The Value of Having Indoor Plants in Your Condo Space

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Living in a condo will not be complete without a healthy lifestyle on hand. A healthy lifestyle pertains to the presence of a sound physical and mental well-being.

It may not cross your mind, but indoor condo plants do provide both aesthetic and health benefits to your entire household.

An article in Jenny Jack Farm revealed that a study conducted by Norway’s University of Agriculture stated that indoor plants help avoid coughs, colds, sore throat and fatigue. This is because indoor plants enhance humidity, and minimize dust levels.

Enjoy the benefits of plants in your condo spaces on a long-term basis. You’ll be amazed at how these plants will help unimaginably turn your life for the better.

Plants Ease Asthma

You can’t lead a healthy condo living without being surrounded by good air quality. You can particularly benefit breathing in great air quality if you have asthma. Just like plants anywhere, plants in your condo turn carbon dioxide to oxygen. Oxygen bears profound influences on your body and mind functions.

Asthma patients are particularly sensitive against the tiniest air pollutants that may permeate their living space. If you’re suffering from asthma, you can never take chances in relying on medications only. The air in the environment you live in will ultimately impact your health’s condition.

Plants Keep You Company

Isolation can cause emotional breakdowns if prolonged for a long period of time. You should take caution in turning the situation around as soon as you notice isolation effects getting worse.

Personalize the garden ideas in your condo by having plants as companions. Just like humans, plants are living things. Your plants’ life maintain the homely feeling in your condo. Release your melancholy feelings in the company of your plants. You’ll feel better in no time without being aware of it.

Plants Boost Self-Worth

Plants and flowers bear intangible importance you may not notice instantly. Plants are similar to pets. They need your love and care to live and survive. Knowing you’re responsible for your plants’ growth and survival lets you feel worthy of being you.

Knowing you’ve done something majorly important for a living thing makes you feel valued. Being responsible for another being’s life makes you value your presence on this earth.

Plants Level up Your Cognitive Functions

Having garden ideas in city living eases your mind and lets you direct on focusing. Condo plants contribute to creativity, idea conceptualization and better problem solving skills.

Sharp cognitive functions maximize your chances of acquiring deficits in the brain. Moreover, plants help you judge coherently and sharpens your memory, too. With these things said, you may notice plants moderate symptoms of attention deficit disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.

Plants Can Heal

The positive effects of plants in your health go beyond the usual. There are certain indoor plants that produce aloe. Aloe is used for treating skin disorders and relieving pain. Get treatment the natural way from plants. Organic healing produces certain advantages that traditional medication don’t offer.

Clear Congestion with Plants

Congestion is one of the health reasons why you need plants at home. Eucalyptus relieves phlegm and congestion from your body. Eucalyptus usually comes in the form of a medicinal oil. Plants with eucalyptus can be good remedies for coughs and colds.

Plants Provide Shade in Your Condo

Plants as a condo design idea  provide practical benefits to your household too. Avoid skin damages with the help of your plants. Plants supply shade through your condo’s windows against the glaring rays of sunlight. You can now enjoy sun protection while reading, watching television and doing other activities with the help of your condo plants.

Plants Keep You Preoccupied

Plants will definitely light up your spirit and mind during your free time. Care for your plants when things get idle, instead of engaging in unproductive activities. Attending to the needs of your plants is a positive influential hobby you can get into. In the long run, you’ll feel the major emotional influences plants will bring to your life.

Plants Invite Visitors

Because plants create a feel-at-home environment, they can easily attract the attention of visitors. The sight of plants invites the mood for an intimate conversation with your visitor. To set the perfect mood for a friendly encounter, put your plants on a living room table. Observe your visitor take delight in appreciating the comfy mood your plants bring.

Plants for an Outdoor Condo Environment

Your plants bring outdoor experiences right in the comfort of your home. Your plants let you experience nature in your own condo if you’re too busy to travel to a nearby park.

You may teach your kids various scientific facts about your plants in your condo. There will be no need to adjust your busy schedule to travel in order to do that.

Plants for Food

You won’t have to inconveniently go on a trip to the store to shop for certain food items. Get food easily from the plants in your condo.

You can plant a mini calamansi tree in your condo. Put the plant in your kitchen. Care for it every day, and reap the fruits the plant will produce. You may easily avail of calamansi for food seasoning and beverage mix.

Plants Help You Recover

The optimistic feel plants give will help you recover quickly from illnesses. An article in Jenny Jack Farm stated that results from a research medically conducted by Bruno Cortis revealed positive effects of plants on hospital patients. Patients whose rooms have a garden view were able to recover quicker, than patients whose room don’t have any window.

Put plants in your room. Rest assured that your plants can provide the needed support if you suffer from fever or any similar illnesses.

As a DMCI Homes homeowner, it’s important you keep a close watch over the quality of your lifestyle. Make sure you make an effort to improve condo living to allow yourself to be productive and happy.

The valuable benefits of plants in the condo are continually evolving in accordance to your particular needs. Make the most out of these benefits by valuing your plants. Nurture them dearly as you would have done to your very own household members.


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