Redesign Ideas That Any Condo Dweller Will Love

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More and more people these days are choosing to live in condominiums because of the convenience and economic value it provides. However, people who value the uniqueness and personality of their living space are not much a fan of the standard layouts and finishes of most condo units. But with all the unique furniture and DIY projects you can explore, you can never run out of ideas for a fabulous condo makeover. To help you out with this, we have listed eight condo theme ideas that will give the right amount of personality to an otherwise ordinary living space.

Travel-Inspired Condo

Always dreamt of traveling to a particular far-flung country but don’t have the luxury to do so yet? A great idea to amp up the excitement is to incorporate this dream into your living space.  A travel-themed condo is a great reminder and motivation for you to fulfill your goal of traveling to this dream destination someday. But until then, feeling like a king or queen as you lounge in your Egyptian-inspired condo is the next best thing to being close to the pyramids.

Living In The Movies

Crazy about a movie you’ve been watching since forever? Live the life of your favorite character by doing a redesign of your condo that is wholly inspired by this movie! Want to feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Channel your inner Holly Golightly and go crazy over vintage finds as you recreate her 1960s Manhattan apartment.

Minimalist Makeover

If you’re not really into the whole 1960s recreation or adventurous travel vibe, you can still make your condo look amazing by investing in minimalist furniture and wall textures to create a neat, postmodern living space. Though a minimalist-themed area is a little less daring than others, it is anything but boring. In fact, minimalist designs are highly versatile and easily maintained, without the risk of looking shoddy and uninspired. With the right furniture and color palettes, this theme would work just as well as the others.

You’ve Got The Music

Music enthusiasts and musicians can find comfort in living in a place that reflects their passion. If you are one of them, get creative in incorporating music in your condo redesign project. No, we don’t mean plastering posters of your favorite bands everywhere (although you could do that if you’re so inclined). We mean exploring DIY music-inspired decorations such as in the photo shown above.

Nature-Themed Space

As condominiums are usually located in the city, nature-rich places can seem quite remote to condo dwellers. If you’re a nature lover, this can be quite a downside of living in a highly industrialized location. However, you can always bring nature into your home by doing a few simple touch-ups. Lace your windows with ornamental plants, look for nature-inspired green furniture, and use a light and breezy color palette in designing your place.

Childhood Dreams

Captivate your kids’ fantasy by turning their room into a cartoon wonderland with touches of all their favorite characters. Recreate Spongebob’s pineapple house or a treehouse from Winnie The Pooh. Talk to your kids about their redesign thoughts, and you’ll be surprised how beautiful their ideas can be! Some may be out of this world, sure, so you can filter some of their ideas and work with the realistic ones.

Monochrome Home

Who says using a range of tones of a single color is boring? Going monochromatic in redesigning your living space allows you to make your area look neat and elegantly put together. For those who have been loyal to their favorite color since childhood, this is your chance to make this color stand out in your home. This will make your place feel more “yours” since it will reflect the color you love in all aspects of your space.

A Space In Outer Space

This idea is out of this world—literally. If you’ve always been fascinated by the stars and the unknown wonders of the milky way, a galaxy-themed room would be great for you. Imagine sleeping under the stars and lying down on the moon. Not only is this a dream come true for kids—it’s excellent for kids-at-heart, too.

Don’t be afraid to be bold and adventurous in redesigning your condo. You really don’t have to spend much. In fact, with just the right amount of creativity and resourcefulness will guarantee that you’ll end up with a great-looking space without having to spend an insane amount of cash – although you could if you’re willing to. But in any case, there are a lot of definitive guides to economical and classy condo living circulating online that can teach you how to improvise and use materials that you’ll otherwise throw away. So be inventive, be crazy. A place is never too small for a makeover.


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