Mini Appliances That Will Fit Well In Your Condo


Just look at the number of high-rise condos being constructed in Manila and you’ll have an idea how condo living has taken over urban professionals. With the price of land becoming more and more expensive, people are taking the alternative way and investing in condos instead, snapping up even those tiny studio units. Aside from the more forgiving price tag (compared to the usual house and lot offerings), condo living offers convenience that suits those who work in the city. The appeal of condos extends beyond yuppies working in the city; OFWs and foreigners are also buying units either for investment or personal residence.

The biggest challenge in tiny condo living is dealing with the small space. Living in a box, as they call it, entails buying space-saving appliances and furniture in order to maximize the limited square feet that you have. Your grandmother’s huge family refrigerator and humongous ovens have no place in a small condo unit; you have to find mini appliances that can do the work while occupying as little space as possible.

It doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort and convenience because of the limited space. Fortunately, the market has recognized such need and came up with appliances that are perfect for small condos. Here are some of these mini appliances for your condo that can make your life easier.


1. Induction cooker

When you have no room for big stoves for the kitchen, then you should consider getting an induction cooker. The slim stove will look pretty sitting in your countertop. Since it doesn’t require gas or actual fire for it to work, it’s safer to use in cramped quarters.


2. Compact refrigerator

If you’re out most of the time and there’s no need to stock lots of food, you don’t need a big refrigerator. You can get one of those cute mini refs that can easily house food and drinks. Some of these mini refs are small enough to keep under desks.


3. Convection toaster oven

If you don’t have room for an oven AND a microwave, why not buy this toaster oven that combines the functions of both? It’s small as your typical oven toaster but it has the functions of a microwave as well. Dual-purpose appliances like this one allow you to explore your options on how to cut your electric costs.


4. Small fan and mini-air conditioner

This portable mini aircon makes use of condensation method to give you a blast of cool air. It’s small enough to put on your desk and operates on outlet, batteries, and USB.


5. Combo washer and dryer

When buying appliances, remember that washing machine and dryer are some of those appliances that take up a lot of space and you can’t afford not to have them if you’re doing your own laundry. This ventless machine is a washer and dryer combined encased in a compact body. Now this little baby doesn’t dry clothes as well as the conventional drier but this is still a must-buy if you don’t mind hang-drying your clothes after washing.


6. Compact air purifier

It can get awfully hot in the city and the quality of air inside the condo can get stifling. This compact purifier can clean up air up to 150 square feet and can stand discreetly in the corner. This is perfect especially for pet owners who want to get rid of the weird animal smell inside their units.


7. Steam cleaner

Ironing boards can take up considerable space inside the condo so the best solution to hassle-free ironing is to use a hand-held steam cleaner. It’s just as big as your standard drill and you can easily store this in the closet after use.


8. Countertop dishwasher

It would be easier to just wash dishes in the kitchen sink but for those who really need a dishwasher, there are slim designs that fit perfectly in your kitchen or laundry corner.


9. Mini food processor

Food processors are usually bulky, but not this one. It can do the job splendidly if you’re preparing food for just a handful of people.


10. Portable party pub

Okay, this is not really a necessity but it’s perfect for condo dwellers who love their beer so much. This portable baby can fit two mini kegs of beer and has a shelf that can cool pint-size glasses.


11. Electric griddle

So your condo building prohibits grilling barbecue on your balcony? Don’t fret just yet. You can still do your grilling discreetly indoors thanks to the griddle, which you can use to grill your steaks and burgers even in the confines of your teeny tiny studio kitchen.


12. Knives and chopping board starter set

If you’re a budding chef and the small kitchen is cramping your style, you can get compact cooking sets just like this starter set. It holds four knives and several chopping boards, which should be enough until you can move someplace else with a bigger gourmet kitchen.


13. Open burner

Fine, you’re a gourmet cook and nothing, not even cramped quarters, can stop you from having a really nice stove. At least you can get a mini version of the open burner.


14. Vacuum cleaner

Even small spaces need vacuuming but unfortunately, you don’t have room for your mother’s big hand-me-down vacuum cleaner. This compact tool invalidates any excuse for not cleaning up your floors and furniture.


15. Tankless water heater

A small condo means a small bathroom so you have no room for bulky stuff here. This tankless water heater is a great alternative to bigger electric heaters found in most bathrooms.

As you can see, condo dwellers have a lot of compact and multi-purpose appliances to choose from. Before buying these items, make sure that they can actually fit inside your unit and that they can save you energy in the long run. . Make sure to get appliances that you only need in your condo living in order to save space and prevent clutter in your unit.


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