12 Ways to Maximize DMCI Homes Properties


DMCI Homes is well-known for its resort-style communities and amenities where residents can enjoy the best of urban living no matter what DMCI Homes property they’re in.

With most businesses keeping the work-from-home arrangement, people are spending more time inside the comforts of their homes. Condo residents can easily maximize their space in and outside their condominiums because of top-grade amenities.

Know how condo residents maximize their space, in and outside their condo unit. Here are some top activities you can join in your DMCI Homes community:

  1. Hula hoops at the playground
  2. Jump rope in the garden
  3. Mini swimming competitions in the pool
  4. Yoga at the roof deck
  5. Powerlifting at the gym
  6. Small get-togethers at the cabana
  7. Traditional Filipino games at the playground
  8. Picnics in the lawn
  9. Mini triathlons on the jogging path
  10. Birthdays at the clubhouse
  11. Family sports fest at the multi-purpose court
  12. Stargazing on the roof deck

1. Hula hoops at the playground

Sonora Garden Residences-Children's PlaygroundPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Hula hoops is a fun hobby and a recommended physical exercise you can enjoy alone or with your friends. Buy your own hula hoop from your favorite sports shop online or in the mall.

To do hula-hooping, simply sway your hips back and forth and allow the hula hoop to rotate around your hips. You can also do creative movements while swaying like dancing or moving around.

This activity maximizes the space in your condo home since you can do this anywhere – in your living room, bedroom or balcony. No need for large spaces!

You can enjoy this activity any time of the day. But the perfect place for this activity is at the Sonora Garden Residences, located at Alabang-Zapote Road, Talon Tres, Las Piñas. Do this activity on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful view of this resort-style property.

2. Jump rope in the garden

Kai Garden Residences-Landscaped GardensPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Jump rope is a good cardio exercise that can help you burn calories. All you need is a reliable jump rope and running shoes. Some do this with bare feet. Just make sure that the floor is safe, with padding or soil (just for safety measures!).

While you need a jump rope and some comfy footwear, you need to use those with coordination and timing! Time your jump whenever the rope passes your feet. You can also do some freestyle, such as swinging your rope from side to side while jumping.

This activity maximizes the tiny space in your condo home and in common areas such as the landscaped gardens, open lawns, and roof deck. Make the most of your condo community while adopting an active lifestyle!

You can enjoy this activity in landscaped gardens like the one at Kai Garden Residences, located at M. Vicente St. Mandaluyong City. It is the perfect spot for this activity because you can enjoy not only the view but also the open space and the fresh air.

3. Mini swimming competition in the pool.

The Atherton-Lap PoolPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Mini swimming competitions can be done with your family, friends, and neighbors. This is a fun activity that promotes harmonious community living.

Through activities such as mini swimming competitions, you will maximize the use of common areas/amenities in your condo community. You can set the rules like how many laps must the participants finish, the swimming style, and the prize for winners.

It is advisable for you to do this in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the fierce heat of the sun that can cause sunburns.

The Atherton is the perfect DMCI Homes property for this mini swimming competition This resort-style condo has a well-maintained lap pool for fun activities.

4. Yoga at the condo roof deck

Allegra Garden Place-Sky LoungePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Yoga is a mind and body practice, combined with physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation. All you need is a yoga mat and a comfortable spot. You can do it alone or with companions.

You can do this activity at the sky lounge of Allegra Gardens, early in the morning and late in the afternoon to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

Doing yoga in a sky lounge is a good idea because of the wide space and open-air with the sunrise or sunset in the backdrop. Also, yoga is never a hassle during the rainy season since you may do this in your living room or on the balcony.

5. Powerlifting in the gym

The Crestmont-Fitness GymPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Do you need to release your daily stressors? Lifting weights and doing cardio exercises are effective ways to control symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. These mental health issues have unfortunately been prevalent during the past two years.

But before you start, assess yourself if you are fit to do strenuous activity. Visit your doctor, if necessary. Then, schedule your visits to the community gym. You can also hire a trainer, in-person or virtual, to help you with routines.

Compared to working out at home, using the gym facilities for strenuous exercises is more effective because the place is built for physical activities. It is equipped with weights, machines, and other equipment for proper workout routines.

