Why Millennials Should Embrace Condo Living

Condo Living.

Millennials make up the biggest segment in the workforce today. With great buying power and an overwhelming need for independence, it’s no surprise that many in their mid-20s are seriously considering purchasing a property. For those who are still trying to establish their careers and trying their hand at homeownership, the property choice is pretty straightforward: a small condo.

However, a compact unit may not be readily appealing because most of us think bigger is better. The reality is, it’s the perfect option for young adults, especially when it’s DMCI Homes properties you’re looking at.

In this article, we’ll explore the overlooked benefits of small condo living, which actually help you live large.

Oft-forgotten advantages of small condo living

If you’ve been an avid follower of home improvement shows, you would know that a condo space is never a problem. In fact, in most instances, square footage means more in life.

These are the benefits you can experience when you embrace condo living:

1. You won’t have to dedicate an entire day to cleaning.

In a typical studio unit, you only have one room to clean. Compared to a house with three to four bedrooms, a condo is easier to maintain in the long run.

The time you save from decluttering, organizing and cleaning can be spent on more important matters, such as finishing a business report, watching a movie, or taking your dog out for a walk. When you’re a young adult savoring the benefits of independence for the first time, you wouldn’t want to be tied down to household chores, right?

You won’t have to dedicate an entire day to cleaningPhoto courtesy of SHVETS production via Pexels

As you find more time on your hands, you’ll realize that choosing a condo is a good choice. As you know, most vertical communities come with recreational amenities, which you can enjoy during those afternoons or weekends that you don’t have anything to do.

For instance, in DMCI Homes’ Las Piñas development Sonora Garden Residences, 70% of the property’s land area is dedicated to open spaces, verdant gardens, and resort-inspired facilities. Some of these leisure spaces are the swimming pools, pool deck, fitness gym,basketball court, jogging path, open lounge, entertainment room, play area, and open lawn. Even with a small space in your condo, you get to live large experiencing the best kind of recreation in these leisure areas.

2. You can tame household expenses.

Yes, condo units are less expensive to buy than bigger models, but the savings don’t end at the purchase. Even in the ownership of the property, you can tame your expenses, especially these kinds of costs:

  • Utilities. Since there’s less space that requires energy, you get to keep your electricity bill low.
  • Maintenance. You won’t have to worry about buying supplies to keep the outdoor space, the swimming pool, or the yard, in tip-top shape. You don’t have to worry about it, period — simply because that’s the responsibility of the property management.
  • Real estate taxes. Taxes are calculated based on the market value of the property. Generally speaking, the larger your house is the higher its value. Thus, a small home yields savings on taxes.

You can tame household expensesPhoto courtesy of Jason Deines via Pexels

On top of the savings on these costs, the location of your condo can actually reduce your expenses further. Take, for example, The Oriana, a DMCI Homes residential project in Quezon City. A transit-oriented development, it’s neatly tucked between two key LRT-2 stations: Anonas station and Katipunan station, providing easy access to different places in the metro.

With this, you won’t have to spend a lot on transportation expenses, going to the office, the mall, or the hospital. You may even do away with driving your car and paying gas altogether. Small condo living is the key to beefing up your savings as a young adult.

3. You can have the pride of living in a popular location.

It’s not a secret that properties in the most enviable addresses are extremely expensive. They rarely match the budget of most young professionals. But when you choose a condo, living in these locations becomes accessible. Less square footage means less purchase cost. Ultimately, you can boast of living in an address where everything happens, and you can kiss goodbye to #FOMO.

You can have the pride of living in a popular locationPhoto courtesy of Sean Yoro via Unsplash

DMCI has developments in these sought-after addresses surrounded by modern conveniences. They are available for a price that young professionals can afford. The condos in Infina Towers in Quezon City start at P2.4M. When you live here, the biggest central business districts in the area Eastwood City and Triangle Park will be a 15-minute drive from your home.

Meanwhile, The Atherton features units sold for P3.6M. The development allows you to reach Bay City in Pasay easily. Imagine, with just a condo, you can have access to a bigger, wider world and be in the middle of all the action.

4. You can avoid unnecessary clutter.

When you have a condo, you’re compelled to declutter regularly to avoid making rooms cramped and maximize the space available as much as possible. A clean home is highly important for young, working professionals like you, especially in the new normal of work-from-home set-up now.

