leather into your desired shape, and stitch two cut patterns together. Turn it inside out, and spray it with gold paint. Stitch white faux fur to the tip. Use cutout white felt for the monogram or names. Stick the letters to the stockings using a glue stick. Now you have elegant stockings that are worthy of displaying on your mantel.

Add a flair of elegance to your overhead lighting

christmas decor flair of elegance

Photo courtesy of Negative Space via Pexels

Sparkling Christmas balls and snowflakes are not only for the tree. You can also use them to accentuate the overhead lighting at your dinner table. Stick to pale blue, silver, and white palettes, so everything looks elegant. Keep your decors from appearing too flamboyant. Add satin ribbons and you’ll have an elegant Christmas chandelier.

Bring the Christmas feels to your windowsill

christmas decor windowsill

Photo courtesy of Croisy via Pixabay

Add Christmas colors to your windowsill using a simple homemade holiday decor. Fill plain, colorless, glass jars of varying sizes with Christmas balls for a stylish Christmas display. It’s an easy way to turn your windowsill into a stylish nook.

You don’t have to stick to traditional Christmas decorating ideas. Think outside the box and have fun playing around with DIY Christmas decoration ideas. Whatever you do, remember to have fun!


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