Hassle-Free Ways for Parents to Get Rid of Stress

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You don’t need a weather app; the daytime heat is enough to tell you that summer is here. While students look forward to vacations and possible out-of-town trips, parents still have to put in their eight hours and deal with deadlines, deliverables, and the everyday office grind. Nevertheless, parents can still enjoy summer and manage the pressures of daily life, especially if they have garden resort amenities to take advantage of.

Even if they can’t go to the beach or book a trip to Singapore, parents can still find the time to decompress. After all, it really doesn’t take much to go on a micro-vacation, especially for residents of DMCI Communities.


Stay serene and green

Stress Serene and Green

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When’s the last time you actually spent time in a natural space? It’s not unusual for urbanites to spend entire days moving through an asphalt jungle instead of being surrounded by actual greenery. To decompress, you can spend some time in a green space. A decent condo community should have no shortage of garden plants from the Philippines or other tropical countries. If the summer heat is too much for you, you can try creating a green space with houseplants. Feeling adventurous? Look for the best plants for vertical gardens in the Philippines and set up a wall of green in your condo space.


Go on a meditative escape

Stress Meditative Escape

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Meditating and deep breathing can help soothe your anxiety. Whether you do it in the gardens or in your condo living room, you can achieve a trance-like state through several approaches: deep-breathing exercises, yoga poses, mindfulness exercises, apps with nature sounds, and guided meditations over streaming audio. Some can even enter a state of reduced worry and increased calm through ASMR, a physiological response that can be triggered by seemingly ordinary auditory or visual stimuli.


Wander with your thoughts

Stress Wander with your Thoughts

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Maybe you’re not comfortable sitting still or maybe you just can’t find a quiet corner. In that case, you can try strolling along your condo garden path. Taking in the relaxing scenery while you walk can do wonders to clear your mind. Walking lowers levels of stress hormones and can alleviate mild depression as well as increase your energy levels and reduce fatigue. Plus, walking regularly can enhance creativity, so you might be able to solve a problem or put it in proper perspective as you meander.


Find your flow in the kitchen

Stress Flow in your Kitchen

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A lot of people living in a condo tend to order takeout or have food delivered. Sure, it could be a hassle to cook, but it can actually be a very fulfilling and relaxing ritual. The simple act of preparing ingredients in the kitchen can be quite zen-like. It can be a precious time for you to unleash your stifled creativity or to exercise control when it feels like you have none at all. The satisfaction of preparing a great meal can provide a sense of satisfaction that can banish anxiety. What’s more, you can learn to cook healthier meals, providing you the nutrition to bust stress or, alternatively, you can prepare delicious and indulgent comfort foods to eat your stress away.


Get unreal

Stress Get Unreal

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Sometimes, a bit of escapism is in order. With high-speed Internet, a working cable connection or even some good old-fashioned literature, you can get lost in the genre of your choice: action, science fiction, comedy, romance, fantasy. The options are practically endless. Reading fiction can also help you become more empathetic, which can help improve your relationships and make them less stressful. You might worry that indulging in fiction isn’t a productive use of your time; in that case, try to brush those thoughts off and let go. Don’t get sucked into a stressful lifestyle. There’s no better way to enjoy the benefits of condo living than when you feel like you have all the time in the world.


Spend quality time with the kids

Stress Quality Time with Kids

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Being with kids can be stressful, but with the right activities to share, it can be a good form of stress management for parents. Having children to play with is a license to be a child again; you can play board games or video games, build a fortress, do some finger painting, blow bubbles or chase each other with water guns. Summer is also a good time to teach your kids to swim or ride a bike. If you have a dog or cat, it can be extremely satisfying to watch your children pet and play with it. Though stressed-out parents may forget it sometimes, there’s a reason why people call kids little bundles of joy.


Exercise the stress away

Stress Away Exercise

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With a good high-intensity workout, you can sweat your stress away. Build up your cardio by going for a quick jog, dancing or doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Or hit the condo gym and do situps, pushups, pullups, and crunches. Taking a dip or doing laps in the pool is a good low-impact, high-intensity exercise to beat the heat. You can work out in your condo as well; certain exercises can be performed even in the most restrictive studio condo. Exercise generates endorphins, lets you vent out your stress, puts you into a relaxing rhythm, and helps you sleep better.


Reach out to other parents

Stress Reach Out

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If your condo has a playground, chances are you’ve seen other parents and their kids playing together there. Take the time to connect with your fellow adults and introduce your children to new friends. Kids, especially young ones, can get along well with minimal adult supervision. During playdates, the kids can have fun while the grown-ups share stories, swap childcare tips, and even give advice on how to de-stress after a long day of parenting. You’d be surprised at how much having other adults to connect with can actually reduce anxiety and help you cope.

Of course, these tips and tricks won’t work the same for everyone; some people might get restless trying to meditate, while others might get anxious trying to cook in the kitchen. Achieving balance is a very personal thing, and it depends not just on the amount and type of pressure you’re dealing with, but also on your own temperament. Whether you prefer relaxing indoors or clearing your head under a clear sky, you have to find your own way to handle with anxiety and stress.



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