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Reading nourishes the brain and fires up the imagination. But a cluttered room can diminish the joy and benefits of reading. How can bookworms find solace in a messy and disorganized space?

If you’re dealing with storage issues, bookshelves are great in providing clever space-saving solutions. Bookshelves are ideal for a small condo layout because they offer smart organization for all your books, ensuring that your space will be tidy and conducive to reading. A creative shelf setup can store and display your books without taking up too much space. Never again should your books be strewn on the floor or lie neglected under a mess. Here are 7 space-saving bookshelves for avid readers living in a condo.


1. Crisp and clean slotted shelving in modern white

Bookworm Shelbing in Moden White

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Unsplash

Unorganized books can be unsightly blemishes in your condo living room. Avoid making your books an eyesore with slotted shelving in modern white. This type of shelving is great for small condos because of the vertical rails and brackets that can be leveled to different heights. This means that you can adjust your storage to your immediate needs. This shelving system can be purchased as ready-made or do-it-yourself furniture. For color, consider white for a comfortable and welcoming effect. White evokes purity, cleanliness, and sophistication. Combine white with wood elements for a warm and inviting look.


2. Rustic floor-to-ceiling shelf

Bookworm Floor-to-ceiling Shelf

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

Book lovers sometimes forgo shelving because they think that their space lacks the appropriate architecture and interior design. Not all condos come with an alcove for bookshelves but that does not mean you can’t have a creative and stylish storage. Consider a floor to ceiling shelf for organizing books in a small room. For the sections, choose different heights and widths so you can leave some for other pieces of furniture. A rustic theme provides a contrasting charm and warmth to modern condo living. It’s a design that adds character to modern interiors. The key is keep your floor plan open and use natural architectural elements. The style is very simple but it exudes informal elegance. By ensuring that the shelf is generously divided and runs high up the wall, your books and accessories can immediately look harmonious and appealing.


3. Travel-themed floating shelf

Bookworm Travel-themed Floating Shelf

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

Books can inspire the reader to travel. But travel inspirations can be hard to come by in a chaotic condo studio. Create a travel-inspired floating shelf to organize your books and memorabilia. This kind of shelving is easy to put up. All you need are engineered shelves supported by internal brackets. These are available in a wide range of designs, colors, materials, sizes, and shapes. Floating shelves can effectively display your books and travel inspirations. They save space because they “float” against walls instead of requiring floor space. Add personal touches like boxes from your travels or photos of places in your bucket list. By personalizing it, the shelf can quickly become an interesting and inspiring area in your condo.


4. Fantasy-inspired shelving system

Bookworm Fantasay-inspired Shelving System

Photo courtesy of Can Anh Khai via Pexels

The benefits of condo living include having the option to design your space based on your passion and whims. If you’re into fantasy novels like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, create a space that reminds you of magical worlds and fanciful settings. Let your imagination run wild with a fantasy-inspired, built-in shelving system. Built-in shelves are one of the simplest types of storage systems to install, making them a creative space-saving furniture idea. They can be installed above or below cabinets, atop foundation walls or beside other furniture pieces. Effective to maximize unused spots, built-in shelves can be fitted on-site or constructed off-site.


5. Cozy reading nook with a corner shelf

Bookworm Reading Nook with Corner Shelf

Photo courtesy of Hans via Pixabay

Finding it hard to relax while reading? Condo designs for small spaces encourage you to create a cozy reading nook with comfortable seating and corner shelves. Nothing beats curling up with a good book, and having an area dedicated to reading can provide comfort and organization. Whether it’s for you or your kids, well-designed reading spots set a peaceful tone. They are also very easy to set up. Use corner shelves to maximize storage without taking too much space. This type of shelving effectively utilizes hard-to-access corners through a range of suitable designs. You may use solid wood, laminated wood, or plastic. Corner shelves are also highly customizable, giving you flexibility in choosing the best location for your reading nook.


6. Freestanding shelf in a reading and work station

DMCI Communities are close to business hubs and establishments like cafes and restaurants. While it’s nice to read in these places, your condo can definitely be transformed into a reading nirvana. With a free-standing bookshelf, your work station can double up as a reading nook. Because clutter can influence the way you work and think, having a free-standing shelf is ideal for both storage and design purposes. A freestanding shelf effectively brings order to books and is portable enough to be moved around your condo. Choose neutral colors like grey to keep your nook classy.


7. Organic, top-hung nightstand for the bedroom

Any area in your condo can be inviting reading nooks. The bedroom might be the last thing on your mind to transform as a reading nook. But reading before bed is a usual practice among bookworms. Keep your bedroom and books organized with a top-hung storage shelf. Commonly used in classrooms and storerooms, top-hung shelving can function as a nightstand. It’s great for saving space and storing books, pens, and other accessories. Mount the shelf above or beside the bed for extra storage and easy access. Just make sure that your bedroom wall is sturdy enough and there’s sufficient space between your head and the shelf when you’re sitting up.

With these 7 space-saving shelf ideas, you can easily add storage, design, and convenience to your condo. There is a wide array of bookshelf brands and products to choose from. Remember to select the one that appeals to your style and satisfies your storage needs.



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