How To Design Your Condo Space With Lacquered Wood Touches

Condo Design.

Small condo interior design ideas are the talk of the town in the Philippines. More people, Filipinos and foreign residents alike, are embracing condo living in key cities in the country for its convenience and cost-efficiency. Residential condos are strategically located near business districts and major transport hubs. These are designed with passive architecture that help reduce carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

Planning an interior design for small condo homes can be a fun activity whether you’re brainstorming alone or with family. Would a Duchess chair suit your shabby chic-themed bedroom? What wood finish would fit your modern living room? How many cabinets would you need for your mini library?
Create a cozy small condo design with wood furniture pieces, wood finishes, and lacquered touches. Here are 8 tips you should try.


Rustic seaside meets sleek modern

How to give your condo a vintage touch? Add wood elements. A wood flooring can instantly give any space a rustic and cozy feel. Luxe Interiors + Design features a waterfront beach house in Florida which combines inspirations from a rustic seaside dwelling and a sleek modern home. For the dining room, New York-based artist Lindsey Adelman’s chandelier “creates an industrial counterpoint” to the trendy black lacquered bar.


Let the wood planks flow naturally

How can you make the most of wood flooring in your small condo design? Better Homes & Gardens advises that you install the planks in a natural flow from room to room without awkward dividers. “Consistency in flooring makes for an appealing aesthetic and easier cleaning in the long run,” the interior design magazine notes. Area rugs not only add comfort but also anchor furniture pieces such as sofas and accent chairs.


Wood elements for your minimalist home

Designing a small condo with wooden fixtures and furniture pieces has surprising benefits to one’s health. A study suggests that wood interior is preferred by employees in high-pressure environments such as hospitals. The findings, conducted by Norwegian researchers, reveals that the room with an intermediate level of wood was the most preferred for its pleasantness and calming impact on the senses. A minimalist interior design for small condo homes would appear more welcoming with a hard wood dining table. You may refurnish an old furniture or build one using old wood planks. The rougher the look, the better.


Wood ceiling lighting from lacquered pallets

High-class small condo interior design ideas don’t need to break your bank account. With a little bit of ingenuity and resourcefulness, you can turn available materials into a dazzling furniture piece. You can upcycle wood pallets by smoothing them with sandpaper and applying a lacquer finish. Install light bulbs, preferably energy-saving LED bulbs.


Transform your furniture with lacquer paint

Lacquer is a protective finish for wood, used for almost a century. Its intense gloss finish is dominant in many oriental-inspired or ultramodern furnishings. If you want to keep your wood furniture resistant to damage, choose those with lacquer finishes. Turn rustic pine drawers into modern pieces by brushing several layers of lacquer paint.


The flexible white lacquer

Lacquer sheen comes in several levels from ultra matte to high gloss. It also has different shades with white and red as the most popular among modern interior designs. It can be applied on wood or metalwork. White lacquer can instantly turn a furniture into an elegant piece. How to design with antique furniture? A console table painted in antique white or a charming nightstand in white lacquer can blend in any interior design theme.


Lacquer in bold colors

Lacquer is more than a protective finish. It can transform an old woodwork into a stunning furniture piece. Explore bold shades of lacquer paint such as royal blue, hot pink, and moss green. Turn dull drawers into glossy focal points of your interior design. “A chic royal blue entry table sets a mood that’s mostly traditional with just the right amount of modern flair,” according to interior design magazine Domino. Add a wall mirror to create an illusion space in your condo home.


Red lacquer’s oriental touch

According to The Getty Conservation Institute, lacquered objects such as jewelry boxes and furniture pieces are “among the most highly treasured works of Asian art.” Lacquerware traces its history to 5,000 BCE East Asia. These fine works were exported to Europe in the 16th century and eventually, western craftsmen started creating their own versions through techniques referred to as japanning. Bring the Orient into your living room with a red lacquer console table and traditional Chinese or Japanese décor items.

Design your condo with timeless wooden pieces, wood finishes, and lacquered furniture. Wood is not only pleasing to the eye. Studies show that exposure to wood products and interiors have positive physiological and psychological benefits. Planet Ark said that wood elicits feelings of natural warmth and comfort that can help lower blood pressure and heart rates, cut stress, and boost social interactions. Giving your furniture a lacquer finish will help ensure that they last long. Moreover, lacquer can boost your interior design for its glossy elegance.



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