Designer-Inspired Condo Design Themes to Couture Up Your Space

Condo Design.

Practical is good. Affordable haute couture is far better. Do you know that you can incorporate high-fashion Parisian trends into your condo design without touching your retirement pot? Know the latest inspirations of the world’s fashion icons from Christian Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri to Carolina Herrera. Here are 9 of the best condo design ideas for the prolific trendsetter.


#1: A cartography-inspired bunk

Condo Design Cartography

Photo courtesy of FurnishMyWay Home Decor via Pinterest

French fashion designer Christian Dior was dedicated to bringing out an individual’s unique beauty. “A complete collection should address all types of women in all countries,” he noted in his autobiography, Dior by Dior. The Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 Haute Couture collection is inspired by this assertion and the design house’s expansion around the world. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the artistic director of women’s collections, regards the atlas as a symbol of “a desire for faraway lands, the need to travel to discover the world and oneself, to feel emotion, grow and evolve.”

For a Dior fashion-inspired décor, infuse elements of traveling and cultural diversity into your condo design idea. You can have a vintage atlas wallpaper in your living room and home accessories in metallic and wooden materials. Think steampunk but with flair.


#2: A refined floral garden home

Condo Design Floral Garden

Photo courtesy of Once Wed via Pinterest

The House of Herrera’s Resort 2018 collection is a bed of dandelions, lilacs and daisies. “It’s all about colors and mixing them the way you see them in a garden,” said Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera.

Transform your condo home into a charming flower garden by splashing yellows, pinks and blues everywhere. You can display a vase of fresh flowers or mount floral sheer curtains. The House of Herrera is distinctly refined so avoid bombarding the senses with too much colors. You may have a sleek white background with elegant floral touches.


#3: The classic Herrera polka dots

Condo Design Classic Herrera Polka Dots

Photo courtesy of HGTV via Pinterest

Chasing after trends can be costly and troublesome especially when it comes to interior design. You may buy new jeans as often as your budget allows, but it’s not as simple with your wall paint and coffee table. You can stay fashionable by sticking to your favorite designer’s signature print. The polka dots are typically associated with the House of Herrera, which uses the print on most of its dresses and perfume boxes.

Recreate Carolina Herrera’s famous polka dot dresses in your condo space. You can buy grosgrain dotted curtains for your living room. Grosgrain, French for “coarse grain,” is typically used for ribbons and are perfect window treatments for bright spaces.


#4: The aristocratic tweed

Condo Design Aristocratic Weed

Photo courtesy of Homegirl London via Pinterest

Karl Lagerfeld is bringing back the chic Parisian femininity into House of Chanel. “It’s a vision of a revived Parisian woman, it is all about cut, shapes, silhouettes,” the German fashion designer describes Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2017/18 collection. Dark tweeds are dominant in this season’s fashion.

Tweed is a woolen fabric with flexible texture that can withstand harsh climate. It is a traditional Irish and British country fabric worn for outdoor activities such as shooting and hunting. Tweed was associated with the leisurely pursuits of the elite in the Edwardian period. This material also influenced women’s haute couture in early 20th century. In the 1920s, Coco Chanel introduced tweed dresses, jackets and skirts.

Shop for tweed sofas or throw pillow cases for your Chanel-inspired bachelor’s pad. You can add tartans and plaids for a complete Edwardian vibe.


#5: A Renaissance design for a modern condo space

Renaissance Design for Modern Condo Space

Photo courtesy of via Pinterest

For Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, Renaissance is the core of the House’s Cruise 2018 collection. “I like popular culture and this is the reason why I like the Renaissance because it is super pop. Pop means we all understand it and admire it,” Michele told Vogue. The collection consists of gowns with crystals and pearls. Accessories combine ancient Greek and 70s retro influences.

Live as a god/goddess of old Hollywood in a Gucci-styled home. You don’t need to remodel your condo. Just focus on small elements that can have a large impact on your interior design such as the windows, walls and furniture pieces.


#6: An exquisitely medieval condo home

Condo Design Exquisitely Medieval

Photo courtesy of deVOL Kitchens via Pinterest

Donatella Versace is going medieval in House of Versace’s Fall 2017 collection. There are lots of bronze, metallic embroideries and silver chains. Vogue writer Mark Holgate noted of an “embellishment that looked like crystal but which was actually beads faced with silver leaf.”

What are the essential elements of a medieval design? If you’re watching Game of Thrones on HBO, you have an idea of what the houses in the Middle Age look like. There are wooden ceiling beams, oak tables and stools, and an abundance of heraldic designs. For a charming medieval condo living room, choose wood furniture in dark pieces, copper items and a mini brass chandelier.


#7: A cozy Scandinavian living space

Condo Design Cozy Scandivinian Living Space

Photo courtesy of Nyde via Pinterest

It’s ski culture for Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2017 couture. Cardigan jackets, knitted sweaters and camel coats comprise the high-fashion design house, but with a little bit of drama. You can bring the frost to your tropical-inspired condo home through a stylish Nordic design. No need for a total revamp of your space; you simply need to choose the right décor elements. These include leather-backed wooden chairs, monochromatic palettes, and black-and-white stripe prints.


#8: A modern Renaissance home design

Condo Modern Renaissance Home Design

Photo courtesy of Elle Espana via Pinterest

“Dreams make us human; they go down to who each of us are, in ourselves,” Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli said. Valentino’s Spring 2017 collection was all about flowing pleated gowns, cloaks and Greek sandals. The courtier believed that Greek myths and legends were the beginning of naming human feelings. Create a Renaissance-inspired living space with modern touches with vibrant colors, glam Duchess chairs, and eclectic décor.


#9: Victorian-era home design on a budget

Condo Victorian Home Design

Photo courtesy of via Pinterest

Victorian dresses are making a comeback in the fashion world. Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci revived the 19th century in the Spring 2017 couture. There were checked dresses with a high ruffled neck, embroideries, and laces.

How to create the best looks for a condo? Incorporate distinctive traits of a design theme. The Victorian era style is dominated by heavily upholstered furniture, excessive ornamentation and natural elements such as birds and flowers realistically portrayed. To easily design a Victorian home, use rich dark colors in choosing furniture. Go for ruby reds, ruby greens, and purples.

Who says high-fashion is exclusive to the elite? Incorporate haute couture into your condo design by focusing on essential elements. Whether it’s Versace or Chanel, transforming your home into a stylish space is possible.


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