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Condos have an advantage over houses when it comes to cleaning. Because of the smart use of space, condo designs allow for quick and easy cleaning. But daily use, busy work schedules, and lack of organization can swiftly turn a small condo into a cluttered jungle. Unresolved, a messy condo can affect your work, relationship, and mood. No one has to wake up in the morning and find unwashed dishes on the sink or come home tired and see dirt everywhere. If you think you don’t have the time and skills to carry out condo cleanup plans, think again. Try these 7 quick cleaning tips for busy people.


1. Cut cleaning time with a doormat

Condo Cleanup Doormat

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Cleaning the floor everyday is difficult for busy working people. Significantly reduce cleaning time by placing a mat outside your main door and another one inside. Entrance and pause area mats will collect dirt, grime, and dust from your shoes. Majority of the dirt on your carpet is from the outside. Mats are necessary to keep as much dirt as possible off your condo. You don’t have to worry vacuuming your condo living room everyday. Just make sure that you clean your mats at least once a week. A dirty mat will transfer dirt to your shoes and mess up your condo space. You may also want to establish a no-shoe policy inside your condo. This will make a huge difference in keeping much of the dirt out.


2. Do small cleaning to avoid pileup

When you see a dirt on the floor or a messy sink, the tendency is to think that it will take so much time to clean it. The truth, however, is that cleaning on the spot will save you lots of time. If you time yourself, small cleaning actions like picking up the trash or washing your dinner plate should only take you three minutes or less. Organizing cleaning chores around small, frequent cleanups will prevent the mess from piling up. Cleaning as you go actually doesn’t take that long, so you should set a recommended schedule of doing chores. It’s far more efficient to take cleaning jobs as they arise rather than procrastinating. Don’t wait until the major cleaning day. Cleaning as you go allows you to enjoy the benefits of condo living rather than be stressed by preventable mess.


3. Declutter your condo

Looking for tips on how to clean house fast and easy? Here’s a good one: declutter. We all have our type of clutter. It can be newspapers, clothes, furniture, and knick knacks. Scour your condo and try to look at it as objectively as possible. If there are things you don’t need or rarely use, it’s best to get rid of them. These things are only taking up space, gathering dust, and draining your energy. Your studio condo design will look brighter and spacious if it’s clean and organized. You don’t have to spend an entire day to declutter your condo. Allot one to two hours a day so you won’t be burned out by the process. Focus on one goal or condo area. If you’re doing the kitchen, for example, make sure to complete the task before moving on to the next area.


4. Buy less for a cleaner condo

Condo Cleanup Buy Less

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Condo designs for small spaces are perfect inspirations for decorating. But buying things you don’t need will only make your space cramped and cluttered. Eradicating clutter is easy if you address the root cause. Excessive materialism can’t lead to an organized condo. Buying less stuff drastically reduces the time you have to spend cleaning and organizing them. Unnecessary items will only make it harder for you to keep your space clean and organized. Learn to distinguish between your needs and wants. Prioritize home items depending on your need. Also, having a budget and strictly adhering to it will help. If you’re not used to setting a budget, it can feel daunting at first. But understanding your actual needs and financial limits will enable you to have a clutter-free home and bigger savings.


5. Keep cleaning supplies in strategic spots

Condo Cleanup Keep Cleaning Supplies

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Keeping your cleaning supplies in convenient spots will save you time. Imagine the time you’ll save if you don’t have to go to your bathroom to get cleaning tools for your kitchen. Keep a cleaning kit in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Create an area-specific cleaning arsenal. Living in a condo has different cleaning requirements, but a basic kit can include spray bottles and towels. Bigger tools like the vacuum, broom or mop can be stored in the area where you use them the most, say, the kitchen or living room. A good multipurpose cleaner can pare down your cleaning products. Use it to wipe counters, scrub the sink, and clean the toilet. Just be cautious if you plan to use them on wood and fabrics.


6. Invest in smart storage

Condo Cleanup Smart Storage

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Invest in smaller yet smarter furniture pieces with enough storage space. Store and organize your stuff inside double-duty furniture like a sleek push-to-open cabinet. This way, you’ll have less items to dust when cleaning. There are plenty of ingenious furniture available near DMCI Communities. Score great deals at mall sales or thrift shops. A creative storage setup saves space and cleaning time. From ergonomic sofas to catch-all shelves, smart furniture should add style and efficiency to your condo.


7. Establish a cleaning system

Condo Cleanup Cleaning System

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Having a system and sticking to it will make cleaning second nature for you. If you’re diligent in cleaning as you go, you can do deep cleaning every two or three months. Have a general cleanup day for the heavier tasks like scrubbing the floor, cleaning the stove, organizing the fridge, and dusting hidden areas under the bed or sofa. Don’t forget to vacuum your mattresses, change your filters, and clean your windows. As mentioned, small cleaning actions should make deep cleaning easier because there’s less pileup.

Following these 7 cleaning tips for busy people should unburden you of the stress of keeping your space tidy at all times. Enjoying a clean condo is realistic and easy. Commit to the process and be rewarded with a clean and organized space.



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