7 Condo Interior Design Ideas for Travelers

Condo Design.

The space you live in says a lot about who you are and how you want people to know you. 

If you’re a certified travel junkie, a great condo interior design idea is to incorporate the cultures from countries and destinations you’ve visited in your own space. 

No doubt, traveling is one of the best and most unforgettable things a person can experience in their lifetime. There’s always a sense of thrill and excitement when you’re in an unfamiliar place: your feet touching new ground, hearing foreign words, smelling different scents and aromas, and your eyes wandering around to take in the new and fresh sights of the place.

Everything is new. That’s why with each destination you visit, you always want to bring home a slice of the experience back home and serve as home travel decor. May it be well-taken photos, handmade memorabilia, or the generic store-bought items, these souvenirs help you remember the place you’ve been to and tell your friends and family the experiences you had in that place. 

With all the travel memorabilia you’ve brought back home, have you ever considered creating a travel-inspired interior design? There are many ways to infuse a little travel-inspired decor into your condo space. Here are a few tips to create your own DMCI Homes condo interior design a traveler’s haven.

1. Create your own travel blanket

create own travel blanketPhoto courtesy of Isabelle Taylor via Pexels

If you visit destinations that produce crafts with a rich variety of unique patterns and colors, then why not make a custom travel decor for your home? 

Print your favorite photos from your recent travels,  add local unique materials, then sew them all together to create a big blanket of travel memories. There are easy DIY ways to print photos on fabric; you can also have them printed using a machine. This is a great memory-keeping method to remember the good (and even bad or stressful) travel experiences. 

2. Frame your walls with travel photos

frame walls travel photosPhoto courtesy of Leah Kelley via Pexels

The simplest and easiest condo interior design tip is framing your travel photos, postcards, or even just anything you want to frame.

It’s best to use your own photos to make it more personal. But if you’re not confident in your work or eye for photography, then postcards of the places you’ve visited will do just fine as well. To give the photos that extra oomph in your condo interior design then create your own travel themed home accessories. 

You can paint or design plain-looking frames with different colors and patterns that match the personality of the country or destination you visited. For example, if you went to the loud and colorful country of India, then add the culture’s elaborate designs and vibrant colors to highlight your adventure in the country.

3. Hang a scratch-off travel map

There are different kinds and types of travel maps you can hang on your wall as travel decor. But one of the simplest and most creative ones is a scratch-off travel map. It’s a world map printed on special paper that allows you to scratch off the countries and places you’ve visited. All you need is a coin to scratch off the countries you’ve visited to tell your unique travel story.

4. Have your own vintage globe

own vintage globePhoto courtesy of NastyaSensei Sens via Pexels

Another simple travel-themed room decorating idea is placing different globes around your DMCI Homes condo. This shows you off as a worldly (pun intended) person who is interested in travel and adventure. 

Although new and plastic school globes can do the trick, try scouring the Internet or second-hand shops for vintage globes in different colors, materials, and sizes to add depth and personality to the unit’s travel decor.

5. Spice up your throw pillows

spice up throw pillowsPhoto courtesy of Devon Janse van Rensburg via Unsplash

When traveling to different places, there is always a prominent color or pattern seen in their traditional clothes or designs. One good example is how the color green is easily associated with Ireland as they are known to be the land of leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. Another example is how floral designs are associated with beaches, most especially mainstream beach destinations like Hawaii.

When you’re in the country looking for gifts or trinkets to bring home, look around their local market for some throw pillows if they have one. If not, you can always buy a few meters of fabric and create your own for a travel-inspired bedroom.

6. Bring home specialty ceramics

bring home specialty ceramicsPhoto courtesy of Sanketh Rao via Pexels

Creating your own travel themed kitchen doesn’t have to be that hard. One way to remember the good food you’ve had is to buy and bring home a ceramic piece.

This condo interior design idea is perfect for both travel and food enthusiasts. If you’re eating nachos, why not eat your chips using a colorful bowl from Mexico? Or if you’re drinking warm tea leaves, doesn’t it feel more authentic when drinking from a pot of fine china? 

When going out of the country and you have money to spare, go around the area and purchase some plates, bowls, glasses, or chopsticks. Although it can be tricky and dangerous to carry around with your luggage, try buying a few plates or glasses from the country’s local market to relive that moment of you enjoying local dishes and the good company.

7. Use travel-themed coasters

use travel themed coastersPhoto courtesy of Spencer Selover via Pexels

If you’re not keen on lugging along fragile ceramics, travel-themed coasters can be a good substitute in creating a travel-themed kitchen. Choose coasters that feature famous spots, costumes, and other unique characters from the places you visited.  There are different styles and designs you can buy to complete that travel inspired interior design.

Turn your DMCI Homes condo unit into a home

Let your imagination run wild and make your condo interior design ideas come to life. May it be travel-inspired interior design or something completely different, there is no limit to how much you can spruce up your unit to make your space look and feel like your home.


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