7 Ways To Enjoy Summer Without Leaving Home

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The scorching heat outside is enough reminder that summer is officially here. Sure, everybody’s planning an out-of-town trip to the beaches, the mountains or any place where the weather is a bit kinder. You know that’s easier said than done. If you failed to file vacation leaves early this year, chances are your colleagues have snapped them up already. There’s also the issues on budget, accommodation, and transportation availability. Remember, it’s peak season in tourist destinations. Don’t you just feel lucky to live in a condo community that’s also a summer home garden resort?

DMCI Communities redefines staycation. Plan afternoon picnics in the open lawn, cool down at the leisure pool or enjoy a good book in the landscaped gardens. You can skip the backbreaking long trips and save your vacation leave credits for other occasions. Enjoy summer activities within the comfort of your condo community whenever you want.

What to do on a hot summer day at home? Here are 7 ideas you should try.


#1: Catch up on your favorite TV shows

Summer Catch Up TV Shows

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It is said that 2016 was the golden age of TV programming. Our choices of shows have expanded tremendously in recent years. If you’re old enough to remember X-Files and Friends, you will agree that we’ve never had this much quality TV programs in a long time. Enjoy your summer vacation by catching up on Netflix, HBO, AMC, and iFlix shows in your condo living room. Since cable channels offer their services on demand, you can watch Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and OA anytime and anywhere via your smartphone or tablet. Binge-watch quality shows on the Sky Lounge while enjoying chilled fruit juices.


#2: Roll up your sleeves for a DIY project

Summer DIY Project

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Get productive in the weeks ahead. Build a condo garden inside your home. Do you know that living near green spaces is good for your physical and mental well-being? Plants can clear indoor air of pollutants and inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle. You can repurpose an old wood pallet by using it to hold Philippine garden plants such as the calathea zebrina or zebra plant, seifrizii or reed palm, and dracaena reflexa or Song of India. If your unit doesn’t include a balcony, you can still create a garden indoors. The best plants for a vertical garden in the Philippines include rosemary, cilantro, and basil.


#3: Quench your creative juices

Summer Creative Juices

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Give your studio condo design a facelift. Pinterest has a wealth of DIY design ideas that you can try on weekends. You can use your living room wall as a canvas. Paint beautiful murals, decorate with stunning wall decals or display your artworks gallery-style. Have you ever thought about designing your ceiling? Unleash your inner Michelangelo. Enjoy creative summer activities with family and friends.


#4: Make REAL lifestyle changes

Summer Lifestyle Changes

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How far along are you with your New Year’s fitness resolution? The first quarter is almost over, and you should be assessing your progress. This summer, accelerate your health program. Double your exercise hours and level up your routine. Stop complaining about the heat and use it to your advantage: sweat it out! Just don’t forget to hydrate yourself as often as necessary. Maximize your use of the gym, lap pool, and other condo fitness amenities. If you don’t feel any muscle strain anymore, it’s time to add weights on the leg press. Check out YouTube videos on cardio trainings that you can do indoors.


#5: Invent cool refreshments

Summer Cool Refreshments

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You can never run out of fun things to do on a hot day at home. With just a blender, you can create your own healthy juice recipes. Make yummy veggies-and-fruits smoothies with the help of free recipes online. Enjoy a glass of citrus berry smoothie or a serving of green tea shake. Visit Eating Well for easy-to-follow recipes.

Summer in the Philippines isn’t complete without the well-loved halo-halo. Give this traditional dessert your own twist by adding your choice of fruits and ice cream flavor. Play a board game in the entertainment room or listen to your summer playlist on the roof deck while enjoying refreshments.


#6: Water sports with family

Summer Water Sports

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Expect hotels and resorts to be jampacked with vacationers in the weeks ahead. For many, summer isn’t complete without a trip to the beach or urban resorts with pools. How else can you survive the mean April sun but by taking a dip in the pool? Living in a condo means that you don’t need to spend extra time and money to practice your swimming skills. Leisure pools are available to tenants and their guests. Organize a water sport competition with your family in your condo community. Time to showcase your water volleyball prowess!


#7: Afternoon picnic with friends

Summer Afternoon Picnic

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When was the last time that you truly connected with your friends beyond Snapchat or Instagram? While “liking” each other’s photos is endearing, nothing beats laughing out loud together in person. No need for complicated planning to meet up, as you know very well that “planned” reunions rarely push through. Have a simple late afternoon party in your condo open lawn. Bring a straw mat and snacks, and enjoy the weekend in each other’s company. In your resort-style condo community, you will have grand time taking selfies.

The benefits of condo living extends beyond access to top-notch lifestyle amenities. It offers a whole new perspective where intangibles are valued. Instead of hoarding useless things, you get to own stuff that you need. Only those items that give value to your life will deserve space in your home. Fitness amenities are within your reach to remind you that health is important. Finally, living in a resort-style condo lets you enjoy your free time without spending extra time and money for an out-of-town vacation. Sure, a day or two in the beach is fun. But why not live the resort lifestyle everyday in your condo community?



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