22 Creative Ideas for Maintaining a Garden while Living in the City


Just because you’re in the city and living in a condo doesn’t mean you can’t do gardening anymore. Growing plants for your condo balcony and maintaining a beautiful garden despite living in a high rise building sounds impossible, but it’s definitely possible. All you need is a little creativity. Here are 22 creative ideas to get you started with your own garden design in the urban:

1. Bonsai

Having bonsais in your home is a little bit of a cheat because, most likely, you’re going to purchase one instead of planting yourself. But this could be a step closer to a dream garden for those who are still uncertain of their gardening skills.

2. Mini Zen Garden

While technically not a garden in the green sense, a Japanese rock garden or Zen garden can add a serene aura to your unit. This would be especially handy for those who don’t truly have a green thumb.

3. On Window Sills

Moving on to actual planting and gardening, you can start with the basics. Add soil to small containers and then plant seeds. The best way for them to grow is to put them by the window to efficiently soak up the heat from the sun. Don’t forget to water them every day.

 4. Jar Planters

You can experiment with using different containers to house the plants. Mason jars are the most common container to use for container gardening such as this. It’s also easier to maintain the plants when they’re in jars.

5. Plaster of Paris or Concrete Planters

Molding your own planters can be fun. You can use concrete or even plaster of paris for an inexpensive yet stylish planter. Planters like this can save you space without sacrificing design.

6. Plastic Bottle Planters

Another kind of container gardening can be done by recycling used plastic bottles. Cut the plastic bottles in half and you can use both ends to create the makeshift pots for your plants. You can also add designs like those pictured above.

7. Old Shoe Planters

Now why buy planters from stores when you can create your own using your old shoes? That’s right—your old shoes. They’re great for keeping plants nice and cozy and at the same time add a different kind of style to your home.

 8. Plastic Organizer Planters

If you’re into a neater and more orderly kind of plant boxes, you might want to use plastic organizers. It’s an inexpensive way to store a number of plants all in one neat line up.

9. Coconut Husk Planters

This one can surely make a statement in your home, especially if you’re going for a local feel for your decor.

10. Towered plants

If you still want to have the traditional pots for your plants but you’re worried about the space they will take, this can surely be the trick. Stacking up the plants into a tower can be a good way to set up a garden in the city. It’s also an interesting ornament for any home.

11. Tin Can Planters

Don’t throw away tin cans. Make them useful by using them as plant containers. You can grow herbs or any vegetable in them that you can use when cooking.

12. Tin Cans on Old Ladders

Who would’ve thought that you’d make a great garden and home ornament with used tin cans and an old ladder? Not to mention that you can also use old spoon and forks as hooks. They’re ingeniously creative and they didn’t cost a lot.

13. Nowhere to go but Up

If you’re finding it challenging to add more potted plants in your living room or balcony because of the furniture, then the wise thing to do is to go up. Have your own interpretation of the hanging gardens in your condo with vertical gardening.

 14. Rainforest Drops

One creative way to “go up” is by making these rainforest drops. They’re pretty easy to make, with just a grapevine ball, a wire, and some moss. The most common plant to use for this one is the epiphytic cactus.

 15. Macramé Plant Hangers

Why not let the plants have their own “hammock” with Macramé hangers? They’re stylish and can hold any kind of planter.

16. Hanging Plant Plot Frames

People will surely tell you you have a picturesque garden (literally) with this kind of planter. And it’s easy to make and can be hung anywhere. All you need is a frame, rope, super glue, a few nails, and your flower pot.

17. Hanging Herbs for the Kitchen

Earlier it was tin cans, now it’s styrofoam cups. It’s really inexpensive and you’ll help a little every time you recycle. You can use this to plant herbs and hang them in your kitchen for easy access.

18. Herbs on the Kitchen Counter

Or if you prefer to be simpler, you can place the herbs on the kitchen counter, not just for the accessibility, but to also save on space and add to design.

19. Or on Kitchen Walls

This could also be the way for your herbs and would look neater and cleaner. This will certainly save space. And why have paintings of plants on your walls when you can have the real deal?

 20. Or just plain have plants on your walls

Speaking of the real deal, why not also have hanging plants on your walls in different parts of your house? It’s not just for the aesthetics. You’ll breathe cleaner air and have a better well being.

21. Terrariums

While some people might have vases on their tables, you might want to have terrariums on yours. They’re a great home ornament and a great way to boost oxygen levels in your home. They’re easy to make and easier to maintain.

22. Your Personal Hydroponics

This will help any frugalista save on grocery trips. Having your own (small) hydroponic system can help you grow your own food. Although this is a bit more complicated than the others in the list, the time and effort is worthwhile. Hydroponically grown food is more nutritious than those you buy in supermarkets and they have no additives.

So there you are, 22 clever and creative garden ideas that will surely get your green thumb busy. These are proof that gardening in the city is anything but impossible. It’s creative. It’s healthy. And it’s certainly worth wallowing in the dirt, so to speak, because the advantages you’ll have by having your own garden in a concrete jungle is endless.




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