10 Easy Condo Design Ideas that You Can Do During Weekends

Condo Design.

Have you ever seen those cool DIY condo interior design projects on popular social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram? With DIY condo designs like those, it’s so easy to find yourself wanting those beautiful and cozy spaces for yourself. But it’s easier to dream than to actually do it, because some of those DIY designs may be trickier and dangerous to do on your own without the right resources and expertise.

But honestly, DIY interior projects don’t need to be too complicated. In fact, you can try simple interior design ideas that are quick, easy, and still guaranteed to spruce up your condo. So, get started with an easy design project this weekend. Check out these 10 DIY condo interior design projects that can easily transform your condo to a cozy and beautiful space.

The value of DIY

DIY design ideas are creative steps to make your condo living more comfortable. But aside from that, these projects also bring good benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Here are three of the best reasons why you should pursue a simple interior design project today.

1. It is a creative and fun way to get away from your gadgets.

Because of the pandemic, some of us may have been tired of staying at home all day and staring at our gadgets’ screens all day. After all, what is a better way to have fun without using any technology? You don’t have to turn to technology to have a fun and relaxing weekend. DIY condo design projects can be fun to do, and it’s a great way to boost your creativity without having to rely too much on technology.

2. It makes you feel accomplished and more independent.

Have you ever had that unexplainable happy feeling once you finish a task…and you did it so well that others praise you for it? Of course, we need to believe in ourselves more even without the approval of others. And accomplishing a simple interior design idea is another way to experience that feeling. Plus, it gives you a sense of independence. Who knew you could actually make a cute coffee table on your own from that wooden pallet?

3. It strengthens your relationships with your family and friends.

Making design ideas come true together with your favorite people is a nice way to spend time with them. Aside from your own ideas, you get to be more open-minded on the suggestions and insights of your family members or friends. You also get to see a side of them you might have not seen before, recall fond memories in your younger years, or hear a funny story that they haven’t told you before.


10 simple DIY interior design projects for your condo

When you go to the mall or browse online shopping apps, there will always be that temptation to buy lots of stuff to design your condo. But doing DIY condo interior design projects is a great way to get exactly what you want for your space, and also turn the moment into a nice bonding activity with the people you love.

Use this time to try simple DIYs together with your beloved family and closest friends. Don’t forget to check out our latest D&E video series that will help you on accomplishing some of the interesting DIY projects that we’ve featured in this article.


1. Turn a pallet into a coffee table

If you are aiming for better condo living, the first thing you need to do is to figure out how to live a zero-waste lifestyle. And what better way to do that than to turn a wooden pallet to a coffee table?

Wooden pallets that are truly nice woodworks that can be used as a coffee table. All you need to do is paint the wooden pallet according to your favorite color. Then, nail or drill four wooden legs to all four sides of the pallet. Now you have your small table ready for your coffee.


Create a photo wallPhoto courtesy of Danila Hamsterman via Unsplash

2. Create a photo wall

A plain white wall doesn’t have to be boring at all. There are so many creative ways to spruce up that plain white wall in your condo unit, and you should definitely try them today to make your space more energizing or relaxing for you and your family.

So as part of your DIY condo interior design project this weekend, why not gather up all your best Polaroid or printed photos? Use them to make a cool photo wall displaying your best memories with your favorite people.

You can also turn your wall into your own artwork gallery. Put your painting skills to the test and hang your artwork. And even better, paint on the wall itself and marvel at your huge painting.


3. Make paper baskets for your accessories

Where do you put your accessories at home? If you are looking for a way to store new accessories that you bought from that online shopping sale, this is the DIY condo design idea that you should try.

Just cut strips of old newspapers and fold each strip lengthwise. Use as many strips as you want to make it sturdy. Start folding each strip inward, and secure them using pins. Cut off excess paper later. Aside from your accessories, there are DIY crafts you can make from old newspapers, such as paper placemats or coasters that are surely aesthetically pleasing for your kitchen design.


Spruce your indoor plantersPhoto courtesy of Amin Hasani via Unsplash

4. Spruce your indoor planters

Plants are all the rage in the middle of the pandemic. So if you are one of the people who were successfully turned into a plantito or plantita by the pandemic, this DIY condo design idea is for you.

