9 Condo Home Lists To Consider For Your Everyday Living


Keeping a list is definitely a must. With your busy day-to-day schedules, it is easy to forget the things that you need to do, especially when it comes to your condo. Some just keep a list, but do not bother checking on them once in a while to keep track of what’s done and what needs to be accomplished. And once we don’t have a proper list at hand, we tend to be forgetful. According to The Huffington Post, the Trending Machine national poll shows that millennials aged 18-34 are more likely to forget than people who are aged 55 or older. Millennials are more likely to forget the current day (15 percent, compared to 7 percent from the 55 and above category) or where they place their keys (14 percent, compared to 8 percent from the 55 and above category).

Studies show that stress more often leads to forgetfulness, depression, and poor judgement. In order to avoid being forgetful in your everyday condo living, having a handy list can also save you from the stress and worry of being disorganized. For a better condo living, here are 9 condo list you should consider and keep.

1. The Condo Items Checklist

One of the first-time condo owner tips being given is to have a checklist of the stuff that you have inside your condo. This helps you to know which ones you already have, and which ones you still need to buy for your daily condo living. If you’re about to move in to your new condo, make sure to use packing hacks for easy condo move in to better organize your things and have a separate item checklist for this. As you unload your items in your condo, you can easily check one by one if everything that you need was packed and for you to see if you’ve missed out on anything.

2. Organize With Your Day To Day To-Do List

Have you ever felt that after a long and tiring day from work or school, you accidentally missed out on one important thing that you need to accomplish, say picking up the laundry or visiting the grocery for your essentials? Never miss out on your daily tasks by having a daily to-do list as part of the everyday list you should keep. Post it in a location where it is easily seen. A helpful tip: aside from writing down the bigger tasks, break them down into smaller chunks of tasks so that it is more doable and easy to accomplish.

3. Stick To Your Cleaning Schedule

Keeping your condo organized also entails having its regular cleaning schedule intact to keep it at its best condition. Aside from your buying your alternative items for cleaning your condo and doing your daily routine, such as sweeping and mopping with your condo cleaning alternatives, there are certain condo cleaning tasks that are done monthly or yearly which makes us totally forget about it. Check the ones that need to be prioritized for cleaning (such as the bathroom and bedroom), and stick to your schedule of maintenance cleaning (such as cleaning the air conditioning filter).

4.  Check Your Repair List Regularly


There are times when certain parts of our condo needs repairs, such as a leaking faucet or

broken window. Emergency repairs do require urgent action, but for smaller repairs that you can do, such as fixing the window bars, you can put it on a list and tick it off as soon as you’re done. Be more detailed by including the materials that you need for the repair so that you won’t forget anything during your next visit to the hardware store.

5. Keep It Organized With Your Party Planning List

Your condo is one of the best venues for parties, such as a birthday party of a family member or a friend. Keep things organized for the big day by having a party planning list to take note of supplies and the things that need to be finished before the actual date. You can set a weekly task checklist that leads to the party day so you can pinpoint easily if there are changes or adjustments that need to be done. Related to this, you can also have a birthday list pinned to your cork board or the fridge to keep track of your friends and family’s birthdates so you’re sure to greet them all.

6. Have A Condo Checklist Before Your Vacation

You’re excited with your upcoming vacation or holiday that draws near day by day. But as you have a list of the things that you need to bring, don’t forget to have a list of the things you need to accomplish in your condo before leaving. This will make you feel assured that you’ve done everything right before leaving, instead of worrying about it during your trip.

Aside from the weekly preparations and checklist that you have, it is a must to have a condo safety checklist to ensure that your unit stays safe and remains the same when you come back. This can also serve as a guide if you have a friend or relative who will look out on your unit during your vacation.

7. Never Miss Out On Obligations With Your Monthly Bill List

Be sure to keep up with your financial obligations and your monthly bills by organizing a monthly bill and payment list and include this in your everyday condo living lists. Aside from helping you to keep track on your payments while staying on your budget, this will help you to not miss out on each item or service that needs to be paid. It is much easier to be on track rather than paying double on the next billing statement.

8. Stay Safe With An Emergency List

Emergency situations call for necessary actions. But in order to keep calm and avoid freaking out, it helps to have a handy emergency list complete with first-aid techniques and important hotlines to call, should a major disaster in your condo happens. Place it near your door, in the dining area, living room, or somewhere that it can be easily seen by everyone. Inform everyone of its location so that it can be utilized properly during emergencies.

9. A DIY List To Inspire You

If you’re familiar with the DIY boards that you see in Pinterest, you can easily organize your plans of redecorating your condo and other craft projects by keeping all relevant information in a list. Write what you need, and also the step-by-step process for your DIY projects. Be more inspired by posting the list in your bedroom, complete with high-resolution photos that will move you to finish your project quickly.

Staying organized is easy, thanks to your handy lists. You can find condo living list samples via the internet. Never make the mistake of writing one, and not checking on it to track your progress. Once used properly, lists can provide you what every condo owner should do, to make your everyday condo living at DMCI Homes worry-free while taking note of the important things that you should not mi



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