You can hit the gym at any time of the day although you may need to reserve a slot, depending on their safety guidelines and policies. But just like all DMCI Homes indoor gyms, the one at The Crestmont Quezon City is fully equipped and well-maintained to ensure the safety of residents at all times.

6. Small get-togethers at the cabana

Prisma Residences-Gazebo CabanaPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Small get-togethers are a healthy way to bond with family and friends, especially after two years of lockdown. It is better to do small get-togethers on weekends so more people can attend.

One of the best places for small get-togethers is the gazebo/cabana facility at Prisma Residences. You can set up a schedule and invite people over for brunch, dinner, or afternoon merienda.

However, make sure to practice social distancing and follow safety health protocols as we are still under the pandemic.

7. Traditional Filipino games at the playground

Verdon Parc-Childrens PlaygroundPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Where: You can play traditional Filipino games at the children’s playground of Verdon Parc. located at Ecoland Drive corner Peacock St., Davao City.

When: It is recommended to schedule your games on weekends, early morning, or in the afternoon. Avoid doing these activities at night to prevent noise disturbance in the community.

What: Here are some traditional Filipino games: tumbang-preso, luksong-tinik, tagu-taguan, patintero, sunka, piko, sipa, and many more.

How: Almost all of the traditional Filipino games are played in groups or teams. So invite your friends and neighbors and have fun.

Why: These activities can maximize the children’s playground because even adults can play these traditional games. Have fun and stay fit with these activities!

8. Picnics in the lawn

Sonora Garden Residences-Picnic AreaPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Catch up with family and friends over a picnic with good food and refreshments in one of the community gardens!

This activity maximizes the picnic grounds. Sometimes picnic grounds are ignored because most people are in malls or they just order food to have a house party. However, if you have a picnic on the lawn you can enjoy the open space, fresh air, and the beautiful landscape of the area.

Send out invitations a week in advance for your potluck get-together. This will give your guests time to prepare and inform the condo admin about your event.

You can do it any time of day, even at night! Because of the secured environment of the Sonora Garden Residences, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to your security.

9. Mini triathlons on the jogging path

Satori Residences-Jogging PathPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

A triathlon is an activity that combines swimming, cycling, and running in one event.

You can do a triathlon by making use of the jogging and biking path of the property and also the pool for the swimming part of the activity. You can create your own course and have it early in the morning to avoid heat exhaustion and unnecessary noise.

These activities will use the main facilities at DMCI Homes: the swimming pool, biking and jogging path.

Satori Residences got you covered! The property has a premier jogging area, biking path, and swimming pools located inside the community at F. Pasco Avenue, Santolan, Pasig City.

10. Birthdays at the clubhouse

Verdon Parc-ClubhousePhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

The clubhouse is often used for big gatherings but you can also use it for simple occasions like your birthday.

You can celebrate your birthday at the clubhouse and make it unique and memorable by creating a theme for your birthday.

The Verdon Parc clubhouse is a suitable venue for this special event as its relaxing ambiance and amazing scenery make up for good photos and even a better celebration.

11. Family Sportsfest at the multi-purpose court

Allegra Garden Place-Covered Multipurpose CourtPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

Organize a family sports fest as an annual family celebration.

Group family members into teams. Choose fun team games like relays, sack race, longest line, “bring me”, and many more. Surely, everybody will enjoy it.

The covered multi-purpose court at Allegra Garden Place is the perfect venue for this kind of activity because it is suitable for all kinds of weather. You don’t have to worry about the scorching heat of the sun and the strong rain that could spoil the event.

12. Stargazing at the roof deck

Prisma Residences-Roof DeckPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

A celestial event is an astronomical phenomenon that includes lunar and solar eclipse, meteor showers, planetary oppositions, and many more.

You may do this alone or with your family and friends. Use scopes when you want to observe the stars or simply look up in the sky and identify different constellations.

The roof deck is recommended if you want to have a 360-degree view of the whole area, or just have peaceful outdoor activities.

Maximize urban living with DMCI Homes’ condo amenities

Maximizing the use of your condo amenities is one way of getting your money’s worth. With the majority working from home in a hybrid set-up, you have more time to use and enjoy these facilities.

Explore the many DMCI Homes properties in your preferred city. Drop us a line or get in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube.


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