10 Easy Ways to Repurpose Condo Christmas Decorations


Did you enjoy the Christmas season? If yes, then good for you. It’s now time to go back to reality, be a responsible adult, and start packing away the holiday decorations. But if you live in a condominium where storage space is limited, where exactly do you put the ornaments and the Christmas tree until the “ber” months in the Philippines start again? We’ve got a solution for you. Why not learn how to repurpose decorations?

Yes, you read that right. You can reuse your Christmas decoration and turn it into things that can make your home even more beautiful and, at the same time, save storage space in your condo unit. Take a look at these easy yet fun ways on how to reuse your holiday decorations after Christmas.

Use ornaments from the Christmas tree to brighten up bookshelves

red and silver ornaments

Do you have a boring bookshelf? It may have interesting titles in it, but without something to catch your attention, the books will most likely gather dust. Brighten it up by grabbing a few Christmas tree ornaments like the glittery balls, tiny gift boxes, and icicles to add some glimmer. A few acorns or earthly decors can tone down the gleaming design.

Mix decors to infuse earth elements in the bathroom

A good way to make your bathroom cozier is by infusing earth elements into it. With this, you can place the acorns, apples, and cherry decorations you used on the Christmas tree. In addition, you can use tinsels, garlands or some of the branches of the Christmas tree.

These can be placed in key areas such as the cover of the toilet tank, around the mirror, bathroom cabinet or by the bathroom sink. Christmas table covers can also be turned into shower curtains with a few DIY tricks.

Mix in some ornaments into your in-house greenery

Table top ornaments at home

Another way to use Christmas ornaments is to add it into the pots or jars of houseplants to liven the look. If it doesn’t fit, you can get a larger pot or jar and transfer the plant there. It will surely make an interesting table centerpiece.

In case you still don’t have a houseplant, you can cut up a few branches of your Christmas tree (fake or not) and place it in a jar. You can display it in your bathroom, on the table or even your bedroom to add earthly elements into your home.

Use Christmas lights as a night light

christmas light night light

Christmas lights are beautiful things to look at – especially in the dark. Its pretty colors even provide a little bit of nostalgia. One way to display its beauty all throughout the year is to use the Christmas lights as a night light for your bedroom or any room to cozy up the vibe.

You can line it up along the corners of your ceiling or floor to provide a beautiful mood when you turn off the main lights. Just make sure that the lights you use are of good quality to ensure safety all night.

The lantern, too, can light up your bedroom

Instead of stashing the Christmas lantern or “parol” in your storage where it will take up much-needed space and collect dust for the next 11 months, why not hang it somewhere in your room. It’s a nice way to brighten up a room as the sun sets. Its colorful rays will create a nice mood in your room and provide enough light to read a book.

Turn tinsels and garlands into box fillers

tinsels garlands box fillers

Don’t know what to do with your tinsels? Long tinsels and garlands can take up a lot of space in a locker or storage area due to its length. Here’s a good way to repurpose that Christmas decoration: use it as box fillers. If you stuff the box with tinsel, the package itself can be protected from impact during and after transport.

Christmas balls can become chandeliers

Christmas balls – they’re shiny and can be hung anywhere. Bunch them up all together in a creative way and they can create a beautiful chandelier for the next 11 months. Hang it near your room’s bulb and watch the light reflect from it. Moreover, you can also combine it with Christmas lights to create a nostalgic mood.

Or turn Christmas balls into beautiful table ornaments

christmas ball table ornaments

If you don’t want to turn them into chandeliers, you can always use Christmas balls to create beautiful table ornaments. Bring out the glue gun and stick them all together to create a “flower” bouquet. Don’t forget to put some ribbons below to act as the leaves and use a balloon stick for its stem.

Fur seat covers can be transformed into carpets

fur seat covers into carpets

It would be a waste if the fur seat covers you use during the holiday season is hidden away for the rest of the year. Create a cozy spot in your DMCI Homes condo and lay down the fur seat cover on the floor or in your favorite spot in the house to create a comfy carpet. Wouldn’t it make it a good place to read a book or lounge in?

Turn your Christmas tree into a smaller table décor

One of the biggest holiday decorations you’ll probably have to pack away would be the Christmas tree. And if you have limited storage space, organizing holiday decorations to accommodate this bulky tree can be a headache. For artificial Christmas trees, you can use some of its branches to create interesting tabletop centerpieces.

After the holiday season, the decorations can always be turned into something beautiful that you can use the rest of the year. But if you just want to hide all your Christmas decorations away and preserve its meaning, you might want to visit DMCI Homes online and check the availability of the storage area of the home you would like to get.


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