DIY Calendars For A More Exciting Christmas Countdown

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Once the “ber” months start, most people are already starting to prepare for the holidays bit by bit. September isn’t that busy yet; October is more of a preparation for Halloween; and November is when people really start putting up some Christmas lights and lanterns. Come December, families are running around doing their Christmas shopping and planning all upcoming activities and festivities. Some are even putting the effort in making DIY crafts in their condos.

But amidst all this holiday buzz and putting up of condo Christmas decor, it’s great to be reminded of exactly how many days are left before the big Christmas celebration were all very excited about.

One great and creative way to do this is by making a DIY Advent calendar that can serve both as a reminder for the holidays and as a Christmas decoration in itself! Advent calendars trace back to the 1800s and remain a tradition to a lot of families all over the world.

Here are some of the best Advent Calendar ideas we picked up from creative DIY experts online. Not to worry though, as you don’t have to be any kind of expert to pull these off. In fact, you can even make this Christmas idea with your kids in the comfort of your condo. Counting the days before Christmas will be a lot more fun and exciting with these DIY condo calendars.


1. Enveloped Letters and Memories Calendar

Gift-giving has always been a part of the holiday season. Still, it is also equally important to be reminded about the true essence of Christmas—and that is showing your loved ones how important they are to you. Of course this could be done throughout the year, but doing it during the Christmas season can be a great kick-off to start the coming New Year.

This simple and minimalist Advent calendar can be done by arranging envelopes of different sizes to form a Christmas tree-shaped calendar on the wall. Fill the envelopes with letters and mementos such as photos and cards—each one addressed to a particular family member. This is a surefire way to make this season your most memorable one yet.2. 12 Days Of Christmas


2. 12 Days Of Christmas

Forgot to start counting down the days from December 1? No problem! You still have time to count down the 12 days before the big event. This will serve as a bulletin board for all the activities you’ve planned out for the Christmas season. To add a little spice and excitement to this idea, you can add a clue for each day, so that the activity can turn into a treasure hunt of sorts. By the 12th day, put the final clue for what grand activity you and your family will be set out to do in your condo.Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar


3. Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

This cute, easy-to-make countdown calendar can make a great Christmas project for you and your kids. If you have a cookie sheet or nonstick baking tray that has served you well, you can use it as the base for a DIY calendar instead of throwing it away. You may also use other recycled materials buttons, cardboard, and magnets that you can paint and recreate to make fun Christmas trinkets.


4. Wooden Cabinet Calendar

If you’re looking to make this project a yearly thing (And we think you should!), you can invest in something more permanent like this wooden cabinet advent calendar. It’s like a mailbox sort of calendar, and can easily fit gifts for every member of the family. What’s great about this idea is the fact that you can use it throughout the year, and not just as a Christmas Advent calendar. After the Christmas season, you may turn the cabinets into storage areas for different belongings.


5. Muslin Bag Calendars

Line up your windows with these Muslin bag calendars that you could easily stuff with awesome Christmas treats for your kids. This is ideally placed in the dining room window, so that every time a meal ends, your kids can open a bag full of sweet treats! Just make sure not to stuff too much candy in these bags. You may want to go easy on the sugar before all of the festivities. As they say, save room for dessert, which there will be a lot of during Christmas parties!


6. Matchbox Advent Calendar

This one is a mini Advent calendar each of your kids can make from matchboxes and a few art materials. Just glue the matchboxes together to form a Christmas-tree shape, decorate according to your taste, and fill them up with small treats. You can even make this as a gift for other relatives and children. This advent calendar is great for small spaces as it is so tiny! Make no mistake, however, as this is sure to add a unique holiday touch to any side table or countertop.


7. Recycled Can Countdown Calendar

Recycle old cans with this one-of-a-kind, minimalist Advent calendar. Paint each can in red, or in any Christmas-themed color of your choice, and fill them up with holiday trinkets for your children. Just make sure that the can doesn’t have any sharp areas, especially at the hole—you don’t want children to get cut as they dig into these beautiful cans for some Christmas treats.

The countdown to Christmas is often taken for granted because most of us are busy with work and other holiday preparations. But with these special easy-to-make Advent calendars, the days leading up to the big day will be much more memorable and exciting. Imagine seeing your kids open a gift at the end of each day—now doesn’t that paint a picture of a great way to end a tiring day?


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