You can avoid unnecessary clutterPhoto courtesy of ergonofis via Pexels

With less clutter, you get to focus better on your tasks. You won’t feel the urge to organize your closet or vacuum the floors right in the middle of work. There’s no need to worry about the mess spoiling your meeting backgrounds either. Overall, your clean, small home contributes to better productivity.

Whether it be a condo for rent in Las Piñas or Pasig, when you live in a DMCI Homes unit, you can take advantage of the smart, versatile condo layouts that can make room for a mini home office. This translates to improved productivity when you’re working from home.

5. You can easily adopt minimalist interiors.

Related to the point mentioned above, a condo can make your minimalist condo dreams a reality. You will be compelled not just to keep the clutter to a minimum, but also to be a little pickier when it comes to adding stuff precisely because there’s limited space. You stick to the bare essentials, allowing the architecture or the view of your space to stand out, thus enhancing small space living further.

You can easily adopt minimalist interiorsPhoto courtesy of Vlada Karpovich via Pexels

In DMCI Homes developments, the condo layout is strategically planned to accommodate minimalist interiors. The open floor plan in units, in fact, emphasizes this design style, as it keeps the space free from any design distractions or obstructions.

The minimalist, condo decorating gets more fun when you think of clever ways to maximize the space: adding storage under the bed, using sliding doors, choosing mini appliances and multi-purpose furniture, and more.

6. You can enjoy a light-filled home.

Because of the limited space in a small condo, residents often use simple design moves to create more room. The oldest trick in the design bible? Let in natural light. With a well-illuminated room, everything’s readily visible, making condo sizes seem larger. Therefore, when you choose a small condo, it’s not only ‘light’ in terms of minimalist interiors. It’s also abundant in literal, natural light, which makes for a more vibrant space.

The good thing about DMCI Homes is that maximizing natural light is easy. This is because this factor is integrated into the very design of the condo development. These are some of the design principles and technologies they use, which promote the abundance of light all throughout the residential project:

  • Pinwheel Architectural Design. Like the pinwheel, the sides or the wings of DMCI developments emerge from a center point to let in natural light (and fresh air). This principle was first used in Hampstead Garden Condominium in Manila.
  • Lumiventt® Design Technology, Taken from the words “lumen,” which means light and “ventus,” meaning wind, this design innovation maximizes natural light and cross ventilation by featuring three-story high openings called Sky Patios. The combination of landscaped atriums, breezeways, and single-loaded corridors allows more light to come into the development.

These development features greatly help you in your condo design ideas of making the illusion of a bigger space in the small condo.

7. You experience a cozier home.

A condo is an intimate space. It’s not as overwhelming as large houses, and you can easily fill in corners with personal knick knacks that can make the area more comfortable. But what makes a small home particularly homey is that it helps you be closer to family members as you get to spend more time together. When there are conflicts between family members, you’re compelled to reconcile pretty quickly since you share a space. This is why a condo is the perfect starter home.

You experience a cozier homePhoto courtesy of Jason Briscoe via Unsplash

In DMCI Homes, rest assured that the condo layout of the units promotes a homey atmosphere. The open floor plan encourages interaction among family members. The balcony provision can be used for all your intimate gatherings with loved ones and friends.

Key Takeaways:

A condo is a perfect option for millennials looking for their first home. It suits not only your homebuying budget but also your upbeat, on-the-go lifestyle. Here are things to remember as you scout for your own pad:

  • Choose a unit that has a flexible layout. This will allow you to maximize the space further. Condos that have open floor plans are easier to work around in.
  • Match the amenities to your lifestyle. Part of living large in a small condo is enjoying the amenities available in the community. Thus, look for communities that feature recreational spaces matching your hobbies.
  • Find a secure community. One advantage in choosing to live in a condo is that it gives you the security you need as a first-timer in solo living. But all the same, make sure that the community you’re moving into has all the safety features. At the very least, it must have guarded entrance and gates, reception lobby guest management, electronic keycard access, and roving security personnel.

If you’re interested in a property from DMCI Homes, book a property tour appointment now and get started on your homeownership journey.


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