15 Indoor Plants In The Philippines Perfect For Your Condo

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Liven up your condo interior design with a touch of greenery! With the uncertainty of the pandemic, most condo owners are spending more time indoors. Having indoor plants is not just about perking up your current work-from-home lifestyle, it also brings so many health benefits. For working professionals who are also avid plant lovers, this article is the right one for you. With just a few containers of the right indoor plants and the perfect guide from DMCI Homes properties, here’s how to get your condo garden started.

Creating a green space in your condo unit starts with the right plants. To make it easier for you, the best indoor plants for condo units were categorized into two: functional and ornamental.


1. Spider plant

Chlorophytum comosum

Plant on a shelfPhoto courtesy of Lucian Alexe via Unsplash.com

The spider plant is best known for its air-purifying properties that can minimize the harmful particles in the air you breathe inside your condo. Spider plants are also non-toxic, making them suitable for pets and small children.

You can buy spider plants in your local plant shop. You can also watch out for plant swap activities in a mall near you. If you’re lucky, you can get a spider plant for your condo for FREE!

Spider plants are best placed in an area with bright to moderate light. As long as they have access to sunlight (but not too much!), your spider plant can last long. You can place it in a steamy bathroom or in your bedroom. You can even have one on your working table. Just make sure that you water your spider plant at least once a week. Remember, keep the soil moist.

2. Aloe vera

Aloe barbadensis miller

Three Green Aloe Vera PlantsPhoto courtesy of Cecilia O. Tommasini via Pexels.com

Do you ever wonder why aloe vera seems to be everywhere? It’s because of its high accessibility and easy maintenance. Aloe vera also boasts a variety of functional properties. Its leaves contain a vitamin-rich gel that is also naturally antibacterial, making it perfect for treating minor cuts and burns, such as sunburn. According to research on houseplants, aloe vera gel may also help with dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

You can buy aloe vera almost anywhere. Start by visiting your local plant shop or browsing the internet for more information.

As to maintenance, aloe vera needs to be watered once every two weeks. Aloe vera is best placed in a bright place where sunlight is mostly available such as the living room or window sills.

3. Nest plant

Asplenium nidus

True to its name, the nest plant has distinguished spoon-shaped fronds, creating a seeming nest. The nest plant can have up to 5-feet long fronds, and generally, a regular-sized nest plant can only have two fronds.

The nest plant is a versatile addition to your condo space as you can treat it either as an indoor or outdoor plant. Providing sufficient warmth, humidity, and moisture to a healthy bird’s nest fern is vital.

One of the best places to place a bird’s nest fern as an indoor plant is near a shower or tub in a bathroom, where it will receive optimal humidity and warmth, though it must also have access to sunlight.

Know more about choosing the best condo plants in the Philippines.

4. String hearts

Ceropegia woodii

String of Hearts Plant on White PotPhoto courtesy of Marina Leonova via Pexels.com

You can’t go wrong with the string of hearts if you want an easy-to-care-for, creative, and appealing houseplant. This evergreen trailing vine is ideal for hanging pots on shelves or window sills. The sprawling vines can hang down many feet when grown, and it is a fast-growing plant. The string of hearts plant grows quickly in the proper temperature conditions, hydration levels, as well as filtered light. It’s known for its resilience, and it’s a wonderful plant for beginner houseplant owners.

The string of hearts is best placed along the top of the shelves or near your window. You can also get creative with it by placing the plant in a hanging basket.

5. Snake plant

Dracaena trifasciata

Another indoor favorite is the snake plant. The snake plant, sometimes known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is one of the most well-known species. It removes contaminants such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene from the home.

Another advantage of having a snake plant in your condo is that it produces oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide at night. This ensures that you are breathing clean air while sleeping.

According to feng shui, the snake plant’s spiky leaves defend against negative energy. You can put it in corners or wherever where there isn’t a lot of foot activity. This has earned its right as a go-to choice if you’re still starting an indoor plant collection.

When in doubt, check out easy DIY condo design ideas that you can try.

6. Ficus Tree

Ficus benjamina

Also known as the ‘Weeping Fig’, the ficus tree is a popular indoor plant that filters the air around you. It is also found to be effective at removing formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the air.

This low-maintenance plant thrives well inside and out. If you’re going to keep it as a houseplant, make sure it gets lots of bright indirect natural light. It’s likely that the leaves will burn if you put them directly under the sun. Water it frequently, but allow the soil to dry up before adding more water to avoid root rot in the long run.

The ficus tree grows in relative temperatures, similar to your condo unit, as well as normal humidity levels.

For your condo, you can place the ficus tree near your windows in the living area or somewhere where there is ample access to light.

7. Basil

Ocimum basilicum

Green Leaf PlantPhoto courtesy of monicore via Pexels.com

Potted plants in your kitchen are one of the best indoor plant ideas for your condo. While the kitchen might be busy at times, a herb garden can help keep it calm and fragrant. The majority of herb plants are also small and compact, making them ideal for condo kitchens.

Basil is also the perfect choice if you love cooking and experimenting with cuisines. There are many food plants for your condo that you can try out.

Consider the herbs you use frequently in your kitchen, as well as those that are low-maintenance. Basil is an excellent example. Basil can be grown from seed or purchased as a plant.

Every time you come into your kitchen, you’ll be greeted with the fresh, vibrant scent of this herb. Basil goes well with spaghetti, salads, and bruschetta. Mint is another herb to think about. It’s a potent detoxifying plant that you may use in a carafe of ice water with cucumber and lemon slices.

Use containers with a bottom drainage to minimize excess moisture, as most herb types require good soil drainage.