After some time, you may want to change your planters. Lucky for you, there are many creative DIY planters that are perfect for an eco-friendly condo. For example, you can put your smaller plants in old muffin tins, ice cream containers, and cute mugs that you’ve hidden away on your shelves. You can also try transforming your planters to candle holder planters so that you can have a candle-lit dinner at home.


5. Mix and match existing bedsheets

This one is a simple interior design idea that you can just do any day of the week. But you have to be careful because you might get too caught up in it that you’ll not notice the time going by.

Just open your cabinet and check out your bedsheets. Which colors or designs do you think would jive together? Would your blue shades of bedsheet look great with your peach-colored sheets? Whatever you decide, try to mix and match your bedsheets. It’s also one of the best tips to get rid of bad energy in your home and give your bedroom a reinvented look without having to buy lots of new sheets.


Transform an old chair to a bedside tablePhoto courtesy of Nathan Oakley via Unsplash

6. Transform an old chair to a bedside table

If you have a rickety chair as of the moment, don’t throw it away just yet! Instead, make it part of your DIY condo interior design ideas for the weekend. Make it as your new bedside table that you’ll definitely love.

First, cut the chair’s legs according to the height of your bed. Ensure that you have a sturdy saw to avoid any injuries in doing so. Then, paint it with your favorite color. To make it more sturdy, you can also attach it to the wall by screwing the chair’s back and legs to your wall. But if that is not allowed, just put the chair against the wall and you can now use it to place your bedtime books, alarm clock, and other bedtime essentials near you.

There are also lots of other DIY projects for old condo chairs, so make sure you also explore them.


7. Decorate plain throw pillows

Looking for simple design ideas to liven up those throw pillows? Look no further. You can try lots of ways to design your throw pillows without buying new fabrics or looking for complicated options.

Just treat your plain throw pillow as your blank canvas. Use a design stamp to ink your pillow with pretty patterns. You can also dye your throw pillow in your favorite ombre shades. Or, being an artistic soul, you can go ahead and paint wonderful sceneries in those pillows.


Turn mason jars into candlesPhoto courtesy of Krzysztof Maksimiuk via Unsplash

8. Turn mason jars into candles

Have one too many mason jars? You don’t need to give them all away. You can turn them into beautiful and sweet-smelling candles that you can put in your bedroom, kitchen, or bathrooms.

But for this DIY condo design idea, you may need to buy a couple of materials to make a candle. You can buy the following supplies: wax flakes, wax dye, wicks, wick holders, scents, and glue dots.

You just have to carefully melt the wax flakes according to package instructions. Then, add the wax dye and a few drops of your chosen scent. Make sure to prepare the mason jar with the wicks attached using the glue dots. After that, pour the mixture into the mason jar and use the wick holder to keep the wick in place.


9. Transform an old dresser into a mini bar cart

You look around your room and you realize that your dresser doesn’t fit your room’s theme anymore. To others, it might look like that dresser would have to go. But in your creative perspective, it’s time to turn it into a DIY condo interior design idea.

Make your old dresser into your own mini bar cart. As a start, go ahead and paint it in a new shade if you want. Then you can purchase a few materials to really transform it into a cart like small wooden or steel wheels or wooden pieces to act as the handle of your bar.


10. Paint a welcoming mat

As it turned out, your condo has a lot of blank canvases that are waiting to be painted. So for another DIY condo design idea that you shouldn’t miss, you should also try painting your welcoming mat next.

You can go for a landscape painting on your welcoming mat that definitely speaks to your personality. Add the usual “Welcome” sign but with a creative background. Or, use your favorite quote and paint cute designs to make the quote stand out more.

Paint a welcoming matPhoto courtesy of Roman Kraft via Unsplash

Key Takeaways

You don’t have to be an experienced artist or have lots of money to transform your condo living space. A few old stuff, the will to try, and loved ones who are willing to join in the fun are enough to turn those DIY design ideas into reality. But a few things to remember when you take on a DIY interior project:

  1. Check all the tools you need. It would be tiring to go back and forth for a simple missing item like glue or a screwdriver. Plus, it’s also time-consuming to do so.
  2. Be careful in using sharp equipment. As an adult, you may already know this. But it still pays to practice extra caution in handling tools, especially when you’re using them for the first time.
  3. Take breaks and enjoy the project. Though it is a DIY project, it is not a work task that has a pressuring deadline. Eat some merienda with your family and friends and chat a little bit.

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