Design The Upcoming Holiday With These Craft Ideas


Living in a condo doesn’t mean Christmas cannot be as merry and bright. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a cathedral-high ceiling for tall Christmas trees, space for a horde of reindeers or Santa in a sleigh. Space should never be an issue; it is the spirit that matters.

Here are some of the easy craft ideas you can do in your condo even if you are living in a tight space and on a tight budget. Stir that cheerful Christmas vibe by redecorating your condo or by just simply making crafty Christmas décors to brighten up the season.


Welcome with a wreath

Christmas spirit must be felt upon entering your condo unit. Hang a Christmas wreath to welcome you and your guests.

There are affordable wreaths you can purchase. You may just spray glitters, add ribbons, and other ornaments to give it more character. If you want to give it a personal touch, you can create your own DIY Christmas project. Tie red and white ribbons all over a circular frame to create a holiday bow wreath. Be generous with ribbons and lay them over each other to make it look soft and fluffy. You may add Christmas balls if you please.

Curl patterned paper strips by tightly wrapping them around a pencil. Use glue to secure the end of each curl then glue the loops into a foam circle. Choose holiday colors and alternate them for a burst of cheer. You may add balls or photos of your family for a more personal touch. Hang the wreath using a ribbon.

If you want a fruity touch to your condo Christmas décor, turn dried oranges and lemons into a circle of refreshing color. For a more colorful pop, try a mix of lemons and limes. Add some fresh leaves and a ribbon to make the wreath look more cheerful.


Christmas in a bottle

Another Christmas-inspired thing you can do this weekend is to turn those empty and erstwhile useless bottles into bottles of Christmas surprises.

Paint those wine bottles white and write the letters J-O-Y in red. You may also paint them a glittery gold. Turn this into a Christmas vase and put some sparkling ornaments.

There are also a lot of interesting DIY crafts to keep you busy in your condo this season. Build your own winter wonderland by making snow globes out of mason jars. Remove the lid and glue Christmas fixtures on them. Pour about a tablespoon of glitter in your jar for fake “snow.” Pour water into jar and drop a few drops of glycerin to allow snow to fall when you shake it. Put the decorated lid back on and shake. Aside from being a snowy condo Christmas décor, it is also a creative exchange gift idea.

If you have the knack for painting and drawing, you can turn mason jars into a holiday piece of art. Paint mason jars in Christmas acrylic colors. This will serve as background for your painting of a Christmas figure like Santa and snowman. Illuminate from the inside with a flameless tea light and tie a ribbon at the brim. This will look beautiful during the night.

Another crafty décor you can do this Christmas is a mason jar oil candle. Place decorative pinecones, pine needles, and holly berries inside the jar. Pour odorless paraffin liquid. Drill a hole in the lid for the wick to pass through.

A stencil design on a chalk painted mason jar is also perfect to illuminate for the chilly Christmas evening.


Candle spectacle

Candles are also good to make condo living in the Christmas brighter. Make tabletop candles by turning your wine glasses upside down. Put three pieces of Christmas balls in them for a more holiday feel. Light medium sized candles on top and arrange them at the center of the dining table. This is perfect for a Christmas dinner with a touch of romance.

If you won’t be baking cake during the holidays, use the platter for candles instead. Dress up the platter with pine cones and holly berries and place three or four candles at the center. This is a good centerpiece for dinner.

You may also float a candle in bowl of water with hollies and holiday greens.


Merry centerpiece

You also don’t need to join the holiday rush to find the perfect center piece in your condo living room. A do-it-yourself Santa hat can make your place look more festive. Make a Styrofoam cone of bring out those extra party hats and wrap them around with red felt. Put a cotton ball at the tip and cover the bottom with cotton too. Cut a strip of black felt and glue it at the center to serve as belt. Place them in a tray full of Christmas balls.

Another very easy way to add holiday cheer is to fill different shapes and sizes of bowls and jars with Christmas balls.

Make whimsical trees by curling copper or steel wire around a Styrofoam cone. Add hollies and pine cones to set the whimsical scene.

You don’t have to let go of your fresh flowers during the season. You can turn them into a Christmas centerpiece too. Get a cylindrical vase and stretch a rubber band around it. Stick candy canes around the vase until you can no longer see it. Tie a red ribbon to hide the rubber band. Now you have a Christmas vase for your fresh picks.

A towering cylindrical vase may also be used to set up iced branches illusions. Scout for branches or twigs outside. You can choose to paint them white and spray on some glitter or you may keep them the way they are. Dangle some clear crystals or beads you use in your DIY accessories project. Place pine cones of hollies inside the vase or tie a ribbon around it.

There is no reason to feel like you can’t be jolly this Christmas. Cheer up and get busy this weekend and spread holiday cheer in your home.



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