11 Reasons Why Ber Months Are Dear To Our Hearts

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There’s something about the first of September that makes us excited and happy. It is the official start of the “Ber” months or the Christmas season in Philippines, which is known as the longest in the world. In a country where family and faith are the cornerstones of society, you will never run out of reasons why we love the Christmas season. Some malls and establishments are now adorned with Christmas décor while our favorite yuletide tunes are playing in the background. People cannot help but be merry this early.

Neighborhoods start decorating with the traditional parol as soon as they can. Eventually, Christmas lights, Santa and his reindeers, and even the Snowman will make an appearance. Condominium communities may not have the traditional setup but that doesn’t mean the holiday spirit can’t be felt. Most condos in the Philippines see to it that common areas are dressed with green and red décor as soon as “Ber” months begin. And just by walking down the hall, Christmas wreaths on the door are sure to make you smile.

What is “Ber” months?

You might be wondering what “ber” month means. To put it simply, these are the 4 months of the year that have “ber” at the end of suffic. This means that SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER, and DecemBER all fall into the so-called “ber” season.

Why are we so thrilled at the start of the “Ber” months? Christmas isn’t until more than one hundred days and there are still a few holidays in between such as Halloween. What are we so excited about? We listed down 11 reasons why we love the “Ber” months:

But why are we so thrilled at the start of the “Ber” months? Christmas isn’t until more than one hundred days and there are still a few holidays in between such as Halloween. What are we so excited about? We listed down 11 reasons why we love the “Ber” months:

BER means “bed weather”

In a country where it is hot and humid almost all year long, the start of the “Ber” months signal the start of cooler weather, at least in the evening. There are quick downpours every now and then, but while that may cause traffic to be heavier than usual, it makes up for cozier sleep. During this time of the year, the breeze is refreshing and just enough to tussle our hair.

Finding comfort in food

Finding comfort in food

Photo courtesy of YashilG via Pixabay

There’s nothing like eating a bowl of lomi, creamy sopas, or lugaw on a rainy afternoon. Most of us find comfort and delight in all-time Filipino favorites like sinigang, tinola, bulalo, and champorado. Food, especially comfort food, has got to be among the top reasons why we love the “Ber” months. Preparing these in your kitchen also makes condo living more tasteful. The way these hot delights touch our lips and warm our tummies is just priceless.


Looking good in a sweater

Looking good in a sweater

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

So now is the time to bring out those gorgeous sweaters and chic jackets without looking silly. The “Ber” months give us the right to be extra chic and fashionable. Finally, layering is in season. Carrying a scarf around wouldn’t look ridiculous anymore.


Excited for old traditions

The tradition of midnight masses, exchanging gifts, eating bibingka, preparing for Noche Buena, visiting friends and families, and attending Christmas parties still sound so new and exciting. It’s funny how we look forward to things that already form part of our traditions and culture.


Let’s sing “Merry Christmas”

Let’s sing “Merry Christmas”

Photo courtesy of Hans via Pixabay

You always feel a special kind of happiness and warmth upon hearing your first Christmas song of the year. Jingles and carols dominate the airwaves and you always feel like singing along. It makes you merrier during your commute and jollier while strolling in public places.


Let the parties begin

This early, some companies, friends, and families are already planning their Christmas parties — where to hold it, what to eat, what the theme will be, games, raffle, gifts, etc. Event venues for upcoming Christmas celebrations are fully booked as early as October. If you are looking for a venue to make your party this year more special and unique, don’t look too far. Nearby condos have function halls and even sky gardens to accommodate you. Families and friends living in condos may also enjoy this privilege.


The fun of being a “ninong” or “ninang”

Maybe you’re one of those ninongs/ninangs or godparents who say Christmas makes you poor. C’mon, where’s the spirit? Some people always say that, but then they find themselves listing down names and thinking of gifts. They say Christmas is for kids, and while that may mean spending more than usual, most godparents believe it.


Have fun decorating

Have fun decorating

Photo courtesy of Pexels

So where will you put Santa this year? What are you going to hang in the Christmas tree? It’s always fun decorating at Christmas time. It can be tiring but hey, who’s complaining? This is a fun time for condo dwellers. Most condos in the Philippines are only 30 to 60 sqm. and it’s always easier to design and decorate a space like that. With just a few pieces, you will see everything coming together. It would also be fun to get your hands on some DIY Christmas decorations.


Shopping is the season’s therapy 

Shopping is the season’s therapy

Photo courtesy of Andi_Graf via Pixabay

It is the “sale” season. During this time of the year, most people have a little extra to spend from incentives, bonuses, and gifts. They also feel a little extra generous. Malls are filled with people eager to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.  Even bazaars and the local tiangge have their share of generous buyers. Times may be hard, but when it comes to gift-giving, no one seems to mind.


Christmas villages welcome you back

Tradition is carried on by almost all cities. There are Christmas villages, grand bazaars, parks, and amusement areas that families and friends can visit. You will not run out of places to go. And wherever you choose, the holiday season surely comes to life.


The countdown begins

Join the nation in the Christmas countdown. Yes, there’s still the day for our dearly departed and Halloween, but the counting goes on. Things get really exciting and thrilling when you are down to the last 10 days before Christmas. Make it more fun by making DIY calendars for a more exciting Christmas countdown.


Nothing beats the Christmas spirit

Nothing beats the Christmas spirit

Photo courtesy of Kaboompics.com via Pexels

It’s just so easy to be cheerful and merry during the Christmas season. It’s a busy season, but everyone simply knows how to get their happy on. It’s a beautiful season of giving and sharing. It’s a season for families and friends to get together.

There are a lot of reasons why we love the ber months — from the comfort it brings to the merry spirit it spreads. This Christmas season, always remember to cheer up, have fun, and be happy.




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