Creative Ways To Hide Condo Design Flaws


Are switches, wires, stickers on walls, and stubborn marks driving you crazy and making your eyes sore? We all try to make our condo homes a visual feast but some pesky things around the house always get in the way. Don’t worry; there are ingenious ways to hide condo blemishes. All it takes is some creativity and patience and your condo unit will be looking spick-and-span and an apple to the eye in a flash. Hiding home blemish is one of the redesign and condo repair ideas that everyone would love and will give every condo homeowner a fresh look of the home in totality.


War With Wires

Wires, cables, and cords are perennial blemishes to every condo home design. They just stick like a sore thumb. The most common way to organize cables is by stocking them on tissue rolls. Keep them in a decorative shoe box for easy access. You may also take a cardboard box, store the cables inside and cut out holes on each side of the box so the cables can be easily plugged.

Another way to deal with ugly wires is to turn them into a piece of art. You can play with the wires and form shapes and figures on the wall. You can also put vine clips on your wall wires to beautify them. For wires that run along the floor, you can build a mini fence to hide them. This will look extra cute especially in the kids’ bedroom or playroom.

For work desks with computers, phones, and all sorts of office stuff, you can use big paper clip holders to conceal them under the table. For a simpler solution, just hide them behind a curtain.


Dress ‘Em Up

There are a lot of appliances and furniture that just get ugly overtime and they mess up the look of your home. One way to redesign your home or condo is to use some wallpaper and some colorful tape and by creating themed-design scheme as well.

You can dress up your plain and old looking refrigerator with wallpaper that suits your home design and theme better. Chalkboard painting can also do the trick. You can also decorate your washer with electrical tape or vinyl stickers and make it look more exciting in an instant. To jazz up a plain looking door, use paint and masking tape to create some figures and simple shapes on it. An ugly-looking wall can be saved with a patterned peg board. Blinds can also hide the ugly pipes that stick out on the wall. You can also use stickers to accent outlets and power switches.


Hidden Charging Station

It seems everything in the house needs to be charged. It is almost impossible to find a corner without a mobile phone or laptop charging. What you can do is build a charging station in one of your drawers that is big enough for laptops, tablets, and all your gadgets.

A cheaper and simpler version would be to get a colorful shoebox big enough to fit an extension power outlet. Punch out holes lengthwise on one side of the box and let the chords go through them when charging.


Shoes And All Things Good

You can never have too many shoes. Most of the time, we buy more than we need and change as much as we can. It is no wonder that we see shoes everywhere and they completely ruin everything. The good news is there are as many ways to store and hide them away as the number of pairs you have.

Home design ideas will not be complete without assigning a spot for shoes. The most common way to organize is getting a shoe rack but that doesn’t look too good, does it? The tendency is your shoes will go on top of the other until they seem to spill out.

If you are undergoing serious home renovation, consider building a staircase with hidden drawers for storage. You can also store them in cabinets under your bed. You may also get a hanging shoe rack and cover it with a curtain or stock them neatly inside the ottoman.Pet Problems


Pet Problems

Our pets are so much a part of our condo home that they deserve their own place, but letting them eat anywhere looks unclean. What you can do is turn a low drawer into a pet-feeding hutch. Hide the cat litter box by putting it under a side table and covering it up with a beautiful curtain. You can also have a little room tucked under the stairs. Make sure all kitty stuff like food and tub are hidden inside a cabinet or drawer.

These annoying blemishes are enough inspiration and excuse to renovate our homes or condo. We all want our home to look good in every corner and stubborn wires, outlets, and dirty furniture have no place in a beautiful home. If you can’t take them out, at least hide them away in as many creative ways as you can and indulge in a home that serves as a feast to the eye.



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