8. Chinese Evergreen


Another great addition to your condo plant collection is the Chinese evergreen.

This plant has textured spear-shaped leaves that can add a bit of flair to soften the edges in your condo. Chinese evergreen is known to improve air quality indoors and increase productivity in working spaces. It only requires watering once a week.

Chinese evergreen can thrive even in low-light areas, so it is perfect for hallways and rooms with small windows. Since it filters pollutants in the air and increases focus as well as productivity when you’re working, the Chinese evergreen is best placed on your windowsill in the living room or on your working table.


9. Peace lily


white petaled flower with green leavesPhoto courtesy of Lan Gao via Unsplash.com

Peace lily exudes elegance and purity. It is a wonderful plant addition to your bedroom, and it also has a lovely appearance. It filters the indoor air and raises humidity levels, making it easier to breathe. It also promotes restful and quality sleep by absorbing airborne mold spores which are typically known as allergies. Furthermore, the beauty of peace lily is believed to promote relaxation by reducing tension in the mind and body after a day’s work. Indeed, indoor flower plants in the Philippines can give you an immense relaxing aura when you’re stressed or anxious.

For these reasons, you can place the peace lily in your bedroom or in your living area where you usually relax and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends.

10. Golden pothos

Epipremnum aureum

Another indoor plant that might help purify the air in your apartment is the golden pothos. Its fast-growing vine forms a lovely green cascade.

Having golden pothos can also increase your creativity. You can cut the stems, which you may easily transplant and grow, and undoubtedly keep it short according to your preference. While golden pothos requires bright, indirect light, they can remain green even when the sun is not shining.

Normal room temperatures are ideal for golden pothos. It’s worth noting that, despite their beauty and air-purifying properties, golden pothos can be toxic if consumed. Place them in a safe place out of reach of little children and dogs such as on high shelves or on bookshelves.

10. Succulents/cactus

The scientific name varies according to type

Three Potted Cactus PlantsPhoto courtesy of Scott Webb via Pexels.com

Perhaps the most common and easiest way to start off with a plant collection is to have succulents or cactus plants in your condo. Cactus plants and succulents produce some of the most lovely flowers, making them excellent for condo living. Easter cactus is the most popular cactus that you can have that is also highly accessible in plant shops and online stores.

Cactus and succulents are low-maintenance and easy to care for, in addition to their remarkable appearance. They don’t require as much water as other plants, so don’t overwater them. It’s better if you use pots that drain quickly, too.

When caring for your succulents or cactus plants, allow time for the soil to dry between waterings. Because cactus plants require a lot of light, they’re ideal for decorating near your condo windows to add some color to your sheer curtains or muted walls.

12. Lavender


Purple Petal FlowersPhoto courtesy of Purple Petal Flowers Focus Photograph via Pexels.com

You’ve probably come across a potted lavender plant on someone else’s work desk or kitchen. Lavender is used in soothing lotions and bath bombs, relieving anxiety and stress—but do you know that lavender is also great as an accent piece for your condo living? A lavender plant will fill your room with that comforting scent and help you sleep soundly. Don’t be put off by the cliché: a study found that lavender can help infants and their mothers sleep better, too!

Potted lavenders are best placed near a window where they can get enough sunlight. You can also place it on a kitchen or bathroom countertop to get that countryside aesthetics. To care for your lavender, make sure that you soak the soil well when watering, and let it dry somewhat between waterings. Feel the soil with your finger to check for dampness. Overwatering and keeping the soil consistently moist might lead to decay or root rot.

13. Rubber Tree

Ficus elastica

green rubber fig plantPhoto courtesy of Scott Webb via Unsplash.com

For the past couple of years, people have been obsessed with the aesthetics of rubber trees. In fact, some have ventured to grow their own. Rubber trees are undeniably a great addition to your condo space. It removes pollutants from the air, does not have allergic properties, and it is low maintenance. Check out your local plant shop for rubber trees.

A rubber tree requires bright light but prefers indirect, cool light. It is best placed next to a window with sheer curtains in your living room. This allows for enough light while avoiding excessive heat. Water your rubber plant on a regular basis; it prefers to be kept damp but not drenched. Rubber plants are also susceptible to drought and do not tolerate it well.

14. Boston Fern

Nephrolepis exaltata

Green Boston Fern PlantPhoto courtesy of Jacqueline Kelly via Pexels.com

Try using plants to decorate your home this year. Various colors of green can improve the mood of your condo. Green has a calming effect on the eyes. To relieve your eyes from too much screen time, doctors recommend focusing them on plants or anything green. The Boston fern makes a lovely addition to your condo’s decor. Its arching fronds or leaves can add a splash of color to a drab wall. Hanging pots in bright colors complement wide-spreading plants.

You can place your Boston fern in areas where there is indirect sunlight such as in the bathroom or kitchen. Keep in mind to provide as much humidity as possible, and keep an eye on the soil to make sure it stays moist. As long as the pot does not sit in standing water, your Boston fern will surely last long.

15. Orchid


White orchid on a pale red groundPhoto courtesy of Earl Wilcox via Pexels.com

Known as accent pieces for interiors, orchids are a go-to choice to perk up your condo unit. But what’s even greater is that it has so many benefits for your well-being, too! Orchids are stress-busters and natural air-purifiers. Some studies also show that orchids can improve your sleep quality, so it is advisable to place orchids in your bedroom, specifically on your bedside table.

If you love the list, we can tell you more about how to incorporate these plants in your condo unit. Our team at DMCI Homes Properties can guide you in choosing the right indoor plants.

Contact us today to get started with the plant collection for your condo living.


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